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Weird Fetish: Eel Gets Stuck In Man’s Ass

Weird Fetish: Eel Gets Stuck In Man’s Ass

a man in southeast china needed in
you’ll removed from his ass after it had chewed through his colin in an attempt to get out inserted the twenty inch long easy and swampy you’ll into his penis
after seeing it done in a porn movie and he had to endure all-night surgery to have extracted and then i love this so after the
surgery the deal was alive for a while and then
it died so now the authorities may bring him up on animal cruelty charges yet awards allies if you’re considering
shutting it you’ll appear ance might not want to do it meant be on trial for animal cruelty and this is an even the first time this
has happened in two thousand twelve a new zealand man had seventy-year-old removed from his
ass and in two thousand and ten the chinese men actually died after his
friends allegedly inserted in you-all into his
rectum as a joke horrible friends they are but i never understood the whole uh…
you know fraternity scene where they have to do all these ridiculous things
to fit in and you know i’d never got that and i also never got okay certain practical jokes to extend what you just can’t cross a
certain line are fine but when you cross that line god you look so long you’re gonna shaman deal of your friends
aspin’s if it’s funny not try picture that they like what
they’re doing like i’d like to remember holding him down another one going
through the shut up his ass like that says more about the people doing a
prank than the person receiving the brunt i mean i showed you there’s some dot we aired it sexual type of uh… being associated
with the force and then the shelving things
up the yasin why the essence consciously to asses at practical jokes please i had sent but pre private thing right people are crazy man but hehehhe the bottom but i casually like watching
porn and what can a poor man watching whither
shall be deals are acids if that’s the kind of four-year into i’d
feel free man because people don’t have to be born
with certain fetishes they just have certain fetishes race i like eight wake up one day three
aren’t used to be into uh… large feet hairy feet on women when people have we are fetishes and its
natural it’s an eight so i feel bad for them but if you’re a blood what lead you to
watch the form with the evil of the ass and then what lead you to do it then
yourself what though pockets wrong with people and i look i’m not judging you if you
want to go ahead and and shob stuff up your ass go right ahead that go to bed that’s something that feels like anil maybe they might have
something that the sexuality somewhat resemble that but hot god meant uh… we live in a crazy world all those worlds crazy

16 comments on “Weird Fetish: Eel Gets Stuck In Man’s Ass

  1. "What kind of porn are you watching where you're shoving eels up asses?"

    The good kind. Only the good kind.

  2. Instead of watching porn, he should have watched 1000 Ways to Die… The guy in China who died from an eel stuck up his ass by a couple of friends was obviously the real-life death that inspired the segment "Eel Effects" on the episode "Dead Wrong".

  3. I wonder if someone one got a picture of the idiots expression when the eel took that first bite? What did the eel say after taking that bite? God damn that tastes like shit.

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