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Wegmans Grilled Whole Fish

Wegmans Grilled Whole Fish

Hey guys, I’m Chef Mark. Today we’re gonna cook a fish
right out on the grill. I have one all ready,
but let me show you what I’m looking for. This happens to be bronzini,
but if it’s red snapper, it’s all the same. I’m looking for the same
glassy eye, a nice red gill on the inside. When you ask for this
from the seafood guy, make sure that you get them
to scale it for you, take the fins off,
and take the gills out, so when you go to open
this up you can tuck right in and enjoy the beautiful meat. So this general cooking technique
for our whole fish here will work with just about
any whole fish provided I guess if you could
fit that sucker on the grill. So we’re gonna start
with our bronzini here. What I’d like you to do is get
in here with a knife, sharp knife, the butcher’s already
taken the gills out, he’s taken the fins off,
he’s gutted it, it’s nice and clean so when
I pull this off of the grill, it’ll be ready to eat. So just with a knife,
maybe three cuts depending on the size
of the fish, maybe four. About an eighth
of an inch deep. I want you
to score that fish. This is gonna help to cook it
evenly all the way through. Just to score it a little bit. Gonna take some
salt and pepper on the top and on the bottom
and in-between these slits. In the middle of the fish,
season that all the way through, even if some gets on
the aluminum foil, that gets wrapped up
and seasons it. Let’s do some basting oil here. A little bit of garlic flavor,
some thyme. Little bit of oil, again,
let’s get it all over the fish. If I got it on the bottom,
once I wrap that up it’s gonna be sitting in there. On the inside as well. And then whatever herb
you’re gonna use, today I’m using a little
bit of thyme, I’ve got some parsley here,
and I’ve got some tarragon sprigs, wherever that surface area
is touching the outside of that fish, it’s gonna start
to flavor that as well as the inside here. I always like to stuff
on the inside. Then I’ve got some
lemon slices. Don’t overdo it
with the lemon, because then you’ve got
overpowered with it, but a couple here and there,
maybe half a lemon’s worth would be fine. And then I need
to wrap this up. So, I’ve got another sheet
of aluminum foil here. I’m gonna make a little bit
of a packet here. So just on the top. Crimp the edges. Doesn’t have to be super
tightly fitting around the fish, but as long as I’m keeping
some of that moisture on the inside, this is reminiscent of
an old French technique called en papillote where you
wrap it in paper. We’re keeping it,
all the juices on the inside we’re more or less
steaming it on the inside, but obviously we’re out
on the grill, so we can’t use the paper,
so we’re using aluminum foil. And all I want you to do
is get a grill heating up on medium for about
10 minutes or so. I’m gonna put it
on the grill…just like that. And all we need to do
is throw the lid down. We’re gonna go about
8 to 10 minutes for this size fish. So I’ve been paying
attention to this. I’m lifting up every
couple minutes. Let it go for about
5-8 minutes or so before you start poking it
full of holes. What I’m doing is try to make sure
I hit the mark exactly. And here what we’re
looking for is about 135 degrees. Today I actually went to about 140,
so we’re ready to eat right now. So what I want you to do
is get up underneath this, I use a pair of tongs and a spatula
to support underneath. Gonna go directly
to a platter here. And for me, my grill,
we do this family style. So, you’re gonna come
to the plate just like this, we’re gonna cut it open. If you hit that 130-135 mark,
I want you to wait for about two or three minutes,
it’s gonna carry up over till it’s exactly that 140,
145 is perfect where we wanna eat it. Take a pair of scissors
and carefully do this, ’cause we do have some
steam built up in here. All we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna take this, pull it back,
and like I said on my deck we eat this family style,
so it’s gorgeous just like this. And all it takes is for
somebody to say, “It’s ready!” And I’ve got a lot of people
coming here to dig this out. So guys, it’s ready.

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