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We Try Every Trader Joe’s Cereal • Ladylike

We Try Every Trader Joe’s Cereal • Ladylike

guess what time here it is it’s summer oh oh oh this is all that wow you just straight-up spilled all your water [Laughter] I was offensive so today we are going to be trying every Trader Joe’s branded cereal of which there are 24 potentially if not Kelly what’s the correct number is this Manny oh my god I hate us these also were every cereal that we could find at our local Trader Joe’s there might be more than you can find online or at your local Trader Joe’s I need to drink this water because you’re gonna hit the table and it’s gonna go all over my dress stop looking at yourself I know you think you’re hot and as per usual the categories are just okay pretty good really great and ybox bad in jail for food no as with every Trader Joe’s video here are some disclaimers obviously we are not the first people to have ever tried food online we know this for an exhaustive list of times we’ve referenced this before see every other video in this series also we don’t waste this food we give it to our co-workers like right after we’re done it’s gone within 15 minutes also we are using plastic cups and reusable spoons because people find ways to yell at women no matter what so we’re out of reasons for you to yell at us suckers let’s try this cereal so first up is the super nutty toffee cluster a blend of toffee flavored clusters flakes pecans almonds and Brazil nuts sounds good actually this gives me a big oops all berries vibe also we’ll be trying all these cereals with milk because we want to see how they can hold up against the cruel winters of dairy but if lactose free milk because we’re both fat rumbly tumbly these I’ve actually never tried Trader Joe’s lactose free milk yeah it’s good how do they get the lactose out they get a wizard okay pour your own milk we’ll see about that yeah I guess I can nut toffee and Christmas mm-hmm super nutty toffee clusters really great really right the fuck is toffee Browns way oh and flakes I like raisin bran cereal get it wet get it wet in it wet flavor-wise it’s a brand flake it’s a good brand flake and that it accomplish that all the things need to accomplish oh wow toast free milk is doing a lot of the lifting lactose free milk is really good yeah lots of sweet milk whips I dare you take a bite of this at the end no no it’s the backwash milk I can’t do I can do the cereal that was just I can’t frosted maple and brown sugar shredded bite size we these are all stuck together look at this here’s your’s and here’s mine is your milk something went wrong one of the sugars is messing up either it’s the sugar on top or it’s the brown sugar infusion somebody in this group project is not pulling their weight yeah it’s a blend of bananas flavored Oh classes interesting I bring this part this is nothing it’s not gonna make it into the video Kelly put it in the video Kelly was again like mostly clusters not a lot of flake Wow the banana flavor does come through very strongly delicious I wish I had more nuts in there they’re nuts are really good cuz it’s delicious there’s like banana nut bread if like you live alone and no one makes banana nut bread for you loneliness is so tasty it’s really great this stuff is so good though I might take this home I’m taking the first clusters home like okay want to fight each other and you’re gonna have the banana nut clusters I just want the other clusters you can’t have all the clusters watch me who said almond play no it’s toasted oatmeal flakes tastes like tax returns mmm there’s something complex here these are good there’s something sweet about them we run through sweet yeah bring them pretty good Wow cuz I was not to be like no oatmeal smells but then you turn me around just the clusters maple pecan granola cereal so we didn’t want to include granola so we didn’t want to include granolas but this one said granola cereal on it so we included it so like this box has like a big bit on it and I’m curious as to whether or not this nut is just suggestive or actually he’s included wow I just got hit with a wave of exhaustion we are on what number six don’t give me that nut girl boy gets cluster I got we got like a moon rock you’re gonna taste the maple and the pecans are just such a nice little compliment I do think nuts go really well with breakfast cereal I think it’s really great I think it’s really great ginger almond cashew granola cereal I don’t really like ginger so I’m curious with what as an Asian woman I get yelled at a lot but I do like cereal so let’s see ooh that smells a lot like ginger I smell it lives up to its name I think if you like ginger bread this is the cereal for you but if your lipstick get on my cup you actually drink for my clothes oh fuck did not mm-hm I don’t like it what back down wow it landed flush organic corn legs you may only use corn flakes as like a crumbly topping on casseroles or casseroles you know the Midwest special on the Midway there’s some MalK call it something slightly different every time okay let’s try it I always appreciate about a cornflakes it’s how Hardy they are I’m shocked I actually thought the cornflakes are gonna be boring like little pillows of who cares honestly these are pretty good strawberry yogurt Oh strawberry yogurt Oz there’s yogurt chunks which also dried strawberries in here cool yeah and then in low sodium so I’m not really a big fan of strawberry as a flavor so I’ve a feeling that I will be biased against this strawberry the box has a super strong artificial strawberry smell well that’s strawberry punch me in the side of the tongue strawberry is present the strawberry is like a bitter I would suggest okay our penalty box but I think it’s just okay you like being a fake fruit really being a fake really yeah maple ladders that fun shape at all kids love ladders I was not allowed near the ladder or not there’s chickpea and corn in this cereal there’s chickpea it’s made of a blend of chickpea corn and rice flour is a good source of protein these ladders just kind of look like letter B’s but with like one extra story added to the top of them I don’t taste oh how weird I don’t think this flavors complement each other all that well and so it’s kind of just an odd mix of sweetness and corn maple letters are just okay organic high five oh god I wonder what cereal they’re trying to imitate this is like the dad of cereals this is like if somebody put some Splenda on top of a bale of hay listen it’s good for you I guess what is it good nice okay they’re a little bit harder they are so hard they’re really crunchy chewy like the texture is an issue that’s why I was like waiting this is just okay like I was gonna like crack filling crunchy cinnamon square cereal I wondered what cereal this is supposed to be Christians can you give me some of that milf stop playing with box oh there’s cinnamon but there’s like sugar so it’s just kind of like sort of like the diet cinnamon challenge okay crispy quinoa stars it’s quinoa Ted rice shaped like stars let’s eat this kale cereal it’s quinoa cereal tastes like a rice cracker no oh okay so this is a gluten-free option but it tastes like I’m licking a box and not like in a Friday night kind of way just tastes a lot like that this one will go home with me crispy quinoa star cereal not good I’m very sorry if you have gluten free stuff because like my fave organic coconut almond sheis cereal I do love almonds though so I am kind of excited to see what this tastes like can you pour the kilcher it tastes like a waffle cone that’s been just broken up into bits and pudding milk that is an accurate description of what tastes like mm-hmm however that does not mean it tastes good as an almond coconut cereal I would say it’s just this is very very vanilla it advertises a cornucopia of ingredients and it seems like those gradients are pretty accurately reflected in what I poured into my little gold just now like vanilla I can smell it my favorite cereal you will learn to agree with me it’s like returning to an old lover with fond memories but then you realize that person actually had terrible taste and comedians that’s pretty good though just the cluster’s chocolate almond granola you know I’m starting to think that all cereals taste better than they smell cuz the first whiff out of the box it’s like rough but then the taste is always pretty rewarding else doesn’t look good this bullshit good I’ll give you a dollar to eat it no I don’t need a dollar gonna pay me Mon one’s friend I’ll leave that whole bowl Lauria turned in the milk brown it promises chocolate almond granola and cereal and really only one of those words is accurate a cereal not bad it’s making us grumpy Frost and shredded bite-sized weights I’ve had this before I eat this a lot actually honestly it tastes exactly how frosted me these tastes I think the frozen shredded bite-size wheats are just a fish okay Kristen is a little lactose-intolerant and even though we got lactose free milk it’s upsetting my stomach’s upsetting her stomach and the next time you see us trying a cereal in this video we’re gonna have different outfits or maybe the same outfit I’m also getting a haircut this weekend I got more hair I love more hair I love less hair it’ll be fun see you next week all right we’re back with that we are ready to try the rest of our cereals now are you ready Ament organic honey crunching oats I learned that they’re like so committed to these knock-offs change to butters no one can’t to us thank you Wow so you just are gonna leave me to pour my own milk again you are your own woman the honey tastes a little bit artificial to me a little too heavy on the corn flake I think it’s just okay yo Politan Boop cereal I feel like the appalling just means three flavors what are the three flavors chocolate strawberry and vanilla yes the three major food groups is this like cocoa puffs but with fruits yeah it is kind of like a neutral berries you keep referencing groups all berries I feel like so few people know what oops all berries is everyone will know it’s all berries the reference like minor mistakes like when I forget something at home like oops all berries whoa that is weird oh it’s make of beans in brown rice it oddly kind of just tastes like oatmeal oh it doesn’t oh I don’t know why I thought that that would be a good retort for you yeah I’m gonna go pick that up that up oops Oh berries shut up you know what I think this was just okay multi-grain oh it was gonna be good it’s pretty good yeah interesting depth of flavor yeah considering it is a knockoff cereal pretty good pretty good frosted flakes yeah really what they’re called yeah that feels like a straight like should I be allowed mealtime okay to me these tastes exactly like frosted flakes we can make sense because that’s what they are wake up Organic raisin bran clusters I don’t like raisin bran so look I feel this just kind of a way to sex up the whole raisin bran brand I do like raisin bran actually I don’t know why I didn’t really like it oh wow this is like a large-format cereal the majority of this is like clustered these are also the biggest flakes have ever seen in my life this is like my mom’s iPhone guys I feel like that all I could get was one cluster it’s actually pretty I don’t like raisins this is a pleasant surprise crisp rice cereal I mean this is rice krispies right yeah do not like Rice Krispies boring no I don’t mean something interesting these are just okay Coco Crunch cereal looks like little rabbit poops yeah I don’t really like puffs chocolatey ball cereal it smells like an attic in a fairy tale also maybe like a cursed doll yeah or like an old German which tastes like cheap chocolate yeah it just seems like you’ve droplet I think you’re just okay you can tell if they use a lot of cocoa powder to flavor these yeah it’s like oops all poopies shredded bite-size weeds plain wheat they’re gonna taste like old hand tufted pillows for a frontier doll these taste like home depot yeah they just taste like ranch milk mix them together what do you get shredded bite size weeds they’re not offensive by any means but there’s nothing interesting about them maple pecan clusters this looks like every other cluster cereal it’s all kind of the same except the boxes are different colors oh my boobs all very good there’s like maple though oh look a pecan in here what a nuts all Christian nuts another thing I don’t think there’s enough nuts like you critiquing sex oh yeah they’re just okay vanilla almond granola cereal just the clusters oh that vanilla is vanilla strong president this video showed up for jury duty I’m surprised how much I like excite you really love vanilla I think it’s more of a dessert than it is a cereal yeah things are really great last five very berry cluster berry berry I cannot see the berries at all these berries are way too tiny where are the berries this is what we poured out okay I have a berry what’s interesting is not a lot of berries still a lot of berry flavor which is kind of concerning yeah it’s a little odd it doesn’t taste bad it isn’t blowing my socks off I think these are just okay just okay they’re just okay honey nut hose okay let’s see if this ripoff cereal is worth ripping off you need something I’ll get it I’ll get it no I don’t want your knife I’m gonna win it all your knife but only I don’t want your knife I got it I got it Oh should I open it bad oh no yeah it’s good oops it’s good oops it’s good I feel like it’s make-believe my whole deal pretty good three left baby we left that is awesome news sorry I’m at three million laughs no leave this then Jose oh yo those never the gigantic full strawberry in the middle of this box yeah just doesn’t have the top ticking off somebody just put like just a whole bell pepper on top of a steak like whatever it gives the color you know we never really solved but like who please Joe I didn’t know these are plain just we now I’ve come to the adult cereal portion of our video oh we’re getting educated high fiber diving cereal it looks like a little mealworms oh my god what it’s not like what that is such a bizarre smelly it’s like somebody threw a pie in a bar I can smell the pies in there somewhere but supposedly just bars it’s boring and also just looks weird I thought it would taste like grass I mean do you think it’s pretty good no I think it’s just okay it’s our last cereal is such a bummer what a anti-climactic way to end this video we got Raven Brennan yeah I’m gonna be real definitely less flavor than the cluster version which is interesting I guess the clusters are doing more work than we’d expect the clusters are doing all the work yeah okay oh my gosh and that’s the last one we did it yeah so what were our top three favorite cereals my top three was pretty easy because it was literally everything that’s in our really great bag super nutty toffee clusters the banana nut clusters and the just the clusters maple pecan my top three banana nut clusters super heavy toffee clusters and the just the clusters almond vanilla cereal well surprise all right talk about the ones that should be thrown on a truck yeah crispy quinoa stars just the clusters chocolate almond granola cereal and the other element to my bottom three the shredded bite-sized weeds my bottom three were these two and also the high-fiber cereal the high diver serie was so bad we did it I’m sorry hey everybody thanks for checking us out thanks for watching kitchen and Jory for checking out our port-a-potty and swathi thank you so much check it let us know in the comments what Trader Joe’s item you want us to try next so we can do it [Music]

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  4. They get the lactose out with an enzyme called lactase, that pretty much consist of digesting the lactose for you beforehand!!

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  15. You do realise that some of the cerial contain lactose in the ingredients so the amount you are eating will upset you stomach.
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  17. Fun fact: there is still lactose in lactose free milk.
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