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We Ordered Everything Vegan at Taco Bell | VEGAN MUKBANG | The Edgy Veg

– There is no shame in not
having a driver’s license. – Yeah, totally, totally,
totally, totally. – I’m not a good driver. I’ll kill someone if I drive. (crunching) Okay, so we are in a Taco
Bell parking lot right now because we wanted to try and order all of the vegan menu items at Taco Bell, anything that
they’ll make vegan for us. Right?
– Yeah. – I don’t know if this
is going to be a series on my channel, I just thought
it would be a fun thing to do, seen a lot of other YouTubers do it. We’re both very hungry. – Starving. – So we were like why not
make a video out of it? And also, I haven’t
had Taco Bell in years. – I’ve– – Years, years, years. – I’ve never had Taco Bell before. – Ever? – It’s my first time. – What?
– Yeah. – I remember having it as a kid one time, and then, I think I had it in the States. – It’s just like of all the
fast food places out there, there’s, like, way better choices. So it’s just like–
– Yeah, see– – Why would you–
– I never understood people– – Go to Taco Bell?
– That were hardcore Taco Bell fans, like I never got that. – Okay, that was never, like, my top five. – What was your favorite fast food Before you went vegan?
– Wendy’s. – What?
– Wendy’s. – Whoa.
– What the– – Wendy’s.
– Of all the fast food, Wendy’s?
– Okay, Wendy’s and A&W. And A&W’s coming out with a
new vegan breakfast sandwich, so we have to try that next. – Ooh.
– Yeah. – I never really ate
A&W before I went vegan. I only started eating at A&W
after they got a vegan burger. We were a Burger King family.
– Fun fact, I worked at a Burger King.
– The chicken sandwich was like our thing growing up.
– Yeah, you don’t wanna know what goes into those things.
– Oh, I, (gags). – I worked at a Burger
King when I was, like, 16. – Cool.
– It’s terrible. – I worked at a Tim Horton’s. So we’re gonna go through
the drive-through. – Yeah, let’s do this.
– You did some research. – I did, we’ll pull up the list of things. – And then (laughs) we’ll park the car and eat in the car like the cool – Anti-social adults.
– Well-conditioned adults that we are. (laughs)
– Yes, yes. – Do we just ask them to give
us anything that’s vegan? Do we give this list and then say, do you know if anything else is vegan or that you can make vegan?
– I guess, we can try. – I don’t know.
– All right, let’s do it. – Cool, thanks for driving
my hungry ass around. Don’t hit this person. (laughs) – Jesus. You know what, this won’t
be a series on your channel because this is the last
time I’m driving you around. – Hey, you get food out of it. I guess you always get food
out of hanging out with me. – Yeah, exactly. – It’s not really a selling point anymore.
– No, not anymore. – [Candice] Isn’t that the thing there? – [John] Yeah. – [Candice] Don’t you order there? – [John] We (bleep) up. – [Candice] You (bleep) it up. – [John] Yeah, we (bleep) it up. – [Candice] So you’re gonna
go through the drive-through. – [John] We gotta go through
the drive-through twice. – [Candice] Cool, cool. – [John] Yeah, sorry, sorry. We (bleep) up, yes, yes. – [Candice] Okay, let’s try this again. – [John] I was too busy
trying not to kill people. – [Candice] This is going really well. Let’s try this again. – [John] Yes, yes, there we go. – [Candice] Oh, there’s the little thing. – [Worker] Welcome to KFC Taco Bell. – [John] There you go. – [Worker] Would you like
to try our chicken 16 today? – I would not like to try
your chicken 16 today. Can I order… Oh, okay. (Candice laughing)
(muttering) – I have never had so much trouble filming a video in my life. So do we have to go talk to people? Like, in person? – [John] I’m just, like,
super devastated right now. – Or do you want me to
try and find another one? – I would prefer not
to talk to people, but. – Okay, okay, I’m gonna
look up some things on my phone. Are we driving all the way to Mississauga to find a drive-through Taco Bell? – I think we might have to. – A 40 minute drive? No, we’re not doing that. – There’s one on 5322 Dundas. – Does it have a drive-through? – I don’t know, I can’t see the street. – Are we this socially anxious, like, we can’t go inside a Taco Bell because we don’t, we hate people this much?
– Can we film? – Oh, I mean, probably not. – Just stand behind me while I order, and, like, be discreet about it. Yeah, let’s just go inside. – Okay, I’m gonna be like, wow, we really hate people this much. (window rolling up) – We do. (background chatter) – [Candice] Okay, back to the car. I mean, that’s not a lot of food. I mean, it’s a lot of food
– I say it’s a lot of food. – [Candice] But I’m with you,
so it’s not that much food. – This is, like, enough
to feed a lot of people. – A family. – It was actually cheap too. It was, like, $32. – Yeah, I understand why
people eat fast food. $32 to feed a family of, probably, four. I get it, I get it.
– Or, or me. – Or you. (bag rustling) What the (bleep) is this? – Cinnamon twists. – Oh. – Oh, wow. (laughing) Not what I was expecting, to be honest. – It’s like air. – Yeah, okay. So we ordered two of each of these: We had a crunch wrap with
beans instead of beef, and fresco style, seven
layer burrito, fresco style with beans instead of
beef, a double-decker with black beans instead of
beef and guac instead of cheese, and then two orders of cinnamon twists, which are these pockets of air with cinnamon on them, basically. (laughs) – This though. – You gotta read them. I think that’s the best part,
is seeing what they say. – What do you mean? – Hot; I know I’m good. They have sayings on them. Hashtag hot sauce selfie. – Should we take one of those? – Do it with passion or not at all. – Agreed. – I mean, agreed, but,
like, that’s pretty deep for a packet of hot sauce from Taco Bell. – What’s this, this is a taco? – I don’t know, they didn’t tell us. – So this is some sort of taco situation.
– In a tortilla. – It’s like a hard shell taco wrapped in a soft shell taco. Between the taco is beans, and then in the taco is beans and lettuce? – Okay, this is the double-decker. – Oh, okay.
– Yes. – Oops. – It has a tortilla and a taco shell. – I mean, they could have put some, like, tomato on it or something. It’s just tortilla and lettuce. – I didn’t even get lettuce in mine. – What?
– Yeah. Mine’s just guac and black beans. – What?
– Yeah. (laughs) – So it’s, um, I mean, it’s pretty boring. – Very bland. (spitting) – You definitely need
the hot sauce, I think, in order for it to be interesting. Also not a great car food
as it’s falling everywhere. – You gotta eat it like this. This is how you eat tacos. – Oh, well I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t eat fast food, I don’t
know the fast food rules. – And you called me uncultured. – I don’t think knowing the proper way of eating Taco Bell makes you cultured. – First of all, it’s tacos. Second of all, how dare you? What has Taco Bell done to you? – They gave me a (bleep) taco. So, just put hot sauce on
everything and it’s fine. So, what would you rate this? – I mean, it’s hard to tell
because I’m really hungry. I’m thinking, like, a five or a six. – Really? – I’m being pretty generous,
’cause I’m really hungry. – I probably wouldn’t go over a five. If I’m, like, I don’t
know, going on a road trip and this was my option,
it’s not the worst. – I’ve had worse things.
– Yes. But I wouldn’t, like, be like, oh my god, I’m craving this bean and lettuce taco. – That’s very fair. Ooh, okay. This looks more promising. – What if I get full? – You’re not allowed to. – Are we eating all of this? Is this, like, a taste test/mukbang? – I guess so. – I’m gonna try your technique here. – Okay, okay. – What is this? This is just a tortilla
with nothing in it. – This is – My first bite was just tortilla. – A seven layer burrito, fresco style. – There’s nothing in it. – I got lettuce this time, so
I’m pretty excited about that. – I got tomatoes.
– Oh! – It tastes like the other
thing, just in a burrito. – Less crunchy.
– Hmm. – Much more soft. I’m enjoying this one more though. I will give it that. – Is it because of the
addition of lettuce? – It actually might be. (laughs) Where’s the pico de gallo? That’s what I wanna know. – So what would you rate this burrito? Out of 10? – Okay. – I would rate it a
five because it tastes, actually, you know what,
I would rate it a four because I enjoyed the
crunch in the other one. – See I was going the opposite way. I did not enjoy the
taco-esque thing we just ate as much as I enjoyed this. – See this tastes
– So I was gonna give this a six. – Oh, wow, look at you. What, are you trying to get a brand deal with Taco Bell, giving
them so much praise? It tastes exactly like
the other one to me, except without the fun crunch,
and I enjoyed the crunch. – Yeah, but I got lettuce in this one, so I think that’s why I’m
enjoying it a lot more. – What are the seven layers in here? There’s tomato. – Lettuce. – Lettuce, that’s two. And avocado, and beans. – Tortilla. We’re at five. – That’s not part of the,
is that part of the layer? I guess it is the bottom layer. That’s it. Shouldn’t there be rice in a burrito? – Normally they do, like,
actual burrito places. – (laughs) Are you saying that Taco Bell is not an actual burrito place? – It’s called Taco Bell. – It’s a taco place? – Yes. (mumbles) – I’ve had enough of this. So this is our last item. – Mm-hmm, the crunch wrap,
which I’m excited about. – This one’s very squished. They also weigh completely
different amounts. Like, this one is nice
and flat and very heavy. This one, it’s probably
missing the lettuce. (laughs) (paper rustling) Okay, okay, I mean. – I’m drunk, apparently. They weigh the same. – They do not.
– They weigh the same. – Here, I’m gonna take the broken one. Oh my god, I was not kidding when I said I’ll take the broken one. Are you ready for this? Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready. (laughing) Guys, someone hates me. – Look how nice this is. It’s just a cute little
crunch wrap supreme. – It’s a little pocket. Mine, (clears throat) mine is this. I think this is just lettuce too. How am I supposed to eat this? – You’re the Taco Bell expert. – I am? – I’ve never been here before. – ‘Kay, this is the crunch wrap with beans instead of
beef, and fresco style. – Here, do you want a cinnamon swirl? (crunching) Who enjoys that? – I love it when my air
tastes like cinnamon. (laughing) (crunching) Yeah, I don’t know how to eat yours. You just have, like, a bowl. – Please, sir, can I have
one that’s not broken? There’s nothing in this. I’m just eating tortilla. What is this? Taco Bell, da (bleep)? Maybe we should have gone to a Taco Bell in a higher end neighborhood. (laughs) I don’t even know how to eat this. – I mean, I’m doing pretty good. Mine looks
– Yours is so full. Mine is hashtag sad. – Oh my god, did you just
use a hashtag in a sentence? – Why is this crunch wrap
a metaphor for my life? – You’re really negative today. ‘Cause you’ve ripped on
Taco Bell the entire video. – Well, it wasn’t good. So, I think this had the potential to be, like, a five or six,
but I think it’s, like, a minus, you know what this is? It is two bald Britney Spears out of 10. – That’s like 10 out of 10 for effort, but, like, minus several
million for execution. Mine, on the other hand, I give it a 5.5. – Well, la-ti-da for you. – It’s basically the same
that we ate the first time in a different form. – So, pretty much, if you
are going to eat vegan food at Taco Bell, it’s all
gonna taste the same, no matter what you get. – So just go for the cheapest thing and order that, like, six times. (laughing) – I’ve resorted to folding it in half and trying to eat it like a burrito. Maybe I can, hold on. (paper rustling) Skills. – They just let anything
pass for skills now, eh? – So, how’s your day? There’s so much, do you
want some of my tortilla? I didn’t actually expect you to eat it. – I’m leaking. Leaking.
– I threw it on the ground. In the bag, though. Don’t worry, I’m not a, I’m not a savage. I’ll just put hot sauce on
it and then it’ll be okay. If only I could handle
all my problems this way. – That’d be pretty cool. – Just put hot sauce on
it and it’ll be fine. – Someone’s annoying you,
just go doot, you’re done. – That would elicit the
opposite reaction from me than you want, ’cause I love hot sauce. – And you’d be like, aaaaa,
give me all the hot sauce? You’d be more annoying about it? – Yup. So, do you wanna go
somewhere good for lunch? – Oh, Kobe. – That did not go in. – Let’s just pretend like that went in. – Nope, it did not go in.
– Let’s pretend. – Nope. – I mean, they don’t need to know that. – But I’m telling them. I don’t lie. I’m not a liar, John. You want this? – Yup. – I’m done. Moving on to these delicious air pockets. Uno mas, no thank you. – They’re really not that bad. You’re being dramatic. – Okay, they’re not, they’re not terrible. They’re just unsatisfying. – Fair. Yes, there is nothing to them. – Overall experience,
I will give Taco Bell a A for effort, but a a C- in execution, a fail in presentation, but a, uh, like, a B- in, (paper rustling) no, I would give it a B in, like, if you’re on a road trip and
you need to stop somewhere and eat something vegan. Not bad.
– That went in. I would have to, (clears throat) okay. (laughs) – Do you want some water? Did you think I was getting this for you? Here, you can have it. – You’re so kind. You’re such a kind and benevolent ruler. (laughs) Oh my god. The hyperbole coming out of this kid. – I would have to agree,
for the most part, with Candice. The guy was really nice inside. – I’m sorry, can you say that again? – I said I agree, for
the most part, with you. – Yeah, that never happens. – The guy was really friendly inside. We asked him if we could
make anything else vegan. He’s just like, just look at the menu and whatever you want to make vegan, we can make it vegan for you. He’s like, don’t worry
about it, we got you. So, they’re definitely
super helpful there. And if you’re in a pinch I
definitely do recommend them, it just
– Eh, it all tastes the same. – Yeah, well it was
all basically the same. There’s just nothing to it. It was just beans and guac. – Iceberg lettuce. – Yeah. – And sometimes, sometimes a tomato. – Still, overall, – Not the worst. – Pretty happy with my experience. My first experience, actually. – High five. That, what was? – I’m just gonna see myself out now. – Let’s try that again. Yeah. ‘Kay, guys, if you want us to review more vegan options at
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