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Walleye Fishing Lake Winnebago : Tips, Techniques

(outdoor rock) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the
water) We eat! Fish eat! (way out in the woods) (gunshot) (where the breathing is easy,
the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) And
welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. We’re sponsored by The Badger
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Holy Moly! (music) (music ends) (music) (music) (music) (music) Hey good morning! Welcome to Larry Smith
Outdoors. I’ll tell ya what, we
were supposed to go to Grand Rapids, MN to fish today,
but the Wheezy Outdoors people said the bite collapsed
with this cold front and now were on our home body of
water here on Lake Winnebago.
What? You told me we were in Grand
Rapids? I thought that’s where
we’re at! Phil, Just so you guys know, we have
Phil the Blind Guy with us today our special guest. Phil I hate
to tell you this, but we are
not in Grand Rapids. I thought you made awful good
time when you were driving! I
wasn’t driving quite that fast. Hey I’ll tell ya what, what we
do have is our good friend
Lance Sweeting with us today too. Great Day Guide
Service. I’ll tell ya something
Lance, the water temperature is 64
degrees. Now in the last 3-4 days that
water temperature has dropped almost 12 degrees, what do you
think about this bite and
what’s gonna happen. I know you didn’t want to start
real early this morning which I
totally understand. We’ll let that sun warm it up a
little bit, Larry, I think as
the day goes on the bite will
turn on. We’ll probably hit some river
flow right off the bat, then as
the day goes on, I had a good
bite out here pulling Salmos as usual Larry. We’re getting some nice
walleyes, crappies, nice 11-12
inch crappies so as this water warms up a little bit I think
that bite will turn on. Ok.
Then we’re gonna go and do a
little bit of rock fishing down on the lake.
That’s kind of the cool part
about the Winnebago system, Lance. I know you live
on this lake, I grew up on it, the cool part about it is, when
you do get these cold fronts
that come in, these fish are gonna slow down
on the main lake itself until that water temperature
comes back up, but we have a
lot of river system here, and you can get into the flow of
the river, and the water is
extremely high, we got a lot of flow, those fish
aren’t as effected by the fronts as they would be on the lake
itself. Correct. We have so
many different areas that we
can fish. It’s nice to have those options. We’re spoiled on
this body of water. We are. You
know, the other part is we’ve had a tremendous amount
of wind this year, and which in one sense is good, it
dirties up the water on the
main lake itself, but the other part is we actually
have places we can go and fish that if we were on the Bay of
Green Bay, when you get them
big north and northeast winds there’s no
protection. Nothing there. Hey! I think it’s going to be a very
diverse day, I think we’re
gonna catch a lot of fish. Stay
tuned! Let’s see what happens today here on the
Winnebago system. (music) What we’re gonna do here this
morning because of this cold front and
this drastic change in the
water temperature, is we went for the river right
off the bat. Hopefully I don’t
lose my rod, what we’re gonna be doing
in dragging jigs. Basically
when you’re dragging jigs, you
try to go with the lightest jig
possible. When you hook the
crawler, I always use half a crawler,
and hook the crawler right
straight off the ben of the hook right there.
Basically again, the river is flowing that way, I’m
pushing the boat sideways as
much as I can, the wind is
actually pushing against us a little
bit. So the key is to keep that
boat moving at the natural speed of the
river. And just dragging them jigs. What happens is, them
fish are gonna grab it and turn around so you gotta give them a
lot of time. Don’t set the hook
right away. (music) Here we go. First fish of the day for me.
You know, there’s a nice walleye. Lance,
you were 100% right. Let’s start up in the river.
The fish won’t be affected by
the cold front as much. When it comes to keeping fish
on the WInnebago system,
there’s no size limit which I don’t agree with
but it is what it is, but the
deal is that’s about a 14-14.5 incher.
Perfect eating size fish right
there. We like to keep them from about
this size up to about 17-18 inches. Let everything
else go free. Not used to these little ultra
lights, Larry! They’re kind of
fun! I love them little light
rods, Lance. There you go. Nice fish. Good
eater. Good one for the frying pan. There’s a legit 15 inch fish again. Just basically
dragging. Our game plan today is to just
work the river for an hour or
two, and then go out into the lake because
the sun is definitely up and
she’s got some power to it. It’s gonna warm that water
temperature up, then we’ll go
out and work some canes and do
a little trolling, which Lance loves to
do, then finish it off on some
rocks. (music) (music) That’s definitely a nicer fish.
That’ll be a keeper. Remember the rule is no net.
They gotta make it into the
boat. Is that the challenge
today? That’s the challenge, Lance!
Why did you let him go into
your line then? Don’t catch them too big. Let’s
see that fish. There’s a dandy! No net, Lance! The challenge is
on! You gotta flip him in! No grabbing them either, Lance!
I ain’t dutch hauling this!
What? You gotta do the torpedo!
Lance, c’mon now. Let’s see if he can get him. The blind guy will get the net
for you. Larry, you gotta bring
a net! You want me to get that fish in
the boat for you? We got her. Nice fish. That one
there we’re gonna drop back in
the water. That’s a nice 19 incher. Good
fish. I saw the way that fish grabbed
on to that, Lance. Real light. Light weight, I was pulling him
for about 3-4 feet then just
gave her a nice sweeping hookset. Not a
green carp hookset… (laughing) Nice sweeping hookset. Phil’s
gotta bite! You’ve been catching a lot of
cigars lately, it’s time you
step it up. Not much better,
but… There he goes! Quick release!
Now if we would’ve had a net
there Larry! (laughing) Good one Lance! That’s one fillet down the
tubes. His birthday is coming
up, I’m buying him a net. It
doesn’t matter, he’s got one right there and we’re
not using it! What net? That’s
not a sponsor. All we use that for is picking
up cans floating down the
river! (laughing) That’s right! That’s what it’s for. (music) There you go, Lightning! You’re
on it! Should have another eater.
You’re not getting a net… How
much for a net? Caught her Larry style! No net. C’mon Phil! You gotta
get him in now! Lance isn’t gonna net him for
you, because that’s the way he
is… There you go! Lift him up, lift
him up! Yeah! I got one in! Nice job. Hold that one up. I can take him off for you? You
got him Phil or you want me to
grab him? I got him. I got the little
guy… That’s not a sheephead!
(laughing) Somethings wrong with this
sheephead. It’s a walleye, Phil! OH! Not like usual. I catch sheephead, he usually
goes and throws them in the
live well, cleans them, and tells me they’re walleyes! Just
like he thought we were in
Minnesota this morning! I don’t know where I’m
at…(laughing) (music) Wow! You gotta like that!
That’s a legit 15 15.5 inch fish. Look how solid
these fish are! Again, its because our forage
levels look so good. Beautiful color too Larry!
Sunshine for the first time in
a couple of days certainly
helps! And the wind’s not blowing
30mph. Right! I can hear you
from back here! (laughing) My turn, Phil! Sounds good! Boy I’ll tell ya what! Lots of
these 14inch fish. I think, Lance, one or two
more, it looks like that water temperature is
warming up pretty good, lets
head out to the lake and see what we can do out there.
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grocery store. (music) You know what we’re doing here
today is we’re trying to show
everybody how diverse the
Winnebago system is. We did a little river fishing
this morning, now what we’re
doing is we’re coming out on the lake and we’re gonna
fish these cane beds. The key
to fishing the canes is I always like to find the
canes that have the deeper
edges on the wind ward side. This one has a
deeper edge on the west side, we’ve got a west wind blowing
right in there, I’m gonna keep
the boat out just far enough so we can cast into the canes
and drag it back real slow. Kinda the same thing. Basically
just using half a crawler, 1/16 or 1/8 oz jig depending on the
wind. You can use leeches sometimes if you have a hot
spot, or a bad cold front, you
can also anchor up and slip bobber into
them. Wouldn’t you say Lance?
That’s usually the best way to work these cane
beds? Exactly. A lot of times,
Larry, the windier the better. If it
gets too windy you almost gotta
anchor up and let the slip
bobbers just slide right back in there. Let’s
slide down the canes and work
them until they’re done. Alright.
Let’s see what happens. Canes… Oh ho ho ho! Another sheephead?
Nope! Right next to the boat here
Larry! Gonna flip him in?
(laughing) That’s a nice fish! It’s about
time you break the streak here!
15 sheephead, 1 walleye! Hold that one up. That’s kind of the nice part about, oh I
just missed one! Just missed
one? They must have just moved in.
Nice fish. 15 inches. Tell everybody how we’re actually
working these cane beds. You
can see in the background right
there. We’re on the wind driven side
here, pitching our jigs trying
to land them 2-3 ft away from
the cane bed, Larry I know you like to drag
them back, and I like to give
them a little popping action. Usually when one person starts
getting them with one way, then we switch it up. Phil’s
hooked up! I like to get right up into
them canes too. I gotta weed or
something… You know you guys could’ve
messed with him and told him it was a walleye. I should
have said that, but I don’t
want him getting ornery on us
today. We gotta fish with him all day.
Here we go! Got one Larry? Yep! Billy goat? No it’s a walleye!
My turn for a walleye! Hey I’ll tell ya what! Again, I like using a 1/8 oz
jig when I’m casting. I like to get that thing as
close as I can to them cane beds and sometimes
get caught in them. Little bit smaller than the one
that you just caught, 14-14.5
incher. We’ll throw this one in there. I think
these canes, Lance, will go pretty much all year if
you get a cool summer like
we’ve had so far. It seems to me, I’m sure other
people will say something
different, it seems like once that water
temperature hits that 80 degree mark, then I have a
hard time myself catching fish
out of the canes. But when you do have
a summer like this one, where
we’ve only had a little bit of warm weather and a ton
of rain, and a ton of flow. This is
another thing, Lance, that I personally think happens here
and there might be alot of
people that disagree, I think when you have years
like this where you have a tremendous amount of water,
we’ve had rains 2-3 days a week. It’s been crazy with the rain.
I know a couple of weeks ago,
we had 7.25 inches by my house in 3
days. It creates a lot of flow
through the system and I
personally think what happens is the fish come up into the
system. Hang on Phil! You got me
hooked! Sorry! Let me get him in. Sorry Phil.
I got into your line. Basically just pitching back
into them canes. Sorry Phil. I actually hooked
Phil’s line pulling this in! We just moved up to this other
set of canes, we pulled 2 off
the last one and basically I’m just
using the trolling motor and
just moving along slowly. I just missed one
in there, pitched back in there and he grabbed it again. Let me
unhook you Phil. Just half a crawler, 1/8 oz jig
today. 1/16 or 1/8 oz is what I typically use, it all depends
on how rough it is. Just so you can control that
jig. (music) It’s a nice fish. Here
we go you guys! Another nice fish! Whoo! Love it, I’ll tell ya
that! Hey Lance! One more and then let’s switch
gears and go do what you love to do, trolling. Not
necessarily love to do, but let
me go back a second Larry… One more? Didn’t you say that 3
fish ago? Did I say that 3 fish
ago? Ok. Alright. Hey Lance, how
about 5 minutes more fishing canes,
then let’s go do some trolling, Mr Salmo and pull some salmos,
and then let’s do something interesting, let’s go
into Winneconne, make a drift
through there, go down into Butte des Morts,
and then let’s go down into
Oshkosh and see how far we can get before we run out of
sunlight. It’s a beautiful day!
Let’s do it Larry! It’s a great
day! I’ll tell ya that! Kyle Sorenson here from OB
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I’m sick of them breaking all
the time, I went with quality rod holders
and our good friends over at Cisco lined me up here.
Basically, I’m gonna put my trees on here. And we’re gonna
use them for trolling today. Pretty simple there.
Ready to go! Lance gimme some
rods… We’re setting up right now,
typically we’re running in 5-7 ft of
water out here. What we have
been doing is running #4 Salmos, anything Dalmation,
Viking, Fire Tiger, and running anywhere 18-22 ft back.
That seems to be the target
area. Once we get them set up, if
they’re biting a little deeper
we’ll start sliding all the baits to that depth.
It’s a real shallow column
here, so 18-20 ft that will be running 4-5 down
in 5-6 ft of water the fish
will come up and pop it. (music) We just got them out Lance!
That’s the way it’s supposed to
happen! Is it? Little walleye! Another
walleye! I’m telling ya, walleye, walleye, walleye,
walleye, walleye. Blue and sliver. That
did not take very long. Nope. Just got
set up. We got plenty of fish
today Larry, let’s just have some fun! That’s a nice fish! Nice
walleye! Nice deal! Turn around with
that one, Lance. oops! Catch and release, right there! It is amazing, so far, the
different things we’ve done have all worked out pretty well. It
doesn’t always happen this way.
We’re gonna keep moving with this pass, then we’re
gonna pick up and let’s go into Winneconne,
drag through Winneconne, then
let’s work our way down into Oshkosh on to WInnebago.
That sounds like a game plan!
Got enough of these today, let
em go swimming. (music) (music ends) (drums) (bluegrass music) There’s one Larry! Got him Lance? Yep. What we’re
doing right now, this is what
they call the gun club Hey that’s a nice walleye! Get
him in there Lance! Basically again we’re just
kinda dragging jigs down the
edge of the river channel right
here And there’s a bunch of clam
beds right here. That’s kinda
the cool part about this right here.
You’re dragging through the
clam beds and I’m trying to keep us
between 4-8 ft right here.
Right on the edge of the river
channel. Right on the drop. Alright! So
far, so good. There’s one! Yeah! I’ll tell ya
what! These fish are definitely stacked on this
break right here. What do you
got? Sheephead or walleye? That’s a walleye! I can see him
thumping. Wally. Nice fish right there.
hoo-rah! Yeah! Nice fish! I’ll tell ya
what! This is a great system! This bite will pretty
much go all summer long. It’ll get a little tougher our
here fishing, like it always
does, Hey! Are you smoking? What’s
going on there Larry? The bite will get a little
tougher our here like it always
does when we have big forage
hatches, usually at the end of , and it gets a little tougher.
Let’s let this one go. We got
plenty. Oh, I got one! Here’s another
one! Phil the Blind Guy strikes! I think this might be a sheep.
I don’t know… Yep sheep. Oh! Look at that! That’s a nice fish. Bass. It’s
going our way Larry! Sometimes the stars are
just lined up. Like our buddy Matt Merten
says, sometimes your a bug and
sometimes your a windshield. We’re all windshields today!
I’m kinda liking this! (music) (music) Holy cats! Feels good! That’s a
nice one! You gonna flip him? I’m gonna
try, Larry. I’m gonna duck… (laughing) That’s a nice fish
right there! And the release! Hold that one up Lance before
you let him go! You gotta look at the belly on
these! Look at the belly on
that fish! It’s probably only about an 18
incher but probably close to 2
pounds! These are healthy eating fish!
Now we’re on Butte des Morts,
Lance, I’ll tell ya, we started up on
Poygan, caught fish up there, went up into the Wolf, caught
fish there, went through
Winneconne, caught fish there, and now we’re down on Butte des
Morts. This has really been one
of those fantastic days! We’re trying to
make it to Winnebago! It’s one
of those days where you can’t
go wrong! Those are good feeling days!
They are! Let’s let that one go. Let her
see another day! It was a good
fight. (music) Now you got another walleye.
We’re trying to make it to
Oshkosh, Phil! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Stop
catching all these fish! That’s a nice fish! It is. He’s
underneath the boat. You want
to net that one? What do you got there, Phil?
Here you go. He’s fighting a little bit.
There we go! Whoa ho ho ho! Nice walleye! That’s like 3 in
a row! I got one, Lance got one, and now this guy!
That’s 3 in row for us! Bing,
bing, bing! There’s a couple stacked in
here! We have caught so many
fish today! This is absolutely incredible. Hold that one up
Phil. Should I lip him?
(laughing) See you next year! Take care
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pimple Larry, so I went to a black and gold
Rapala! Nice fish! (laughing) I should’ve known, Lance! It’s
gotta have gold, Larry! I cant believe you don’t have a
bunch of gold chains around
your neck! (laughing) No jewelry needed!
Right! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Hey I’ll tell ya what! This week’s tip of the week is
brought to you by our good
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I’ll tell ya what, When you’re backing your
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submerged. So the carpet is wet. I’ll
actually back it down, and
leave it in there for almost 30 seconds to a
minute, then pull it back up a
little bit so I can get my boat on the
trailer. (music) Hey I’ll tell ya what Lance! We
did what we set out to do. We
started on the top side of the system and worked our
way all the way down to
Winnebago and the amazing part was, it
doesn’t always happen this way,
we caught fish all the way
through. We could’ve stopped at
pretty much any one of them spots and caught our
limits. We probably caught 30-50 walleyes today. Just an
absolutely awesome time! And if people want to get a
hold of you, how can they get a
hold of you? Best way to get a hold of me is
(920) 410-9920, give me a call, leave a message, I’ll get
back to you as soon as
possible, or go to my website,,
all the information, rates and
everything will be on there. Looking forward to
it! Had a great day of fishing,
lot of different styles we were able to fish
today and it worked out great. Gotta love it! Hey, I’ll tell
ya what! Make sure everybody follows us on our
social media sites, like
Facebook, cause we have a lot of great things
that happen all week long on
there, so make sure you guys join us on
our social media. Phil, thank
you buddy! Lance, thank you! Lance, I’m glad I
finally got to fish with you!
It was enjoyable! I had a good time! Thanks Phil!
Hey, and like I always say,
just remember, what a great day to be alive! That’s for sure! (music ends)

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