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We Make Jerky out of Fish Instead of Beef | My Shopify Business Story

We Make Jerky out of Fish Instead of Beef | My Shopify Business Story

People say, oh that’s weird.
Or is fish jerky fishy? That’s like the number one question
we get asked the most. Is this stuff fishy?
And we always say, well its fish so it tastes like fish. I’m Sheldon and we love to
make tuna jerky from wild caught Yellowfin
Ahi Tuna! We started making marlin jerky about
20 years ago out of our family restaurant. About 8 years ago I would say, there was a
doctor that claimed that our product contained high mercury, so we ended up
on like all the news channels in Hawaii. But it actually turned out to be a good
thing for us because it forced us to innovate and create a new product,
which was our tuna jerky. And now our tuna jerky makes up
about 95% of our business. Well, plenty of people
appreciate what we do. They like it, they like the quality. And we the only ones
who do this like this. I happy what my family do. Especially what Sheldon
doing now, taking over. Trying to make
everything go smooth. Eating fish in Hawaii is part of our
almost weekly or daily meals. We source all of our fish locally
from Hawaiian waters. We bring it in to our
production facility. We break it down into thin slices,
then we marinate it, then we slow dry it in our
ovens for about 6 hours. Then we go one step further and break it down into small
bite size pieces. What I watch Sheldon really doing is
kind of really working on all the products, working on all the ingredients. I happy, we started from one small
dehydrator, now we got something big! We’d love to be able to educate consumers
about the health benefits of fish and be able to offer another alternative to
beef jerky or other jerky products out there.

9 comments on “We Make Jerky out of Fish Instead of Beef | My Shopify Business Story

  1. You can tell that they are very proud of their product!!
    If I worked there… I'm not sure how much would actually be able to make it to the package. Ahaha. 1 for you 7 for me. Ahahaa!!
    Its a delicious treat!!!

  2. If the tuna jerky makes up 95% of their business, they need to make other things. If something happened to tuna or people stopped buying it due to a disease or something. Their business would be dead.

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