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Viskid op snoekbaars. Fishing for zander (eng subs).

Viskid op snoekbaars. Fishing for zander (eng subs).

Fishing for zander, with Tim Hulshof. Welcome to a new episode of Viskid. Today we’re going to fish for zander with Tim Hulshof on the river IJssel. We can fish with lures and fish with dead bait. At this moment fishing for zander can be pretty though … …and in this case I prefer to fish with dead bait. We are going to fish pretty simple, drift the river with our baits in the water. Then we meet a zander who says BAM! fish on! Let’s get a dead bait.
-Yeah take one. Today we fish dead baits because of the bad weather we had last days. The air pressure was very high and very low also. These strong fluctuations in air pressure makes is it very hard to catch something on lures. This makes the zanders are feeding very carefully currently. A dead bait can make the difference now. It is a steak compared to a schnitzel so to say. I thought I had a strike, but now I think I hit a rock. Yes sometimes you can hardly feel the difference, especially in the beginning. Yeah, I have to get used to it. You will do fine. Yes, fish! It was not a rock but a school of perch apparently. Nice perch. That went quick, this first fish. He may get his big mother. So you will catch your pr zander today? When I catch one now, it is very likely my pr. It is a relaxed way of fishing, drifting and fishing like this. I will go to the middle of the river, there you can find some nice holes. These holes are pretty small as you can see, but they often contain a lot of zander. In theory, you must get a bite here right away. But the reality is different now. I can see so much fish here, it is unbelievable we do not get a strike. Sooner or later we will get one, I am sure. Nice. We found another school of perch. We went to another spot for zander and I catch perch again. Do not lift your rod to high Viskid. Your bait will come up you lift your rod with a factor of 1:3. So when you lift your rod tip only 30 centimeters your bait fish will rise 1 meter. Zander does not like a monotonous movement like this. You get what i mean? Yes. Zanders like more varied movements. That will increase your strikes Yes this looks way better. I took place besideTim for help and I got a strike right away. Nice fish. He took it hard. Yes! There it is. A hard strike it was. Finally there he is. Cool. You can release zander best head down. They will get an oxygen boost and are back in darker areas faster. Zanders hate light so in this way they can swim away at ease. top! oef..strike! That was the same fish.
– ha ha Because we fish with dead baits we have to move it way less compared fishing lures, move the rod….oh this was a strike. Move the rod very gently, do not move it so much as you do fishing lures. I get one strike after another but catch nothing…. Viskid had a strike also I saw. Yes? Yes! ahhh that is a pity! I thought I et it bite for while. When you feel something just hit it hard. That is the way! Well done. Nice. I felt some nibbles… I hit it hard like Tim said. Hit right away. Just at the end of the day I am starting to get it. I did not catch many fish but am so glad with what I learned today. Let’s put it back. Only now I realize how many strikes I missed today thinking my bait hit a rock. Like I told you, when you feel something hit it hard right away. I get it now ha ha. Thank you so much Tim, I really learned a lot. You’re welcome! I enjoyed it too today. It was quit an experience, fishing with a camera on me. Thanks to you to for watching and see you next time!

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