Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More

We Built a MANSION on THE OCEAN… and there are sharks. (The Forest VR episode 3)

Hey, hey, hey, hold on No! Oh, hey That’s it That’s it. Josiah we’re done. What? We’re done The house is – oh, we’re finished. Yep. It’s done. That was the last that was the last log Finally this really took way too long ain’t she gorgeous? Yes. She is something. Yeah Well, we should probably do a tour. We have the meat drying rack We have the spice rack. We have the fireplace for cooking food and that’s the kitchen This is the main elevator. Yes. We have an elevator believe it or not. Oh My god, you’re so far up. It’s foggy. Hey, wait, just stay underneath the elevator. No, I’d rather not. We’ve got Sharkey the shark head We actually haven’t killed a shark yet we just stole that from the dead sharks yeah over there Fix it fix it right now. I can fix it Felix. Oh It’s perfect. Great moving on. We have a Josiah’s room What? Stop them and I not look. Yeah, don’t look okay. I’m not without okay stay out It’s a pretty garbage room. Anyway, my room here is Something I’ve got the skull, okay So I put the rabbit skin there thinking that it would attach it to the door, and it doesn’t so And I can’t remove it. That’s a problem inside look at this the bed Sharky the shark head we’ve got this Rabbit skin chair. We’ve got a bench. We’ve got lights this thing all totally lights up at night. It looks gorgeous We got a bone chair. We’ve got a couch we’ve got a blue flag which tells me where my house is and this is where I can store my I Can put my axe there for display? And grab it whenever it’s needed. I need to start planting stuff we’re thinking of doing a garden soon, but we haven’t gotten there yet and That’s about it Josiah hey Yeah, it’s you luck yeah You put a lock on they on the outside of the door. Yes, I did Why’d you put a lock on the outside of the door to keep you safe from the cannibals? They won’t come in because the doors lock Yeah, but so when you hide I lock the door and then I run to my room You don’t have a lock in the outside of your door. No, I don’t Why do I have a lock on the outside of my door? Okay, because I’m just watching up for your bud. Just wanting to unlock the door Unlock the door Come here. Then we have the creme de la creme you go up to the top and We’ve got a zip line Yes, we do. Give it a whirl Josiah. Give it a whirl Now What I failed to mention is that is a one-way zipline once you are on that island You have to swim back and there are sharks. Is there a way to like a better way to kill the shark? I’m doing right now. Oh No, let me up. Let me up. Let me up. Actually, that’s a wonderful idea You should bait him and then I’ll stab I’m about to die. I mean, you can’t see my watch but like I’m a bad guy jump in the water No, I’ll tear you up you go in Okay, fine Alright, where’s the shark I’m not sure I Got my bow and arrow. Oh, it’s over up ahead straight ahead. Oh my dog. Alright, I got I got my bow and arrow I don’t you better be a good shot dude, how’d I ever let you down open here comes Well, ain’t that convenient timing well here don’t you have that just or not I can’t swim Are you down are you drowning? Hey jump in the jump in the boat you turning around and I’m dead I died No, I can get you no. Oh my god. Just I Where’d you go Where do I go? Unit from the papa I’m dead All right, so this is going to probably take about a grand total of 400 logs so I need you to get every tree cut down now Why don’t we use the chainsaw that we’ve I’m out of fuel Here come on hurry, let’s go, okay You don’t really know where we’re going it’s a direction Is that a cave there no, perfect. No, that’s a cave here this Did just get rid of all this Stupid spooky crap. It’s probably gonna make a mad. Do I care? Yeah, you probably should because that’s all we’ve been dealing with for the past 38 holiday If they don’t see it, then they’ll be like, oh we this isn’t our territory No, they’ll be like Oh, somebody’s attacking our territory. We should defend it. You know what I say to them Eat my shorts You’re wearing pants. Let’s just try to go in here quick clean and let’s make sure that neither of us get hurt. I Don’t think any of that is going to happen. Oh God, what are these? See a light down there Here you see that? All the way down there No, oh Yeah There’s hands Like God Process survivors, maybe wait, wait, wait, wait wait I’ve seen that place before that’s the hole. Yeah. It’s the K its the hole Looks like a kids drawing in my van. Hey, yeah. Well, it’s probably Sean we’ll need to visit the hole Yo, there’s ducks here oh My god Tyler look hmm. This is it It’s the crater it is yeah, hold on. How did we get to the bottom well Watch my back. I’m gonna take a pee my god Yeah, just watch my back yo, there’s water there’s a big old pond in the middle Okay, this might sound crazy but What if we jump in it I Can’t jump that far we’re gonna have to build We’re master builders. We built a mansion. We could build a bridge over to it and drop Well how many how many logs will that take? In all I see probably in the hundreds Okay Okay It’s definitely gonna be a sprinting jump, okay? Oh Okay, well that doesn’t That doesn’t make any sense at all. Who’s going first me you Let me go first. Okay? so Count down and I’ll just go right after you three two One Mojang it oh My god You

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