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We Tried Authentic Chicano Tacos

We Tried Authentic Chicano Tacos

we’re here in San Diego in vulgar barrio Logan my dad sorry [Music] is my dad I’m a dad so we’re here at barrio Logan at some new tacos and we just hit up Chicano Park it was awesome my dad’s a joke on all how much it gone that right you are give almost like a myth I need some badass Chicano talk it’s gonna be good our food is a mixture of Southern California Chicano food and food from right across the border which is about ha do you wanna so the first taco that we’re gonna try is the father you our barrio taco is ham fresh flour tortilla a beef guisado cactus topped with a little bit of crema it’s right out mmm it’s very creamy very of ecore crinkle lift the flavor is very cool and soft in like light it’s not like a super heavy thank you grandma spiral yeah [Music] to come away let me the other way oh sorry the flavor changes it’s like a chase like the Novartis and then the creaminess the creaminess and then like the pepitas this is on a flour tortilla also which is like my favorite I learned how to make doing guy drink beer now I also got amici mala because why not Cheers ready for number two I guess are you done already know I’m gonna taste testing you know to finish it but I’m gonna taste okay now we’re gonna try I always say this wrong too late Randall Randall Randall hello baby I’m gonna eat you right now told you not to play with your food girl sorry we’re also gonna be featuring our chili relleno stuffed with deep fried cheese talked with the cabbage slaw and a couple different Sophos your weenie ready to go well my mouth is watering Cheers oh very different yeah as soon as you bite into it it has like the first of a Chilean carnal flavored look at that you get like flavor on top of flavor on top of flavor it’s like built up it’s not just like one taste it like moves throughout your palate and below how do you like it I love it they’re so different from each other to this what seems like a fresher like vegan kind of thing I don’t like anything gourmet but this is a good way to go about it’s like gourmet Chicano chocolate what you have to our instead of a sour when you drink [Music] oh my god it’s so good you want to go swimming in it no we get two shots of tequila don’t tell mommy okay this is to the best father in the world I’ve never had it with the ones before or the packing really go if you feel like at peace and like at home here feel like this is my grandma’s body oh yeah and it’s so cool that a restaurant makes you feel that way then you got lowriders passing is where I’m like it’s a show so my dad actually used to have a 48 Chevy what color was it black and red would you like Cruz I had a car club called The Untouchables least address in zoot suit or forty style instead of assimilating I’m hanging on to my culture and my roots while still having one foot in America what does this mean when you when someone goes up to you either what’s up or what the hell are you doing in depends about this and they’re coming at to you what about this I’ve been that explain this so which one added the tunes you like the best I like this one patio how come it felt like more drama though these are chiles rellenos my favorite cuz it’s the most intense flavor of like Here I am was a bunch of come on taco by the way on my chili – so what about it but both are good and two equals at the same time is even better so I hope you’re not cool cuz I got desert can do a little desert little children and ice cream looks like it has a little like chili on it on it whoa it’s like sweet and a little pecan there [Music] oh man that’s a fresh one it’s still hot yeah it has a little spice right here has ice cream and an inside of the total was like the creamy building yeah like this is how I am as a person it’s like well it looks great whoa winces spicy and then it’s like oh it’s sweet and then if you’re lactose intolerant sorry we’ve got have a question for you father what does it mean to you to be a Chicano Chicana was just a way to claim my identity back before me colonization we believe that Aslan will come back which is the place where our speckies came as we returned to America from all our parts of the world we reestablishing Aslan as we go with our culture with our style with our dress Mendel’s the violence the hybrid of our culture the best of both worlds and taken to the next level and this is the hybrid of the hybrid [Music] thank you for being here today thank you for trying the food or treats this restaurant I know thank you and the owner was so gracious hooked us up with everything we can to some of the tacos for having this here and have this trial this amazing food and to have us feel more a part of our culture okay [Music]

100 comments on “We Tried Authentic Chicano Tacos

  1. Daaang loving your pops style now and especially back in the day! Maya gurl your Spanish esta mejorando!!!

  2. Anyone else triggered by how they are eating the tacos? Like instead of spinning it a little bit, they just go straight into the taco. Lol

  3. “ no me digas guey “ 😭😂 ( I’m not sure if I spelt all that right lol I my self am chicana but I barely have to spell in Spanish lol )

  4. I've been to Border X Brewing many times across the street but i've never tried this place. The brewery is definitely a place to try .

  5. Wait he said he used to have a Chevy (American), zoot suits (American), lowriders (black/American) yet he claims to be holding on to his roots and not assimulating. How are you not. It's not even your cultures stuff? Man Mexican people good for stealing just like the whites. Even their language is not theirs.

  6. That was my barrio! I grew up on one of the last houses left on that block before the Coronado bridge & Chicano Park were built. ❤️

  7. “no me digas guey” lmao reminds me of my dad when i slipped out a “bro” while i was telling him a story 🤣🤣

  8. It's literally just Mexican food with yellow cheese and flower tortillas and crappy flavor. Nothing is better then real Mexican food. Tex-Mex is just as bad

  9. ¡Dios mío, esto es tan lindo! Desearía que mi papá y yo tuviéramos un fuerte vínculo como este.

  10. I find Maya cool every now and then, but in this video…IDK. I was attracted attracted. Like love almost. Not sure what to think of this.

  11. This is kind of how my daughter and I are lol. We don't drink together yet because she's only 19. Her first drink will be with me tho jeje

  12. Da fack are Chicano tacos? Im chicano and I’ve never heard this. It sounds like a gimmick to sell more of the same in a different way.

  13. not to be disrespectful but plid tell she didnt eat the taco straight like that😱😱. you suppose to move you head sideways or move the taco sideways whatafack

  14. Chicano stands for a person of mexican descent born in the united states. The word was used by mexicans born from Mexico to downtalk or insult those born in U.S..

  15. WEY!… NO!! "Guey"… Y nunca se utiliza con los padres/medres… I know!… she's not mexican 100% but let it be learn from its roots

  16. No such thing as Chicano tacos because it’s inspired by motherland Mexico. Give credit to its origin. 🇲🇽

  17. All these people in the comments saying they're chicano probably have no idea what chicano belief really is lol

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