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I guess I really don’t know what Christmas is all about What’s up tea squads t renee here and welcome back to my channel of course if you’re new to this channel Make sure you hit that red subscribe button And the Bell notification so that you could be notified every time I post a new video of course to my day ones You know, I appreciate you and love you and welcome back to my new Subscribers welcome to the family. So today today I had a good day today Most days are good But I can’t tell you enough how Thankful. I am for my subscribers just like pouring into me and giving me all these ha Ideas and like new things to try and I’m just like man I’m so excited like oh my gosh Like it’s so many different things that I could do to incorporate some of them I’ve already incorporated and I’m still just like, you know, like Doing more and more every single day trying to get this thing down to a science and I think I’m doing good thus far so Yeah, keep it coming whatever Things that you have to share, you know weight loss tips recipes Whatever I welcome at all cuz I’m willing to try literally all of it it would be great if anybody had a guide on how to technically eat like You know when you’re on a vacation cuz I’m gonna be gone for technically three weeks So I know that when I’m home with my family, I’ll be able to stay on my program. No problem because I’m not gonna just be out every single day doing something like we mainly like to stay in Play games, you know wrap presents and things like that. So I’m good there but when I go to Hawaii because this is my first time going You know just need some tips on What type of things to eat what maybe not to eat? So if any one of my subscribers have been there before I would love to hear everything that you have to say That because I am just so excited. I can’t wait but also while being there and having fun I am determined to stay on track, so This is why I’m reaching out to you guys. So to see what kind of ideas you have for me Okay, so as usual here are my stats for today of what I have consumed and today this is why I’m so excited because I was will under the allotment today more than usual and What helped was of course my lovely subscriber and her Tips on drinking, you know warm lukewarm lemon water in the morning another subscriber mentioned a CV in there as well before every single meal So today today I had so much energy today. Oh my goodness like I felt like I was going like you know a thousand miles per minute and I could do anything and conquer anything and So like I’ve literally just been running running but still eating, you know my three meals a day and just I didn’t feel hungry and like I was so grateful that I had to make myself eat, you know those three times today, so You guys you don’t know how awesome you are hurt And if you don’t know I’m telling you you are the best Subscribers that a girl could ever have like literally you are my lifeline. I heart you okay, so Must we get into The tea today, I don’t have tea I have my water but that is just as good girl My goodness good people of you to miss Amberly and child miss amber lynn like oh my goodness like You know every time she does a video like you just really you know, what you’re gonna get but you don’t know what you’re gonna get cuz it’s gonna be like something that’s gonna be thrown out there cuz she is really literally, she’s like a wild card to me because One day I think she’s on one path and then next day. It’s like what the heck? okay, so Somebody at least this is what she said Somebody has started to do a Q&A now, I don’t know who told her to do it But hey, if that’s what the universe put out there for you then so be it I guess you had to do it to blog today. Whatever this Q&A in my opinion not that it was very comprehensive because a lot of it was Rambling one in one and one and one and one however she says some things and unfortunately, they have to be called out because Everybody knows that This is a lot of fluff and BS and like I just can’t believe that people Even to this day like we’re getting ready to close out one chapter with you know 2019 and go into an entirely new decade and yet we still have people who unfortunately are in such denial Okay that they cannot see the forest for the trees This is like my boggling to me by far So it’s so mind-boggling that I had to make a freaking checklist like it’s that bad like I had to make a checklist of how bad that video was today and I’m gonna say Some parts hurt me, but overall it was just something where I was like mm Gotcha. Okay, I see where this is going now. So let’s start with one of the very first questions which were Do you plan on getting weight-loss surgery blah blah blah, right? I Was on the edge of my seat Waiting it was like waiting for you know the lot of remembers or something and Lorna Hall she said That she saw a surgeon for bariatric you know options and the surgeon actually said that It really wouldn’t do her any good because she would actually lose weight slower Say what now? Ha No, you run okay first of all If that was the case amber Why would they offer? bariatric surgery Mainly to people who are obese and definitely to people who are morbidly obese There’s a such thing called, you know, my 600 pound life and if you hadn’t tapped into that just shit, you know They got a new season coming up soon. You know, you might wanna wash that because Every last one of those individuals on better Literally if they follow dr. Nails program, they’d lose weight Rapidly, just like anyone else would off-camera Stop it, and then she mentions how some friend or someone she loves Says that oh, you can come to and see my bariatric You know doctor and then this is where if I could have darted something at the camera I mean at the screen, I woulda did that like the 20 right here? she said That that’s like a two-hour ride, and she doesn’t know if she can ride for that long You’re not even driving what you mean you can’t ride for two hours I’ve seen you ride to get food Orange chicken that’s your favorite, right? I watched a video where you rode a long time in the car just to get some freakin orange chicken Girl, you better stop with these lies Like, you know when you tell one lie You got to tell another lie and ten thousand more lies to cover up that one life. You getting far far ahead of yourself, baby alright Anyway She mentioned poor Becky who is really going through some, you know depressive times right now And I’ll be honest. This is the serious part of this video. I feel her by myself was diagnosed with bipolar depression and You know, I’ve been on medication for that Have been just fine, right? I also do things to decrease my levels of stress whether that be people in my direct Environment or things that are stressful to me I completely remove those things so that I can have my quality of life uninterrupted Okay, so it does take more work than just appeal I’m really praying for for Becky and whatever it is She’s going through but I will honestly say this amber if nobody has said it to you Part of Becky’s depression whether she tells you or not is you and I’ll tell you why Being a caregiver and I know this all too well because I did it for my mother and my grandmother until they left this earth being a caregiver takes an entirely different toll on you as an individual and frankly You ignore your mental and physical health because you’re concerned about the person you’re taking care of We have watched Becky try to support you OK in your failed efforts of weight loss and we’ve also watched her in these videos decline like literally decline over time And I’m sorry from the moment that people started asking questions about Becky. That’s the first thing that popped in my mind well, if you’re a caregiver of someone who is uh You know narcissistic and only cares about themselves and is is very like full of themselves Then I guess you would you know, uh be depressed to a certain extent like who cares about Becky Hopeless Becky at the forefront who says amber lynn Let me not record today. Let me just spend time with my mate Let me not put up another clothing haul of clothes that I cannot fit Let me spend time with my mate. Let me not cook another god-awful dish of slop And simply spend time with my partner whether that be to work out together Meditate together talk do whatever You don’t do that often if and if you are doing it and you’re just not putting it on camera. Okay, fine I’ll give you that but I don’t think you are. I don’t think you’re doing that at all because it would really help with her Depression. I promise you it will like literally when I was going through everything and being diagnosed I had Family who loved on me? Who cared enough about me to sit with me in my dark darkest hour? Who literally would come and play games with me would go to the gym with me would do whatever it is that I wanted to do and focused on me and my mental health and This is something you need to be doing with your partner because you know what just because you failed a million and one times She’s been with you why you failed during those million and one times and unfortunately You don’t reciprocate it for you know the way that you should so yeah, I guess she would be depressed prayers for you Becky seriously prayers for you Okay, somebody asked about the biggest regret And homegirl said not losing weight Well, well well What a tangled web we weave Is that a regret or is that just something to say because it sounds good I’ma go so far as to say it was just something for you to say because it sounds good Because you are not believable and you will not be fooling me you Don’t regret not losing weight For every bag of cheetos puffs you bought for every taco night you had every night of the week For every buffet you went to this year No, you don’t regret not losing weight. You’ll regret putting on camera that you didn’t lose weight. That’s what you regret You better be truthful with yourself cuz I can see straight through All right Would you collab with foodie Beauty Would you collab with foodie Beauty one day Would you collab with foodie Beauty? The fact that somebody asks this question like I just I don’t know why the whole YouTube then go up in flames first of all If y’all gonna clap You better not do no mukbang I know that I’m going on camera saying do not do a mug bang you or foodie Beauty Okay, y’all are suffering from the same delusion and it’s totally different from us normal people here on this earth All right, y’all another stratosphere whole nother planet. We don’t identify with that we don’t we don’t identify with that because some of us actually wants to lose weight and Like be done with it be rid of it some of us get up at 5:00 in the morning eat lobster mac and cheese and some of us continue to eat cheese puffs and sweets and Everything else under the Sun? 24 hours a day and those two types of people should not be collabing on anything unless It is weight loss related meaning unless you are exercising Sharing and swapping exercises Getting on a program together doing way watch something. Don’t you collab? Don’t let somebody lie to you and tell you to do that. Don’t do it Cuz if you do it now, you’ve opened yourself up to a whole nother world of ridicule But you know birds of a feather flock together It might be something to that after all it might be who’s to say 2020 could bring anything We don’t know. We really don’t know moving on So all of the subscribers that apparently called animal control for poor Twinkie Twinkie I’m here for you sweetheart, cuz you know, I feel you play baby. Your mama is delusional. She don’t get it She own a whole nother stratosphere You say that the Animal Control man feel sorry for you His job is to feel sorry for the pet. Not you Selfish anyway The part that I have an issue with is not the fact that the animal control guys supposedly, you know felt sorry for you let’s talk about how You claimed you didn’t know there was a 24-hour event in Kentucky and when you looked it up on google it said closed I Stay at Michigan, you know, I went to google it and you know, I know you lied Because there are several 24-hour bits in Kentucky and frankly. You should have just told the truth that said I screwed up I Cared about eating more so than I did Twinkie and I shouldn’t have done that. I Shouldn’t put it on camera because now everybody is making fun of me Alright so We know that you don’t care about Twinkie because you didn’t look hard enough for the same this 24 hour vets that Everybody else found that are all over the world. You didn’t look very hard moving on To say that you treat Twinkie You know just like you treat yourself you better stop do not listen amber Don’t you curse Twinkie like that? We like Twinkie We like Twinkie You don’t treat yourself good at all. You don’t shoot your body, right? You don’t treat your skin, right? Stop. We’re not gonna go there. You don’t even treat your partner, right? We know you don’t treat Twinkie, right? That’s why we doing this public outcry for Twinkie. Somebody saved Twinkie Because you don’t care about Twinkie more than you care about yourself. You better stop Cursing poor Twinkie like that. She did nothing. She didn’t ask to be here She didn’t even ask for you to be hurt her owner. Uh Moving on How do you ignore the hate You say that you just do no you don’t you don’t ignore any hate Your shenanigans have been all over I G live Twitter Anything Instagram what you’ve been on all types of platforms showing your tail Be truthful and all of it is your way of clapping back And haters, so no you do you address Haters you address hate comments you address all of those things. You don’t ignore anything You don’t that’s why you’re so defensive when you read some of these comments and you’re like blowing your mind Because honestly you don’t you don’t ignore anything stop. Just stop New year’s resolutions somehow someway I knew that question was coming Sometimes some way I just knew that question was coming What are your new year’s resolutions and I’m gonna go so far to go ahead and just admit that I knew That you were gonna say weight loss and that is when I had a good gut busting laughs Literally I did and this is crazy that I laughed that hard when I heard that but Girl that’s been your resolution every single year for how long was it this last decade? You better stop you lied to you The public already know you lie They don’t care they just keep testing you and you keep falling into that Ditch you keep falling for the banana and the tail pipe You doing this to you? It ain’t everybody else. Okay Why do you think people hate you so much Or do you think people hate you because of rumors about you I Don’t know what rumors they’re talking about. Maybe I ain’t got that far yet in yo-yo series But you say people hate you because of rumors and then people hate you for their own reasons honestly amber Hate is such a strong word People just throwing that around like it’s just so no It’s a strong word People dislike your antics and when I say antics I mean lying saying that you’re gonna lose weight and then by 2:00 P.m. You are already on your second McDonald’s mine Dislike how you get on camera and you cry an entire ocean and River and stream About why you don’t understand this and you’re trying and you’re doing this and you’re doing that and all of this is playing out on camera So it’s very hard for people to believe you because you’re not putting your your your actions Don’t match what you’re saying. That’s why people dislike you Okay, just in case nobody Open those floodgates. I’m here to open them for you. All right, and Lastly but not least Someone and I only picked out questions that I felt like we’re half way irrelevant because most of this stuff wasn’t even You just felt like talking alright anyway someone asked I guess is it hard for you to you know? why is it so hard for you to vlog or why is it so hard for you to do bla bla bla on camera and Your response was it’s hard to be yourself on camera. Well, what else you gonna be? Who else are you going to be? You better tell the truth You afraid to show your true self on YouTube because you want to keep those good YouTube dollars You don’t mind showing yourself on hygiene Your mind showing you your true self on Twitter and Facebook and anything else any other platform out there? No, you don’t like to show your true self on YouTube or better yet you like to show part of your true self on YouTube because That whole Saying you’re gonna do something and doing the opposite. I believe that’s totally you I believe you you like quit and give up on a lot of things but Showing that you get upset and like highly irate and then want to blame it on a freaking mood stabiliser What are you on uppers downers? both Cuz I’ll tell you the truth. Just like you said in your video those medications make you a zombie So help me to understand. Why is it that? You would just like act so crazy on life Make it make sense That’s because it doesn’t I? Take mood stabilizers too. And my mood is much better. I always tell people I take my medication for them. Not for me That’s the help keep me and pocket So you’re gonna tell me that you’re taking something that’s gonna cause you to act like a crazy person From day to day no make it make sense. It does not add up It is not hard to be yourself on camera be who you are people are either gonna like you or they’re not gonna like you the reason why people have this big problem with your Personality on camera. It’s not that you can’t possibly be convey as a sweet person But when do you ever get on camera and show that you’re a sweet person? Let’s start with the way you talk to Becky. Sometimes you don’t really come off as a sweet person You didn’t take your freaking baby to the bed while she was sick. You don’t come off as a genuine person So therefore how can people really expect that from you. I got one Ounce of advice at this point for you. Amber, the truth will set you free The truth will set you free and I hope you make that one of your new year’s resolutions or better yet Just don’t make resolutions make positive life changes. How about that? Come back as a new amberlynn Reid come back as a person who is going to fight obesity until you can’t fight it anymore come back as a person that really wants better for themselves and for their partner and wants to change their ways and their habitual lying and their their, you know failures in terms of sticking to one thing and stop trying to find the the quickest thing to Use to get rid of your way because there is no quick fix From bariatric surgery all the way to just getting general sir. It’s no quick fix So the fact that you know that Let it go. Let it fly. Come back reformed I think that’s one thing that the New Year gives you it gives you a clean slate, but Something tells me you don’t want to go into the new year with a clean slate Something tells me you’re gonna go into 2020 with more excuses, and I’m not judging. I’m just more based upon what I’ve observed So, yeah, I Think Yeah, we’re just gonna let this fly for the day cuz I know not only my subscribers but plenty of other people feel like that Q&A was probably just like the nail in the coffin It really was and I don’t know why you thought to do that today Maybe you ran out of bright ideas to vlog. Maybe there was no Walmart shopping to do today Maybe there was no food to cook today because you probably ate out Maybe there was just not much to do so you felt the need to do Q&A But maybe you needed to do it so that your subscribers could really dissect The lies and show you where they are lies And trust me there a lot of them Oh Katie Scott, I’m done. I Really am of course. I love you guys again If you’re not subscribed make sure you hit that red subscribe button And the Bell notification so that you can be notified every time I post a new video I hope you guys have a great evening and we will be back tomorrow as Usual tea squad out I Guess I really don’t know what Christmas is all about

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