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Viskid op verboden plekken 4 *MONSTERSNOEK* / Fishing forbidden places *MONSTER PIKE*

Viskid op verboden plekken 4 *MONSTERSNOEK* / Fishing forbidden places *MONSTER PIKE*

I’ve found a big forbidden lake, for our last episode of ‘Fishing on forbidden places’. We are going to fish for pike in poisoned water. Hear what I have found about this lake: They have found curvatures on certain aquatic animals, mutilations on fishes, very big mosquito larvae… …after the poison ‘DDT’ came into the water. I understand that this place is forbidden to fish, so what are we still doing here, lets go! Location 4 Poisoned water. Oh my, it is as big as on the map. I have to search well for the pike. I cannot see any strange things. It is very clear that’s all. Let’s see if my lure doen’t dissolve. Nothing to see The water doesn’t bite my hands. I say lets go fishing! The spots are bad to reach. I can reach this one. A lot of gulls here. As long as they are not dissolved.. …then it is not too bad with the poison. BAM! Out of nowhere a nice pike man! Oh, it also has a big mutilation! It has a really big head and a funny mutilation at its tail. Yes, will it come now? It uses her energy pretty well. Each time I want to grab it… …it swims away, look like this. I am afraid this will last a while. It gives no power, it swims away very quiet. Well second spot, bam. A big pike man! It leaned against the side and shot out of the reeds. Yes. It’s head is massive! Very skinny also, but that probably is because of the spawn. Check that mutilation. It reaches that orange mark here. That is pretty long. I’ll put it back in to the water. Big fish. First I let it get its breath. Let ge the GoPro, second spot a fish is really promising. I thought of a tactic fishing two lures. This one I fish on the surface… …this one I fish pretty deep. That way I fish two layers of water. Oh, a great number of perch is following it. I switched to a smaller rod with a tiny lure. I hope they take it. The goal of catching fish is reached. Now see that we do not get fined. A police car is passing now! And… Why do they drive on? Or is it another one? I just continue fishing. Who knows I can catch one. They just parked at the driveway of a company. Fortunately they don’t come here. I wonder if this time it will work without getting fined. I walk on quickly. Maybe they are to busy doing something at that company. That is what I like fishing these forbidden places… …that when the police comes by it is very exciting. This ditch streams beside the poisoned lake. This ditch is also forbidden to fish. Cute. Yes! Nice little fish. He is not tired yet. He still wants to fight. This shore is very steep and the fish is moving a lot. But I got him finally. In the ditch. Not the water we were going for at first. Because of this steep shore it is hard to release the fish. But there he goes. Don’t be afraid this blood is not of the pike… …but it’s blood from the fisherman. Fortunately these tiny wounds do not hurt, but they bleed like hell. Well done! On the tiny lure. The pikes are focussed now on this size fishies.. …the water is full of young fish. Right now I continue fishing this ditch, we just caught two pikes in it. After you catched a perch and released it… …you better continue fishing right away! Perch comes in schools and they move fast. Nice perch this! A nice thing fishing small sized lures… …is that you can catch anything, very surprising. Nice one. I like perch fishing because they are active and very aggressive. I found it very exciting, we never were so close getting fined then today. We got fish without getting fined. We even caught a fish with a mutilation, something I never expected. I enjoyed it, thanks for watching and see you next time. Poisoned water: fish (check) no fine (check). 1.05 metres… my record pike!

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  1. Ik heb zelf ook visvideos op mijn kanaal staan maar ik ben meer gefocust op karpers wil jij boaz ook meer videos daar over maken?

  2. Leuk filmpje Boaz, ik heb er weer van genoten samen met m'n dochters (13 en 9 jaar) wij zijn groot fan van je kanaal. Laat ze maar doorkomen de filmpjes. Zelf vinden wij Ultra light vissen het leukste! Dus die salmo zit ook bij ons in de bak.

  3. Zeg boaz ik heb ff een vraagje want ik ben een poosje geleden weer begonnen met snoek vissen maar ik weet niet moet ik steeds op dezelfde plek gooien of afwisselen hoelang moet ik op een stek blijven en waar kan ik het beste mee vissen en waar

  4. Een vriend van me die had op een feederhengel met voer een een maai een snoekbaars heb je dat ook wel eens gehad

  5. Viskid hoe kun je het beste een snoek uit het water halen? Zonder dat je een plug in je hand krijgt of gebeten word.

  6. Boaz kleine baas ! Mooie video kerel! Mag ik vragen met welke setup je de rapala vist ? Dat is toch de x rap peto 80 gram? Toffe video blijf zo doorgaan!!’nn

  7. Cool & nice fishing vid, nice pike💪🏻👍🏼 check out my stuff👀🎣 New friend here…Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

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