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Weight Watchers| Crustless Quiche Recipe  Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and  Herbs

Weight Watchers| Crustless Quiche Recipe Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Herbs

How to make a crustless quiche ideal for low carb weight watchers, high protein and gluten free diets It’s Liz from The Herb Guide showing you how to make this quiche Set your oven preheating to 350 degrees Fahrenheit 175 degrees Centigrade or Gas Mark 4 before you start the recipe Take an eight inch shallow quiche dish and spread it lightly with oil You need smoked salmon trimmings, about a cup or 120 grams and some low fat soft cheese half a tub, half a cup or 100 grams Open the smoked salmon and spread it evenly over the bottom of your dish divide the cream cheese into four and space it evenly around the dish Take some cooked green vegetable, I’ve used broccoli but asparagus would be lovely and place evenly in the spaces Break two eggs into a bowl season with pepper and add a tablespoon of water add some chopped herb. Either fresh or dried, dill, parsley or chives. Whisk the egg until it’s light and frothy Pour the egg mixture over the quiche filling Put it into the oven and bake until firm, around thirty minutes. This is the finished quiche. Allow it to cool for ten minutes or so if you don’t it might stick to the dish And here you see a perfectly clean space and the luscious filling. Serve with some boiled new potatoes and some chopped salad If you’re doing Weight Watchers, then the quarter portion is four points, so with 250 grams of new potatoes, that’s a 9 point meal I hope you enjoy this recipe it’s one of my favorites Do subscribe to the channel, give me a thumbs up and come and visit me at The Herb Guide the links are all in below See you soon

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