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Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College

Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College

I’ve had an amazing experience here at the
Wegmans School of Pharmacy. My favorite part of being a faculty at Wegmans
School of Pharmacy is playing a huge role in educating our future pharmacists. Just walking onto campus you can tell the
difference between the small class sizes and the support system that you have embedded
within the College. The mission statement of the Wegmans School
of Pharmacy is preparing pharmacists for lives of intellectual, professional, and civic integrity
and that truly guides everything we do here at the School of Pharmacy. We are creating a unique Fisher pharmacist,
it’s one with the highest of intellectual integrity. I think that the faculty here at Wegmans School
of Pharmacy is what honestly sets the school apart. But it’s not only about the intellectual
integrity, it’s also that professional integrity. I have to say that the students who come from
the Wegmans School really have the highest level of professionalism when they come through
the door. And that is something very intentional for
us. We say the day that you enter into Pharmacy
School, you’re joining the profession. We serve as one of their major training sites. If you can do a variety of different types
of rotations within a single system, even though maybe multiple hospitals and ambulatory
sites are within a single system, it’s a huge benefit to the students. So the primary disease state we treat here
at the clinic is diabetes, and folks here are mostly inner city folks. The majority of them are Spanish speaking
patients. This patient population really gives them
the opportunity to enhance some of those other skills that they may not really learn in the
classrooms. And then that civic integrity is such an important
part of our program. That’s really our service and our outreach
into the community. Mary’s Place Refugee Center is an example
of that. Mary’s Place Refugee Outreach is a small
non-profit outreach center in the city. We have thousands of families who the majority
of them spent ten to 20 years in refugee camps prior to being resettled in Rochester. I think what’s so important for the students
is that it really opens their eyes to the different communities that they may be serving
or that they weren’t aware were even in their backyard. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to
be involved in mission trips, and I just recently returned from Roatan, Honduras as a three
week mission trip working at a clinic there. The students go out into these different service
projects and on the overseas medical mission trips, we see how they are changed right before
our eyes. We have incredible partners, such as Wegmans
Pharmacy that have been with us since the beginning. As employees here, we really try to give back
to the college, and we do that by trying to really develop true leaders in the industry. It’s wonderful to be able to see students
come in as a first year pharmacy student and they’re nervous, and to see those students
really develop into these pharmacists ready to go out and serve our communities, it’s

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