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Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


Mark: Alright you wanna do– you wanna do blood and gold? Bob: Sure.
Ethan: Yeah. Mark: Alright, I’ll put bots in this time. Th– In this one, Two random people will be the sharks, and then four divers. OH, I am a shark guys Bob: Yay!! Bob: The two people who are best at the sharks! Mark: Yeah 😀 Alright! Ooh, what should I be? Bob, what are you gonna be? Bob: Uh, I like the Mako or the Tiger usually. Mark: I’m gonna go for the Great White, just for scaring… Bob: Yeah, you be the, uh, aggressor and I will be your little companion who ducks in and out and fucks with them Mark: Cool… Gotcha. Wade: All signs point to us losing badly. So I have faith
Ethan: Yeah, Ethan: I’m ready to get eaten alive..
Mark: Hey, Ethan: I’ve accepted my fate. Mark: You’ve got hard bots on your side Wade: Oh we have hard bots? Never mind, we won. Mark: You got hard bots. Wade: The bots in this game are absurd. Mark: Are they? Wade: You’ve never fought against a hard bot shark? Mark: Oh, no. Ethan: Oh no Wade: Just you wait Buckle up and prepare to lose. *Everyone laughing* Wade: I still have nightmares and I’ve not played this game in years. *Mark laughing* Bob: Oh, fuck Wade:These bots are already like, aiming at you guys. Bob: No they’re not. Wade: Oh you think they’re not. Bob: Hey buddy 🙂 How’s it going, friend? Mark: Heyyy buddy Bob: The one thing that’s tough about this is that I don’t really know these maps anymore, so, as the shark, its hard to exploit off the little side allies and stuff, if you don’t know the maps very well. Wade: I don’t know the– I never knew the maps, I never played this game enough Ethan: Oh 😮 There’s a flare. Mark: Wuh– *Wade sounds of frustration* Ethan: Oh there’re sharks in here already Hey guys! How ya doing? Wade: Well, I guess the bots are more obsessed with treasure than helping their own buddy out. :/ Ethan: Jeeeeez, okay. Okay. Oh I got him 🙂 Mark, that was you. How does it feel to be DEAD? Mark: Ha, your friend’s dead. Bob: Oh, he died? Mark: Ye-yeah, y’know like a loser I felt like it– Bob: Oh, shit snackz Mark: I felt like dying, y’know Just– I didn’t wanna give him like, too much of a scare. I’m a pretty spooky shark when ya get to know me. Like right about.. NOW Wade: OH COME ON! WHY ME AGAIN?! Ethan: OKAY. OKAY. *Mark laughing* Wade: Ethan, can you kill him a second earlier? Ethan: Well, sorry! I was trying to repair S.T.E.V.E.! He’s wounded. He needs some– Wade: He’s fine! S.T.E.V.E IS A ROBOT! I’m a living person! Ethan: Yeah, well– Why should I value your life over S.T.E.V.E.’s here? He’s done a lot- FOR US!! JESUS CHRIST! I’M DYING! *Everyone laughing* Ethan: Wade! Why didn’t you help me out?! Wade: I’m sorry, I was busy getting eaten! *Mark laughing* Ethan: Ohh, its okay S.T.E.V.E. I’m here for you. Don’t worry about it. Bob: Oh you’re with S.T.E.V.E., are you? Ethan: Uh noo Mark: S.T.E.V.E., huh? Bob: Oh, that’s interesting; that you’re with S.T.E.V.E. Ethan: I was collecting so much treasure 😀 Ohh 😮 Hey.. How’s it goin’? Bob: Ah, shit
Ethan: Oh you’re dead. Mark: Alright. Bob, let’s– let’s coordinate? Bob: Alright Mark: I’ll come in, like a juggernaut, and then you’ll– you’ll smack him upside… the friggin’ head. Bob: Alright, I see you. I feel you. Mark: You feel me? You feel me, bruh? Bob: I feel you bro. Mark: You feel me? Ethan: Just in the open ocean..
Bob: I sincerely do. Mark: Uh oh Ethan: …all by myself. Bob: Oh dear. Ethan: …in this room now ._. Bob: horrible things seem to be happening near you Ethan: Oh no! Oh no…! Oh no… Mark: You all alone? *Ethan sounds of surprise, struggle, and regret* Ethan: Yeah– Yeah, I’m dead. I’m gone. Ethan: Okay.
Mark: Ow :/ Ethan: They’re uh– they’re comin’ for ya, Wade. Bob: Oh my God 😮 Jeez. Mark: That bot– that bot is good.
Wade: I told ya; beware of the bots. Bob: That bot is ridiculous..! Wade: Maybe you guys should go eat something else and leave the people alone.
Ethan: Yeah. Mark: Maybe you guys should shut up and just be ready for death. 🙂 Bob: I could– I could go eat something else. Mark: Yeah, I could eat something else. Ethan: People aren’t food for sharks! Bob: I could fuck a dog Ethan: ..go eat some seals or some fish
Wade: What? Bob: What? Wade: You could, uh, what? Bob: Nothin’. Ethan: Huh? Okay Wade: Oh-ho-ho-ho They’re screwin’ with us! Ethan: Oh no… Bob: Who’s screwing with you? I don’t anyone’s screwing with you.. Ethan: Don’t worry Wade, we’re gonna be fine. We’re gonna be juuust fine. ‘Kay? Deep breaths 🙂
Wade: Yeah. Wade: I mean you’re gonna die but I’ll be fine 🙂 Ethan: Deep breaths under (:o) wAaAa– okay. oOH! NO WE’RE NOT GONNA BE FINE! *Mark laughing* Ethan: I’m being eaten alive!! *Everyone laughing* Mark (mocking): Were gonna be just FIIINNNEEE
Bob: Hey buddy. Bob: Oh no :O These fucking bots, man. Mark: Yeah, they’re good. Ethan: Wade, new plan. We’re gonna take the shark corpse and we’re gonna drag it along with us as a warning sign. Okay? Wade: Alright. Ethan: Alright? I’m–I’m pushing it along. Wade: AHH! WHAT THE– Ethan: Hey, see this?! This is your shark friend! That got eaten–er–shot! Killed. Now we’re gonna eat him later>:D Ethan: Heh heh heh 😀 I’m having a fun time 🙂
Wade: Welp, hope you’re okay, S.T.E.V.E. Ethan: Heh I’m having a fun time just pushing this shark corpse along. Wade: Woah– WOAH! HEY! There you are! Mark: He-hey! 😀 Wade: I was wondering where you be. Mark: “Where I be”?
Ethan: “Where I beee” .___. Ethan: OoOhh ee~ Bob: Hey buddy!
Mark: Oh! Automated turret Mark: Holy shit…! Bob: No~ D: *high pitched* Fucking bots! Bob: I don’t understand (x4) Mark: I don’t get it guys. Mark: I don’t understand. Bob: Hey guys. Mark: You in here? Bob: How’s it going, fellers? Ethan: Uh–oh… Okay… Okay… *Everyone’s personal sounds* Ethan: That is vicious. *cue evil laughter from mark* Ethan: See you just go though the water and thrash that body around. Bob: C’mon D: Ethan: See you just go though the water and thrash that body around Wade (in his own world): Woohoo Bob: Oh, Wade actually killed me. For once, it wasn’t your bots just carrying you. *Mark laughter*
Wade: Wow! Ethan: Hey! ‘Scuse me
Mark: Yeahhhh~ Mark: That’s what I’m talking about. Wade: Hey listen, I’ve done a lot of damage, they just always take the credit for my kills. Wade: Yeah right.
Ethan: I’ve killed a shark or two in my day 😀 Bob: Sorry, we’re winning this war of attrition. Its no big deal. Wade: That’s true. You are winning that. *Ethan’s quiet sounds of worry* Mark: ‘Kay, I’m gonna– Bob: Hey guys Mark: –I’m gonna go in, I’m gonna go in Bob, I’m going in. Bob: Alright Ethan: Oh where are you? Wade: Oh, come on! Ethan: Oh~ :/ Where are you? ://
Wade: Poopy! Mark: ♫ where are you? ♫ Wade: It was eating me right next to
Ethan: ♫ I’m so sorry ♫ *Mark laughing* Mark: If you just wanted to know.. Ethan: *scared* ♫ where are you? ♫ ♫ I’m so sorry ♫ *evil laughter from mark* Ethan: ♫ I cannot sleeep ♫ ♫ I cannot dream.. to– ♫ –NIIGHTT! NO-HO-HO-HO
MARK: HAHHAHA *laughing* Ethan: I can’t dream tonight cuz I’m fucking dead! Oh no… Bob: Welp, that’s fair. Mark: Ahh, I almost had ’em. Bob: Who wants to be my friend~? 🙂 Ethan: I don’t 😀 I’ll pass Wade: Oh com– Help me!! Ethan: I’m trying my best!
Mark: Awh, dammit! Mark: Man, I-
Ethan: I can’t– AAHHHH Mark: I need to seize my arm more,
Ethan: AAAHHHH! NO Mark: because I’m not able to thrash people dead. Bob: Yeah you need to seizure harder man. You gotta thrash the fuck outta them. Mark: I’m gonna, I’m gonna thrash the fuck outta them right about… noW! 😀 Woah, I missed! D: Never mind! *Mark’s grunts of effort* God, I’m thrashing so hard! Ethan: I feel like I’m killing all the sharks, Wade. I can’t carry the team! *Everyone laughing at Ethan’s pain* Wade: We noticed Look at the score Bob (mocking): “I can’t carry the team” 😀 I feel like Ethan has some pretty strong opinions about how your contributions are going, Wade. Ethan: Yeah, Wade. *ethan’s sounds of despair* Mark: Jesus. Wade: Just ’cause I don’t get the final hit on half of these things doesn’t mean I’m not helpin’>:| Mark: Yeah, I like– Yeah, keep it up, Yeah, uh, Ethan, what else has Wade done to wrong you in this department? Ethan: Yea– AAAHHHHHH HAHAHAHAH Bob: God dammit Ethan: OH GOD Bob: I fucking missed Wade and went and got stupid Ethan>:( Mark: Hey, I got two! Bob: Nice Ethan: I appreciate you finishing me off because I was just like a half-dead body swimming in the water. Bob: You should come hang out with me Mark: Yeah, you guys should go get treasureee~ Ethan: Treasureeee 🙂 Mark: Treasure, treasure, treasure
Bob: Yeah Bob: Collect all the trea-see-yer Wade: Ahhh~! Ethan: Oh, there he is! Wow, you’re f– you’re FAST!! OW!! D:😮 Mark (mocking): “I’ve- I’ve shaht!” Bob: Hey, I shat at you
Ethan: I shat a few times in my life>:/ Mark: Alright, just be careful, Bob Be careful, be wise, be wise Bob: That’s not wise, I change my mind Mark: Word to the wise Bob: This is unwise ethan: oh ~ D: *intense focus* ethan: uh hello? mark: where are youuu~ Ethan: Ooh! There you are! Everyone: Hahahaha
Ethan: Okay! Hi! Mark: That worked. That worked. That was good, Bob. That was good. bob: The double distraction? Mark: Yeah-ha-ha-ha Once they were looking away, it was much easier Bob: Where ya at, bitches? Mark: Yeah, where you guys at? Bob: Where ya at bitch-bagz? B) Ethan: Uh, Being out in the open water– OHHH-KAY Mark and Bob: Hahahahaa Mark: Being out in the open was a bad idea *Ethan laughing* Ethan: It was like, oh, fucking scary
Bob: God dammit Bob: I can’t fucking hit anything, I suck! I suck so hard
Ethan (mocking): “Sahck!” Bob: I fahckin sahck cahck!
Mark: I sahck! I sahck cahck! Wade: Its okay, Bob
Ethan: I sahck cahck…! Wade: We know.. Bob: Mark is carrying me Its okay. Mark: No, its cool Bob, you’re doing great You just gotta believe in the heart of the you 🙂 Ethan: I found a totem 😀 Bob: I believe in the heart of my boob
Ethan about his totem: Oh yeah! :DDD Mark: Ye-yeah, thats it, yeah, thats it Bob: No, nothing’s happening, it’s fine Mark: Yeah, nothing’s happening Wade: Yeah, I think were fine I don’t know what you’re talking about Bob: No one is breaking anything, so, don’t worry. Ethan: I’m not so sure Bob: Just continue doing whatever it is that you were doing currently, and its fine. Ethan: Oh, I’ve got a plaaAAANNN I don’t have a plan! That plan was not working
Bob: What?! Bob: WHAT?! “What,” I say? Mark: Ahhh! Yes!! Ethan: Ahh>:o Ethan: Ahh>:o Mark: Oh shIT God dammit Bob: Ha-hah!
Ethan: Fuck, fuck, fuck! Where did he go? Mark: Ah :/ Get ’em Get ’em, get ’em, Bob They’re outta tickets, they’re outta tickets We gotta go, go, go! Go, go get ’em! (x100) *mark saying get ’em over and over. everyone’s got their own noises.* Bob: I’ma goin’ ! *Mark sounds of defeat* Bob: God dammit! Ethan: WE WON! 😀 Bob: I spawn so far away! D: *Ethan being happy :)*
Wade: Thank you so much for carrying us! Mark: Look at how much carrying Ethan did! *Everyone laughing at Ethan’s “helping”* Mark: Is your back sore from all that? Are you okay?! Ethan: Whew, I did some he-eavy lifting! Wade: Yeah, I don’t know what I would’ve done if Ethan wasn’t carrying us! Mark: Yeah, man, I’m– You’re sweating ain’t cha? *Cocky* Ethan: You’re welcome, Wade! :DDD Wade: At least he’s had 28 deaths! Ethan: Sorry guys, I–I gotta go I gotta go take a shower ’cause I am SWEATY from all that! Wade: you can do us four against two hard bot sharks if we’re allowed to pick. Mark: We…. I think we can I-I can select diver…
Ethan: Sounds good. Wade: Yeah, I think if we all select diver.. How do you do that? Mark: If you go to private match– Everyone on diver? Everyone: Yup Mark: Okay Aaaaand, boop Ethan: Wait– Hold on– Wait Uh– fuck, I had some things… come.. about
Mark: Woah, ‘kay cancel Ethan: Wait- What’re you….? *Everybody “Oh Ethan”ing* Ethan: a thing popped up! Bob: Come on Ethan: Uh, where do I go to select– Mark: “Private match”; “Play”, “Private Match” Mark: You– Are you– Okay.. Wade: Use four bars that say: Quick Match, Match-Making, Private Match, and Tutorial on the left side of the screen once you click the big “Play” button on top. Ethan: That’s not here ;___; Mark: Whaddya mean “its– Bob: You have to go back to the Main Menu Ethan, click “Return to menu” Ethan: Oh wait– No, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it
Mark: Oh wait, yeah Mark: What’re you doing? Bob: God dammit, Jesus Christ
Ethan: No, I got it Mark: Alright, are you diver? Ethan: Uh *Another one of his Ethan Giggles* Passive Wade: Click private match, click the big diver picture. Bob: GET YOUR ACNE OUT OF YOUR EARS T_T *Mark and Ethan laughing* aND GO– LEFT! *Mark and Ethan continuing dying of laughter* Bob: god damn… 🙂 ethan & mark: *laughter* Wade: I don’t want to be *inaudible* here but, diver’s actually on the right. *More laughter* *MORE laughter. i think they’re going insane* Mark: I’m sorry, I’m okay. Okay, alright, everyone’s diver, right? [more laughter] Ethan: I think so Mark: Hey cool, it worked
Bob: Yay, it worked! Wade: Yay… Mark: We’re gonna die aren’t we? We’re gonna die. Wade: Yeah 😀 Bob: Nah, we’re fine. Mark: So, hard bots are bad. Right? Wade: If that’s like the highest difficulty, I remember them, yeah. Mark: Yeah, uh, I think it is. Oh..kay. Bob: I just wanna fuck one of them–
Ethan: This is a little less spooky… one of those sharks. Ethan: … its not as dark. Mark: You– you’re not supposed to fuck the shark. Bob: No, yeah, we’re s’posed to fuck them, right ?? Mark: No. NO. Bob: We’re supposed to fuck ‘n kill ’em. Mark: Yeah, fucking KILL ’em.. Oh not fuck AND kill ’em, fuck𝐢𝐧𝐠 kill ’em [why are they like this] Ethan: No, not fuck them to death.. that’s not… Wade: Screw ’em! Bob: I mean I was like, “how do you even do that to a shark?” but, I guess that makes more sense Ethan: Have you been doing that the WHOLE time? Mark: Yeah! Bob: Yeah Ethan: Have you just been fucking the sharks? Bob: That– Is that wrong? Mark: Ye-yeah, actually Wade: Not if it feels right. Mark: I mean even if it feels right– I– I’m– the logistics
Bob: It doesn’t really 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐥 right, Bob: but, I just thought that was the whole thing we were here doing. *EVERYONE YELLING* Bob: Holy fucking shit! OH MY GOD. Ethan: JESUS CHRIST! Mark: WOA-AAY-AY-AY Okay! Alright! Ethan: Don Walsh! Mark: I’M ALIVE! 😀 Ethan: murdered me.. *laughing* Wade: Ah, WHYYYYYYYYY! D: Mark: Oh-ho my God. :0 Ho-oly shit Ethan: I love the name of the shark: “Don Walsh” *Ethan laughing* Mark: “Don Walsh”? *while laughing* Wade: What about the other one like, “Jacques Cousteau” or whatever? Ethan: Look at the name of the shark!
Mark: Oh my God Bob: Oh God, its here! Its heRE! Oh, for fucks sake! Ethan: WHOA :0 God damn! Mark: Holy shIIIIIIIIt! Okay, got one of them. Jesus– WO-HOAH FACKING FUCK D: Bob: They never fucking go away! *Wade screaming in the background* Mark: No they do not! Ethan: Was it Don? Was it Don that killed you? Bob: Wuh– Uh– wuh.. I just spawned! It killed me in spawn!>:[ Wade: Yeah
Mark: Woah..! Mark: Okayyy IIII– Mark: FUCKING FUCK
Ethan: Where are they? Bob: Oh God– I just spawned, and it’s right there! Ethan: Guys, I think we’re a little in over our heads– Mark: No, no, no Just– everybody focus, everybody just stick together don’t go on your own.
Ethan: Okay.. We got this
Ethan: Okay Mark: Keep dodgin’. Dodge around. Dodge– AAHHHHH FAAAAAK! Ethan: BOB USE YOUR “FUCKING” TECHNIQUE!
Bob: OH ITS NOT DEAD! ITS NOT DEAD! Ethan: Oh, its dead, okay
Bob: I shot ’em! Mark: Ay yi yi, yi Okay.. Ethan: Bob, are you using your “fucking” technique?
Mark: I’ll try to re– Ethan: Is it working? Mark: Yeah
Ethan: It doesn’t Bob: This is totally different,
Ethan: seem to be working this is completely different than its been so far– Ethan: OOH, GOD DAMMIT (x3) Mark: So, when you were fucking ’em– Bob: –I GOTCHA! Oh.. no, I didn’t save you, he killed you. Calm Mark: *trying to ask his question* When you were fucking ’em before..
Wade: Why is S.T.E.V.E. so far away?! Bob: oh, oH, OH, 𝐎𝐇 Mark: So–
Bob: Can someone kill Don Walsh Wade: OOAHHHH, WHAT HAPPENED? [Inaudible screaming from Wade] Wade: OHHHHH!
Mark: WOAH! I damaged it, where THE FUCK DID IT GO?! Its right in front of me– OH MY GOD Oh my god! (x3) Its dead, its dead, its dead.. Wade: They already have upgraded the Great White Bob: Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh Mark: I don’t know where you guys are, I have lost everybody ._. Bob: I’m by S.T.E.V.E., come to S.T.E.V.E Ethan: I’m by S.T.E.V.E, too. Mark: Okay. Wade: Yeah, we’re all by S.T.E.V.E. Bob: Is anyone else actually collecting gold? Mark: Yeah I am, I am
Bob: ‘Cause I– so far I’m not Mark: I am Bob: Oh, who’s fucking bleeding? T_T Mark, you’re bleeding Mark: Sorry.
Bob: Get away from me. Ethan: Get out of here! Mark: Heh “Get outta here, bleeder!>:(” Ethan: Swim into the open ocean, but don’t be near us! 🙂 Mark: Guys, I just want a friendly hug It’ll make me feel better :’)
Bob: Oh, GOD! IT’S ON ME! IT’S ON ME! IT’S ON ME! IT’S ON ME! Mark: See? Not 𝐦𝐲 fault. B| Not 𝐦𝐲 fault, guys. Ethan: Mark, if you look to your left, you see where you can see nothing, swim in 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐭 direction. Mark: No, guys, I’m fine — *wait for it* You guys are just– *gets eaten right as he talks* AAHHHHH!!! D:😀 Mark: Oh, we have the same gun. That’s awesome. Mark: Okay, alright, okay, alright, okay… I’m gonna back into a corner,. It’s probably the best strategy right now. Ethan: Oh~.. Where are they? Mark: ♫ where are they? ♫ ♫ I’m so scared now ♫ D: Ethan: ♫ I’m so scared ♫ Bob: They’re not at this main door, I’m watching it. Ethan: There’s a bunch ‘a treasure up here Bob: Got my night-vision scope on; I’m watchin’ it. Bob: They’re comin’ in. They’re comin’ in. Front door, front door. Mark: I see him, I see him, I see him. Bob: Gotcha, bitch! Gotcha, bitch! 😀 Mark: Oh! Mark: Where’s the other one? Where’s the other one? Bob: Oh the other one’s inside– inside– INSIDE. Mark: Alright, its dead (x4) Ethan: Got him I’m sniping from above Mark: Good, good, good, good. That’s good. That’s good. We’re doin’ great. Bob: I’m gonna keep watching out here, with my night vision. Mark: I got my 10-spear gun. Ethan: OH! God dammit! THEY’RE HERE! BOB: THEY’RE COMIN’ (x2) ABOVE (x3) Mark: Ohh, God. Mark: I SEE HIM. Bob: I HIT HIM. HIT HIM AGAIN. HIT HIM AGAIN. Mark: AHH! Awww, FUCK! D::0 Mark: …you got it. Mark: Only one more stop, and then.. the walk back. Wade:Nooooooooooo! [Everybody’s “Ohhh”s and “Lol”s] Bob: Jesus Christ… Mark: Oh, fuck
Ethan: WELL! Mark: WOW! Ethan: The sharks won by a lot! Mark: Well, Ethan! [Ethan laughs] Oh my god– Ethan: I– I carried us guys! 😀 twice? In *ONE* day? How– Ethan: Yeah we–we’re, uh.. we-we’re almost there because of *ME*, but, Wade, and Bob, and Mark, *YOU* guys fucked it all up 😀 Mark: Wade really fucked it up at the end there, like, we were all watching. No one has the assists, that you do.. Ethan. NO ONE. *laughter* Wade: Nobody had the spray that you had! Not a one *laughing* [Mark’s awesome outro music: Crazy La Paint]

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  1. Y'all do know you can't choose who mark plays with he can play a game with any one of his friends and you can't control that it's like other people saying you can't be friends with your best friend and if you hate Ethan then keep it to yourself cause at least he doesn't criticize you for what you do and how you look and so what if he has acne you probably have it to and you try to make him feel bad thats just sad so stop hating Ethan cause if you keep hating karma s gonna turn around and bite you in the @$$

  2. Teacher: "What is the power-house of the cell?"
    Me: "Mitochondria"
    Teacher: "Im sorry I didn't quite hear you."


  3. You know, the goblin shark is a really good shark, cause you can create a decoy to distract the divers so that they shoot it, and then you can attack them.

  4. I like everybody's voice but the guy in the bottom left corner with the green hair I do not like his voice

  5. I love how bob is the only one with the green screen. no one else cant have one cuz they yell to much 😀

  6. Read the title, and this came to mind:

    "We're all sharks now, in the ocean
    We're all sharks now, in the ocean
    There's lots of pretty, pretty ones,
    That wanna eat you whole
    But all the pretty, pretty ones,
    Leave you alone, so you get out alive
    We're all sharks now, in the ocean
    We're all sharks now, in the ocean

    They love you, when you're in, in the water,
    When you're not, then they love, another.
    They love you, when you're under the water,

    When you're not, then they love, another."

  7. Mark:"Stick together, guys, don't go out on your own."
    Also Mark 10 seconds later: Collecting gold away from everyone else.


    12:28 wade is just sitting there, while Mark, bob, and Ethan are just laughing.

  9. Bob,Its a sperm joke. Well I bet that 99% of kids watching this yeah they're going to be asking their parents questions about that

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    5 seconds later
    Ethan:Ahhh!!! Ok. We're not gonna be fine

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    :Mark and Ethan die of laughter:
    I love Mark’s laugh it’s hilarious X3
    Edit: yes I like my own comment -^-

  14. Bobby Boy – “Get your acne out of your ears and go left!”

    Ethan and Mark- Starts Laughing

    Me- “Here. Take some Q-tips before you play”

  15. Hi mark it me from the future I play depth to and there is a update to depth with new sharks you should check it out

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  17. Ethan: I'm having a fun time just pushing this shark corpse along

  18. I had to look up Ethan’s age, and apparently he’s just a baby faced, pure, 21yo (in this video). I officially love him. As a kindred, baby faced and youthful young-adult, I love and appreciate him.

  19. Feck all o ya hating on ethan, I think we can agree that the dear leader JIM PICKENS even supports Ethan wich means that you should too!!!

  20. 13:15 Let's not give the sharks death by Snu Snu okay? That's something you don't want. Mostly because you as divers would just straight up die.

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    Ethan is a serious cutie!! UwU…

    Wade is a MOOD!! lol…

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  23. I love Ethan, i feel like his channel deserves so much more respect than it gets, he's adorable and a really great creator but people just say he copies Sean which is not true, I love them both and don't prefer one over the other

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