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We Caught Salmon in Lake Michigan on a Fishing Trip

We Caught Salmon in Lake Michigan on a Fishing Trip

– It’s 3:05. I’m going fishing with some
friends today in Lake Michigan. (upbeat music) If you’re asking, my daughter
booted me out of my room last night, so I’m
sleeping in the guest room. If you have kids, then
you know all about this. (upbeat music) I’m pretty sure the last
time I was up this early my wife was about to
give birth to our kid. I’m tired. I need coffee immediately. (upbeat music) Uh yeah, can I get two medium
coffees with cream and sugar, and a plain bagel with
veggie cream cheese? Don’t judge me. Oh thank you, Jesus. Ya’ll are gettin’ that raw,
tired, angry Chef Billy Parisi. Hope you can deal, hope you can deal. Mmm, oh that’s good. That is good. First of course, try to find some parking. Which is always a challenge in this city, and I’m a couple minutes late, but there better be some grace here, because bro, it’s 3:30 in the morning. What are we doing? Oh man! Alright so who here knows why is there Salmon in Lake Michigan? – [Billy-Voiceover] And this
is where my audio cut out because well, I recorded
this whole video on my iPhone and that’s what you get. What I was trying to go on
to say is that Salmon was introduced into Lake
Michigan in the mid 1800’s. But over time the ecosystems fell apart, and the only thing that was
really left over was trout. When Michigan hired a new fisheries chief, he decided to start dropping in some Salmon eggs in the 1960’s. And from there it began to flourish. Now you can find Coho, Pink, Sockeye, and Chinook Salmon in Lake
Michigan, believe it or not. Salmon are anadromous, which means they’re born
in fresh river waters, and they swim out to the ocean where they live most of their life, however they can live in both
fresh water and salt water. Crazy, I know, but let’s see
if we can at least get one. (upbeat music) Alright, we made it, we are
12 miles out from shore, it took like an hour to get out here. Dude is setting up our lines. And we pretty much just
sit around, eat food, drink beer, and wait
for something to bite. We’ll see what happens. (upbeat music) Dude, we got one already. (upbeat music) – [Billy] How you feeling there? – Ugh! – [Off Screen Fisherman] Oh, I see it. – [Billy] Dude, that is a beast! – [Off Screen Fisherman]
Bringing in a monster! – [Billy] Holy Crap! Whoa, nice! – [Off Screen Fisherman] Nice! (upbeat music) – [Off Screen Fisherman] What is this? – [Billy] Get it, Paul. – [Off Screen Fisherman] Look at that. – [Paul] Monster, it’s a monster! (laughs) – [Off Screen Fisherman] I told you, Paul! (group laughs) – [Off Screen Fisherman] Look at that! (group laughs) – [Off Screen Fisherman]
Let’s get a picture with your fish, Paul! (upbeat music) – [Off Screen Fisherman] Let’s go. – [Off Screen Fisherman] Nice! – [Off Screen Fisherman]
That’s a pretty one! (upbeat music) – I did not come here empty handed, I at least caught one fish so far. We’ve caught four total,
here comes another one. (upbeat music) – [Group] Aw! – [Off Screen Fisherman] He was on there. – [Billy] All that? (upbeat music) – So we’ve been out for
about an hour, 15 minutes. Caught six fish, or
five and a half, rather. Paul up here. – Hey that was a whole fish. – He said it was a whole fish. I’m gonna sort of say
it was a half a fish, but hey, regardless, we’re gonna either smoke it, saute it, grill
it, or throw it in the oven, and it’s gonna be delicious. (upbeat music) – [Off Screen Fisherman]
This is for sure making up for the last one, don’t loose it! (upbeat music) – Smile, Joe. (upbeat music) – Doesn’t feel like much is on here now, I don’t wanna say anything. – [Off Screen Fisherman] I don’t know, it might be a little guy. – False alarm. I got a mouthful of sunflower seeds, hair’s jacked up, feeling tired. Only got about an hour left, but I think we’re gonna try
to catch a few more here. (upbeat music) – It’s a Salmon, isn’t it? – [Off Screen Fisherman]
That’s what it looks like. – [Billy] C’mon! – [Off Screen Fisherman] There you are. – [Off Screen Fisherman]
Nice one, nice Salmon! – [Off Screen Fisherman] Oh yeah! (upbeat music) – So while he’s cleaning
up the Salmon and Trout, he’s throwing the belly fat up in the air, and these seagulls are literally
catching them mid flight, it’s hilarious. (upbeat music) We did pretty good, caught a decent amount
of Salmon and Trout. You heard how cool it was that Salmon’s in Lake Michigan, what? And it’s delicious. We caught Coho Salmon,
which is super good, and if you love Salmon, check out my Potato Crested Salmon recipe. It’s one of my favorite
recipes of all time, and my Baja Fish Tacos,
you will love them. Subscribe, and we’ll see
you on the next video.

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  1. Wow! I haven't been to lake Michigan in years we use to travel from PA, now I live on an Island. I love your aloha shirts😊. I love to fish! Nice video! 😋👩🏽‍🍳🍷

  2. Amazing video!!!! So awesome to see you out of the kitchen!!!! Please do .ore videos like this one!!!! 👍👍👍

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