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Water snake eats weird fish from behind – in Ontario – Crazy!

Here we have a crack right in the middle of a rock and this snake just ate a fish …(caught). Wow! That’s gonna be quite a video. Hello Mr. Snake. It’s very close – half a meter away. Hey! Leave it alone. Kevin! Dad has to see it. Let it go! But dad already saw it.
Yeah, but he went to get another camera. It’ll drop the fish and bite you. It thinks you want to eat its fish. Look! It’s starting to eat. It’s swallowing the fish. It swallows the tail first. Unbelievable! It’s stretching… Why are you so close? So it’s clearly visible. We won’t see anything if you’re that close. Don’t worry, you’ll see. He’ll finish the fish and then jump on you. Hi hi hi OK, look. Try not to get any closer than 20cm and he’ll stop escaping. Do you have to be that close? Don’t worry about it – it won’t escape now! The fish is sliding down. [crazy wind of doom]

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