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VitaMin – Fish Oil

VitaMin – Fish Oil

Hi I’m John Mills I’m the Director of
Quality and Compliance at Highland Laboratories and I’d like to talk to you today about Omega Up!, it’s our fish oil product. It’s a real nice product – 1000 milligrams
of fish oil. It comes out of the South Pacific, largely
out of the South Pacific Fishery off the coast of Peru. One of the biggest
concerns I have with most fish oils though, is the contamination loads that are associated with them. This is not a farmed fish, this is a wild fish, Polagic fish (meaning open ocean) but the the fish hatchery that this comes from is a very clean hatchery, in the South Pacific off the coast of Peru as I said, we also determine the heavy metal content for
the product. We’re looking into any potential contamination so heavy
metal’s a big concern for us we look at Mercury and Lead content
specifically Arsenic as well, and cadmium loads the mercury content in this particular
product is is very low This is a molecularly distilled
material we also look at the PCB content which is more of a concern if you have a
farmed fish because those are more a coastal, closer inland to industrialized areas but this
being a wild hatchery especially off the coast of a non-industrialized area this tends to be very clean in and of itself so that is the main reason why we’re
concerned about it, why we use this particular product and why we’re not
concerned about this particular fishery but nevertheless we do test for PCB
contents as well as our heavy metals excellent product I take several myself
every day.

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