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100 comments on “Weird Ass Fish

  1. Idk what everyone's talking about… I like the weird part of youtube… Its better then the over rated part of youtube like RWJ and Shane Dawson

  2. Make this comment top comment, So I can save everyone's ears.

    If you're wearing headphones for whatever reason, TAKE THEM OUT.
    If you're volume was turned up, TURN IT DOWN.

    This video almost blew my ear drums. o-o

  3. u people are the REAL dumbasses, its called a snail fish, it lives in really deep water, i don't know how the hell they caught it.

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  5. Definitely a deep(ish) sea fish as suggeseted by being scale-less. The big eyes suggest it's not a pit feeder like anglers, but it could be related to that family.

  6. in school, our teacher was showing us a science video or somthing. i looked in the related videos and saw the title "Weird Ass Fish" i bursted out laughing and couldent stop!

  7. i kinda feel sorry for it. it has no scales ? any one know what it is ? maybe be leftovers from the fishes' gut you actually caught ? looks a bit decomped

  8. why don't you go kill some Carolina Birds while your at it! Oh, wait, they've already extinct, so will that fish if every one starts looking for it and starts to eat its meat!

  9. Wow, that's a really weird fish. What kind of lures do you guys use? I've had a lot of luck with Lip Ripperz lures. Check out their selection at lipripperz(dot)com

  10. I know EXACTLY what that is. All of you people are dumb! Everyone knows that it is a… um… well, try giving it a tuxedo, and some nice shoes and it kinda looks like a….
    Well, to be honest, I DONT KNOW WHAT THE CRAP THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It's a snailfish of the paraliparis species, they have been found in deep waters off Leah Bay and some of the lower Bering Sea.

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