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Watch This Before Visiting Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, Korea!

Watch This Before Visiting Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul, Korea!

We’re going to the Fish Market that we saw
on Sweet and Tasty TV. The baby’s asleep, so it’s time to go
somewhere and do something fun. Hi Everybody! So we’re at Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale
Market, and this is sort of like the Tsukiji equivalent of Korea. Always start off the day with coffee. So good. So out of 700, about 4-500 still remain in
the original Noryangjin and refuse to leave. The new place has about… About 200 moved into the new place. Why, why is that? Because … when they built this, they expected everyone to move. Once it was completed. But once it was completed, 200 vendors
were satisfied with the deal, so they moved, while 500 said their square footage location
was reduced. So what that is is they were illegally setting up shop in front of their store to use more space in the public
domain. But in the new store you can’t do it anymore,
so obviously, they are going to have a reduced area than what they used to, so they’re
saying that it’s unfair. Plus, they went from paying about $500 in
lease a month for the land to 7-800, so about 40% increased in rental. Now they’re saying we have less space to
work with but we have to pay almost double the amount in rent. So it’s not fair, so about 500 people. Well I don’t know if they got together but
they’re refusing to leave. So the city or the association for agriculture
or something like that is trying to force them out. So there were plenty of clash throughout the
last couple month. And then both side isn’t budging to negotiate,
because The city or the association is saying that
hey we agreed, we negotiated. So we’re not going to renegotiate. While they’re saying, unless you give us
more space, and then or a fair monthly lease, we’re not going to move. so we’re stuck with 2 markets, the old and
the new. Oh, interesting. The city is constantly coming, trying to install
cameras or making excuse, or trying to turn off the light. Start turning off the electricity and stuff
like that so people can’t work anymore and are forced to move. -That lady is talking to someone on the phone
-Somebody that’s far away? But you see how they have this designated
space, but then they extended that out. So that’s what they want to do but in the
new building they don’t allow you to do that. You have to work within your space so it’s
a lot smaller. This place is so vintage. It is. Touch it. It tastes good. Ahhh.. I’m going to eat it. You’re not going to buy anything? We’re going to look around and come back. She just threw water all over my feet. She said “Mian Mian” – She didn’t see
you. She said she’s sorry. So this place is super vintage. What is this? Mango smoothie. Thank you , Sienna. Yeah so they attempted to turn off the light
so they can’t do business. And they’re like forcing people – really
pushing people to move out of here. That one lady said she’s sorry. She didn’t see you. It’s ok. I’m not mad. So you shouldn’t be mad. Is this where the vendors have moved? Yeah. Don’t wear these kind of shoes when you
come to the fish market. So this is your first time ever coming here? Yeah, and my mom’s never been here either. Really? How come? I don’t know. It’s weird, right? You would think there’s lot more foreigners
or tourists visiting here. Look, it’s such a good place to visit and
explore, and eat seafood. -I feel like it’s as big, maybe bigger than
-I think it is bigger. I think this place is a little bit more exotic,
I would say, the seafood market. The thing is, like any other seafood market,
this place is a wholesaler. So most seafood restaurants, and other places,
they all come here, and buy from these people. Do they come like super early? Yeah super early. And at the same time, they expect people like
us to come here and shop. It’s just… yeah, maybe on Sundays they
are a little more crowded. I’m a little surprised that it’s not as
crowded. I think it should. If you like seafood, it’s definitely a place
to come. The second floor, there’s an escalator going
up the second floor, that’s where the restaurants are. You basically buy everything you want here,
and then you go upstairs, or I think some places, you tell them, and they’ll sashimi
it and everything, and you just go up and wait, and you basically pay for the setting. It’s like bring your own fish kinda restaurants. So they’ll cut up the fish and they’ll
sashimi it, and they’ll send it to the restaurant, and the rest of the bones and stuff, they’ll
take it up as well and they’ll make a soup with it. So if we want it, we pay $10 and they make
a nice soup by adding vegetables, and you get all these side dishes and rice to eat
it with. It’s sort of how the seafood market is in
Korea. We should just eat here. Hmm? We should just eat here then. We can. Yeah, I mean, we’re here. So we can do crab, we can do … Let’s walk
around. What’s the specialty of the house? What’s the お勧? Flounder sashimi – halibut. Like Hirame. Oh hirame? Let’s get hirame. I love hirame. So here’s the new market. As you can see, it’s … very modern
and very organized. One thing I noticed is that the consumers
seem to prefer this market. Because the other market has hardly any customers,
and this market has a lot of people shopping around. And personally, as a consumer, I prefer this market because it seems more sanitary. What are those? Those are halibut. Oh my gosh. What? So there’s female and male. The male is more expensive but bigger
with a lot more meat. The female, she says because it has
eggs, crab roe, there’s nothing to eat because all the nutrition goes to the eggs. Sienna, what do you want to eat for lunch? Do you want to eat fish, or crab, or clams,
or I want to eat crab! We could get a crab and just halibut or? Just crab and fish. -I’m so cold
-Because you drank all that smoothie, that’s why. Baby woke up.

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