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We Went Magnet Fishing At A State Park & You Won’t Believe What We Found!!

We Went Magnet Fishing At A State Park & You Won’t Believe What We Found!!

a big day just hooked onto something big
in the water I hear there’s a couple of boats missing oh yeah I got something
big guys welcome back to another episode I did get a brand new magnet super
excited we will open it up to take a look at it guys take a look at the new
magnet let’s open it up and take a look at what’s in there look at the brand new
magnet 1500 pound pool we’ll hook it up to things see how it works
oh I do got something oh I got a lock take a look at the Hat like that it’s
not a key with a lock and everything in it
why kind of State Park yeah oh yeah what’s that we got a knife like yeah to
do that knife definitely add that to the bucket whoo I got something big right
here I can feel it whoa look at that what is that I don’t
know I have no idea what is that take a look at that what is that I have no idea
huh that is really cool oh wow yeah oh oh all the babies wherever it was I
think it fell off oh I do got something I’m gonna walk checking out another lock
guys a big day just hooked onto something big in the water I hear you
kept using the magnets and 1980s kept slipping off of it so we got the
grappling hook and we hooked on tuna he’s pulling it up right now
alright think Dave guys he’s pulling it loose I’m pretty excited I can’t wait to
see what this alright look at the bubbles we’re over
there this is definitely big Oh check it out what is it for the fish
oh hey take a look at that look what we just pulled out more likely the
conservation or something put this in the water for the fish to swim around
look at all the lures on there we’re gonna take all the lures off and keep on
there’s about five or six of them on here oh yeah it’s got us a screwdriver a
flat head – they look at that I never found screwdriver before it’s my
first one that thing is huge oh it’s a concrete block and a Christmas
tree can’t get that off there I will leave that in there more likely they
want that in there alright guys take a little who got it’s
like it’s a 20-gauge shell maybe not too bad add it to the bucket just say we got
some square piece of metal take a look at that
never sure what that is we’ll add to the bucket also alright guys take a look
what we found today we did find it so lock more like those used for the boats
cuz they’re all chained up found a pretty cool little old knife right here
found unlock to the state park that we’re at why kinda State Park so that’s
been here for a while they probably thought they’ll never get that back
and if I screw driver my very first screwdriver without all kinds of fishing
lures day like all these fishing lures just tons of them hands it’s everywhere
big old trouble hook right here did find a nice little shotgun shell how’s it
find another one where’s it at oh that’s over there alright guys and I also did
find this which is pretty cool not for sure what this is anybody knows what
this is just leave it down in the comments that guys we’re end up in the
back in the water for the fish but if you guys are new to my show you’ve never
watched before please hit that subscribe button it would help out a lot all right
guys we got those back in the water one two three all right the fish would
be happy to have that back Oh guys I hope you all enjoy today’s episode I see
you next week on next episode thank you

100 comments on “We Went Magnet Fishing At A State Park & You Won’t Believe What We Found!!


  2. The one that looks like a little steering wheel it’s got like five or six little tongue sticking out that goes to the stove top for the burner gas stove

  3. The thing you pulled out with the fingers, is for fish but they are usually made out of plastic. If it is metal I would pull all of them out and discard them.

  4. I live in a State Park with a lake and they drain it during the winter. And after Christmas everybody brings their Christmas trees to the lake for the fish.

  5. This might be useful for anyone who magnet fishes. It’s a grappling hook that can grab and release stuff if it’s too heavy for magnet.

  6. Stop dragging the fish trees out of the lakes. You have done it before. They are put in for fish habitat. They are not dangerous until you drag it next to a dock.

  7. The spiked wheel is a well / cistern hand cranked chain pump drive pulley! The forks on the outside held and rotated the chain with the swiper cups on it! ( youtube it cranked cistern pump you be abe one up with a fair pic. Of it on top of pump).
    I am 100% positive on that not a grate as others suggested!

  8. Nice video. And as far as the round piece of metal; It looks like what’s left of a storm drain cover. And that bucket with the cement with the boards sticking out; That’s what people who own the docks put in the water around the docks and other places around the marina to intentionally get anglers snagged on. It takes all the fun out of fishing. Notice all of those lures? It’s doing its job isn’t it. It’s totally illegal to put them into ANY body of water where people fish or boats travel as it’s considered a Hazard To Navigation. But there’s a lot of pricks who think they own the water in the marina, but most times they don’t. When I find these manmade hazards I remove them and then dump them in a swamp where fisherman and boats don’t go. Just thought I’d let you know. Take it easy.

  9. I been there before and it's like a great white shark are they just oh there going too found something BIG! And am waiting was in the magent

  10. 2:22 for anyone wondering, this is called a fish attractor. They’re primarily designed to attract fish and allow them a hiding spot from predators. These are actually extremely dangerous and should not be in the water. If you find one consider removing it.

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