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Wahoo’s Fish Taco – Entrepreneur Series

>>MARC: That is amazing. Tell me more about your philosophy behind your business, behind Wahoo’s.>>WING: Our charter over the years is to get the best freshest ingredients at the lowest price and pass on the savings on to the consumer and basically make things from scratch in the kitchen.>>MARC: Wahoo’s is such a huge part of Orange County how did three brothers from Brazil come about creating such an icon in the community? >>WING: Well we’ve been very lucky. Orange County’s also known as Surf City USA so luckily the surf industry, the skateboard industry and all the alternative sports including snowboarding, they have a really good base in Orange County, so we just basically teamed up with all these guys, and say hey, let’s have a place for everyone to hangout after they’re done surfing, skating, snowboarding, whatever else they’re doing and it’s worked out really well. I mean it’s part of their lifestyle. >>MARC: Perfect, now what are the most popular items on your menu?>>WING: Some of our most popular items besides our little baja roll is an appetizer are obviously our fish tacos, grilled or blackened, and obviously chicken, everyone loves chicken. So again, really healthy, really lean, very low in fat, and just really clean.>>MARC: Now tell me about, when you guys came here, tell me about the original menu and how it’s evolved now, and what influences have affected that evolution.>>WING: When we first started, we based our menu on fish chicken steak or fish and over the years we figured out a lot more vegetarian, so we started making more vegetarian items, and of course we got fish why not cooked shrimp. And basically we just started added a little bit more. The basic ingredients are still the same, but we just added a little more healthier options. We gotta have brown rice, we have white beans. We just keep giving people what they want. A little different flavor profile and a different protein. >>MARC: Has customer input influenced most of the menu, do you have an example of something recent? >>WING: The most recent item we have is tofu. Again, a lot of vegetarian items, people want a lot of options, so they want rice and beans, they want different sauces. They want proteins or different vegetarian items, so shrimp has been one and the other obviously is tofu.>>MARC: With that said, where do you see Wahoo’s heading to in the future, what’s your vision for this business?>>WING: Wahoo’s in the future, is people want to eat healthy. We’re all getting older, we want to help the community so we’re all about serving fresh wholesome ingredients to the public at a reasonable price. And the sky’s the limit. We just opened our first store in New York City a couple of months ago and we’re getting to go to Japan later this year.

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