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Wegmans Cedar-Plank Salmon with Brown Sugar & Cracked Pepper

Wegmans Cedar-Plank Salmon with Brown Sugar & Cracked Pepper

We’re constantly being asked
for seafood recipes and this is a great recipe specifically
for summer involving salmon. I love salmon,
I eat it a couple of times a week. And this is a very easy way
to get fish on the grill. Sometimes people are
a little bit nervous about grilling fish and we’ve got a nice built in layer
of protection and flavor that makes this recipe super,
super easy. It’s Cedar Plank Salmon
and all I have is a portion of salmon on a cedar plank that’s been soaked
for about an hour in water. And this is untreated cedar. It’s got great flavor,
you can actually smell it, it smells like real wood. I want to discourage you from
just going to your local hardware store and picking up
some rogue cedar shingle. This is definitely something you want
to make sure you’ve got clean cedar, they’re easy to find and they actually,
uh, you can get whole planks that you can put a whole side
of salmon on if you want it. So, I’m gonna do one portion here. I’ve got my salmon
and what I have here is a blend of dark brown sugar
and cracked pepper blend, which is really coarse pepper,
salt, and dehydrated garlic. And it’s just equal amounts,
a tablespoon of each. And all I’m gonna do is take this
and I’m gonna put a nice, even coat. This is a great recipe,
too, to try, for people who don’t
maybe enjoy salmon. Sometimes it can be
a little aggressively flavored, uh, but the brown sugar in this,
when it cooks, it sort of caramelizes up,
gets really, really crispy and lends a nice sweetness
to the fish, which I think people
that aren’t necessarily fans of salmon really, really like. All right? So you just want to go ahead,
get a nice even layer. Don’t be afraid to pat it on there. What’s gonna happen when I put it
on the grill is the heat of the oven is actually gonna melt that sugar
and it’s gonna create a nice, sweet glaze that’s got hits
of garlic and pepper in there. It’s an outstanding recipe. All right, so I’ve got
my seasoning on there. My grill’s been preheated on high. I’m gonna
close the cover and now I’m gonna turn
the heat down to medium. And this is gonna take
about 12 or 15 minutes to cook. You don’t really have to do anything. Every now and then, you might
want to come back and check just to make sure. The idea here is that the plank
is actually supposed to burn a little bit and that creates a little bit
of smokiness for the salmon. So that’s all part of the flavor. It’s always a good idea to have
a spray bottle full of water around just in case. You can go back, check it
maybe halfway through. If it’s–if the wood
is starting to catch fire, that’s actually
pretty normal, just spray it down, close the lid,
and you’ll be ready to go. Okay, it’s about halfway through. I just wanna give it a check,
make sure my board is still holding up. And you can see, the sugar
is starting to melt on top of the fish and I’m just starting to get a little bit
of charring on the outside of the board. Again, that’s perfectly natural. You’re not gonna
use these boards again, this is a one shot deal. It’s definitely supposed
to get charred up around the edges, and, again, that’s gonna create
that nice, smoky flavor that’s gonna finish the salmon. Okay, so it’s been about 12 minutes. I’m ready to check my salmon, so I’ve
got a digital, instant read thermometer. I just wanna take a peak here. And that’s exactly what I’m looking for. If you can see in here, all that sugar
on the outside is starting to bubble. You can see the cedar plank is nicely
browned all the way around the outside. You can really, really smell it. Not overwhelmingly smoky,
but just enough. And you can see the crust on the top
has really started to melt. Looking for 130 degrees. I’m gonna go right into the thickest part
of the salmon, like we always do
when we’re temping something. Take a peek and that’s exactly
where we need to be, which is great,
so I’ll just take my spatula. Sometimes a combination
of spatula and tongs makes it a little simpler
’cause this board is hot. All right, so I let the fish rest
for a couple of minutes. Now we’re ready
to simply take it to the plate, got a nice, thin spatula here. And, again, you want to be careful. That sugar has turned to caramel
on the board, so it’s definitely gonna be warm
so you want to be careful. All right, I’m just gonna
pick that up just like that. Look at that, gorgeous. You can see all that–almost like
that burnished caramel color on the outside, this is great. Great combinations of flavors. Salmon’s
a fairly fatty fish, so you’ve got some sweetness
from the brown sugar, got a little spice from the coarse pepper,
it’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s great. All the flavors really make sense. And, for me, salmon and horseradish
is just such a natural pairing. So what I’m gonna do is I’ve just got
a little bit of this horseradish cream and I’m just gonna put a little bit
of a dollop right here on the end, kind of let it
run off the fish and then people can sort of drag
a piece in as they want. This is a perfect summer dish. Cedar Plank Salmon,
couldn’t be easier. Try it at home.

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