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my fascination with whale shark started
at a pretty early age I remember having a book when I was younger that depicted
the diagram of a whale shark and a kid snorkeling next to it oh and also a
school bus to show the incredible size of the animal as I read about the fish
being a gentle giant can harmless to humans it instilled in my mind always a
desire to see the animal with my own eyes ladies and gentlemen of the
Internet this video is a passion project of mine and I hope that you take what
you’ve seen in this video to heart the objective is not the steer your opinion
about whale shark tourism in the Philippines but it is to provide you
with information working alongside the amazing brands that helped put this
video together we want to document the journey to see this magnificent creature
in the wild as this is my first time ever creating a video like this I hope
you all walk away with a newfound appreciation and a sense of education
for the blue ton ding ladies and gentlemen welcome to Don Saul here in
the Bicol region of the Philippines today we are going swimming with whale
sharks here in dun soul you have the ability to pay to rent out a boat to go
look for whale sharks it’s about a three-hour tour so that’s what we’re
about to do so in a minute we’re gonna show you guys the process of boarding
that boat and we’re gonna head out and actually go see the whale sharks and
because we’re fishing for a wild whale sharks there is a chance that we’re
gonna walk out on this without seeing them that’s kind of the beauty behind
this there’s no guaranteed sighting so ladies and gentlemen we are back with
the pals Moshe I’m Moshe and Borka hi Borka this has
been a big passion project for me and Borka to put this video together so
we’re going to head off to the kind of dive center that they lead on these
tours and we’ll be checking in and beginning our tour now hopefully we’ll
getting off of the boat with just the three of us because that’s what we kind
of want very private organizing hello good morning so this is kind of
the center where you have to check-in we’ve been given a pen and paper to
write down our information for the booth 10 being torn that’s actually how you
say well shark in Filipino and we’re just filling out all our information
right now alright so we just finished renting our buffs so now you also have
to watch an informational video on the whale shark experience before you go so
the informational video just ended I just wanted to read you guys off some
notes that I took about the video some of the rules they have here is that they
only have 30 boats maximum in the water as well there’s only six people allowed
on a boat to avoid congestion of people in the water so it’s very like sought
after and looked after that there’s not a lot of people in the water getting too
close the rules are we have to keep a distance of 4 meters from the whale
sharks at all the time we can’t touch or ride them we can’t block their path
there’s only five minutes allowed per interaction with a whale shark they
honed on the fact that it’s a privilege and responsibility and they are helping
out the local communities here by doing it here the respectful and ethical way
so they’re now going ahead in the water and hopefully see some well sharks okay
so we’re just getting some fins geared up right now so we can get prepared for
the water this is our guide hi Joseph how are you as I’ve just been assigned
our guide it is important to note from the report so we’ve been hearing around
the area and nobody’s seen them in the last few days because it’s been rainy
weather but this is the first sunny day since we arrived here we’ve actually
been in the Bicol Region for quite a few days now we’re just being led out to the
beach right now seems like there’s a pretty big group in front of us we’re
gonna try to get in the water before should have mentioned the time we’re
doing this pretty early in the morning it’s like 8 a.m. you start the whole
process of the registration know that at like 7:30 we’re heading off right now to
the boats this will be the beginning of hopefully an epic journey this is our
bunka awesome good morning so welcome to the Philippines an
archipelago paradise full of incredible flora and fauna across the over 7,000
islands you can find a countless number of really amazing land and sea dwelling
animals from monitor lizards to saltwater crocs and the beautiful
dolphins and sea turtles there is one animal that has captivated the heart of
many travelers and locals of the Philippines this animal is the whale
shark also known in Filipino as the Boonton B whale sharks are an absolutely
marvelous ocean creature the largest in fact yep you heard me right the whale
shark is the largest fish in our oceans and seas there’s no wonder why people
rush to have an interaction with them they are truly mind-blowing
whale sharks can be found in many locations across the globe anywhere from
Mexico to Indonesia Australia Africa and even parts of the Middle East but one
place in the world where whale sharks have become a staple for any visit to
the country is the Philippines to add further context in this video we thought
it would be smart to show you one the scale of this country to the different
locations where whale sharks are found 3 the options that you have when it comes
to interactions and for the cost of the different locations so let’s begin shall we
currently there are three locations in the Philippines with frequent whale
shark sightings both in season and out to other locations experienced
infrequent but growing numbers of whale sharks passing through those areas
giving us five potential whale shark sighting locations it is important to
note that whale shark migration patterns are not fully understood by the
scientific community and it is safe to assume that these animals travel vast
distances through the oceans as they’ve been seen as far north as Taiwan and as
far south as Indonesia the first of the locations we’re going to talk about is
Honda Bay near the city of Puerto Princesa on the island of
this season in this location last from April to November and the tour takes you
searching for whale sharks in the waters of Honda Bay this adventure will run you
about 1,800 Filipino pesos or $35 us information on the specific tour is hard
to find online and I actually haven’t heard about any of this until I started
doing research for this video moving on our second location is the
island of Bohol from what I’ve read there aren’t any formal tour operators
there and sightings are very rare but they do happen the locations where I’ve
heard about the most sightings are by the town of unda okay now that those two
are out of the way let’s talk about three locations where whale sharks are
very prevalent Southern Leyte ah slob in Cebu and dun soul in the Bicol Region
Southern Leyte seems like the ultimate experience when it comes to seeing a
wheelchair visitors are very scarce and the location is being used as a serious
Research Center for scientists to study these animals and actually when joining
a tour later there are always scientists there on the boat with you which can
make later the most informational experience of them all the tour leaves
from the town of Padre Pio’s which if you see on the map is very close to the
island of Bohol and Cebu the price of a boat in Leyte is nine thousand filipino
pesos which is about $175 u.s. and they will leave with a minimum of two people
this is the most expensive but also the most wild option of them all next we
move to the island of Cebu the town of Oslo to be exact this whale shark
experience is riddled with controversy and is by far the most popular place to
engage with whale shark tourism in the Philippines and maybe even the world to
briefly touch on it whale sharks here are fed in order to
keep them closer to the beach of the town of Oslo this tour is about 1,000
Filipino pesos or $20 u.s. and sightings are guaranteed year-round no matter the
season the environment has beautiful crystal-clear water but tons of tourists
numbers of guests are estimated to be in the thousands per day as tourists both
local and foreign line up from the early hours of the morning to paddle out about
60 feet from shore to swim with the giant fish we won’t talk too much about
Ozlem right now but it’s important to note that this location has been a
serious red flag for scientists sending whale sharks whale sharks here are
frequently seen with cuts and scrapes around their mouths and bodies from over
interaction with people and lastly we move on to the town of done Seoul in the
Bicol Region of the island of luzon about a 12 hour drive or 1 hour flight
from the capital of the Philippines Manila Don Sola is the place where whale
shark tours were born in the and they have gotten it right besides
being a huge help to local communities which used to rely mostly on fishing
there is now a booming ecotourism industry in this tiny coastal town whale
sharks are plastered everywhere here with countless restaurants dive centers
hotels and bars having names including the word whale shark or gluten ding in
done soul you have options quite a few actually tours that our government run
or privately owned our hearts were set with a company called fun dive Asia led
by Bobby Don souls first dive master and head of the whale shark Association of
Don’s oh these people knew the spots and were super professional and efficient
the cost for a whale shark experience with fun dive Asia is about 1,500
Filipino pesos or $30 u.s. and if you want to scuba dive with both whale
sharks and manta rays it’ll run you about 4,000 Filipino pesos or 80 US
dollars so now that we’ve covered all these locations let’s dive back to a
first day out on the water searching for the blue tempting thank you sir sonic
boom all right we have boarded the bunka I love that it’s just the three of us on
here it is a little more expensive to do it just like us because if you feel the
boat actually gets a lot cheaper but three of us have board and ready to go
yeah was racing some whale sharks those very seasoned whale sharks let’s do it
who’s ready to see some whale sharks doing getting skin
but this time we cannot give you 100% assurance of a whale shark doesn’t get
to we’re getting ready to jump in when they
when they say it’s time to jump in we have our spotter up here he’s hanging
out at the top looking for whale sharks and hopefully we’ll see some a good time I don’t know how well you can hear me
right now the kiss of the wind but we’re about in how we’re in zero sights of
whale sharks at the moment I don’t think any of the other boats have seen them
either or stayed hopeful but nothing so far
so we’re two hours in still no signs of a whale shark nobody spotted one of the
boats that we’re on and get a little less hopeful but maybe it
won’t spawn something all right desperate times come for desperate
measures that’s not how the saying goes but we’re gonna move on we’re gonna get
a drone up in the air Boras drone right now hopefully help us spot a whale shark
so we’re hoping for all right go we got one hour left
get us a whale shark Barca we’re gonna take advantage of this last
hour to really aggressively search for them we’re coming up with nothing right
now or close up in the air I’m standing on the front of the ship that hopefully
helps try spotting a little bit but these things are very elusive animals
and usually when you see them it doesn’t last for a long time so hopefully
hopefully we’ll get a little inch ling of one thank you sir thank you so that
is that’s departing our bunka and defeat we saw zero whale sharks we’re try
number one we are going to try this again tomorrow but this time we’re gonna
wait for a group to come back so we have at least confirmation that they sell
whale sharks let’s see if we can make this happen let’s bounce to tomorrow all
right so it has now actually been a full two days since we last spoke bright and
early in the morning again at 6 a.m. back here on Don Souls Beach here’s the
deal we have learned a lot in the past two days all about whale sharks more
things that I could put right now on this bit of the video because we’re
about to head out and go try to find them again but the reason that has been
2 days since we’ve gone to check is because yesterday there were zero
sightings out here the only confirmed sightings of whale sharks we’ve heard
about is buy an island culty cow island there are tours that leave from here
from Don sole the head out into the waters over there they leave this Bay
but the same community of whale sharks also spreads out all the way over there
and so a group of divers had spotted from not wrong 3 whale sharks underwater
when they were scuba diving and then for whale sharks at the surface when they
went out and so what we’ve organized today is a very different approach than
what we thought about essentially today’s a free ball we’re going to be
taking in all the adventure out to Tikal Island we’re not gonna actually set foot
on the island but Bora and Daphne Daphne actually flew in last night from Manila
they’re going to be scuba diving while Moshe and I are going to be snorkeling
we’re gonna be hitting up three different spots by Tikal Island one is
San Miguel Island and then two of them are called lamentable as it heads up why
there’s a chance that the aren’t any whale sharks went up from what we’re
understanding from locals they don’t like the volcano erupting I don’t know
if I mentioned this yet in this video but the my own volcano is just behind me
over there you can’t see it right now but it has been erupting for the last
month and a half and animals tend to feel things that humans cannot maybe
being underwater something with the tectonic plates or the shaking of the
ground the shaking has caused disruption in the whale
sharks patterns but they are not hanging on this area anymore it’s been like six
or seven full days now with zero sightings and this is supposed to be the
beginning of the season for whale sharks and before the eruption they were seeing
tons of them for what we’ve been told we know they’re out there we know that
people have seen them recently so we’re gonna head out there today and let’s see
what happens thank you sir alright guys we made it to the beach
good morning this is our crew for the day morning
oh yeah motion Borka and Daphne flew in specially for this and today we’re
working with fun dive Asia they are a company out here that does this tour the
scuba diving tour out to see the manta rays and the whale sharks and
essentially we’re partnering up with them they’re gonna be taking us out and
you’re gonna be meeting Bobby soon which is the first dive master and all of them
so he is like the og guy here he kind of started it up here and I will be sitting
down with him talking about the whale sharks he kind of he’s head of the whale
shark Association here a minute we’ll be heading into the water heading off of
this adventure as our first our searching past the
feeling that we wouldn’t see a whale shark started to settle and again the
shores of DK island were beautiful and full of life
we saw sea snakes and dolphins and tons of fish Bobby and his crew did a very
good job keeping our morale up and let’s say before every dive now you searched
for the whale shark so the divers jumped in what’s happening right now is that
these scuba divers are jumping in the water they’re standing at their site to
go see if they can see the whale sharks underwater much more fine Daphne are
gonna be right over there that’s a dive master and we were gonna hightail it right now
to can find some wildcards and now it was just the snorklers four of us and
two guides we started our search for the booth ending on the surface I think the
beautiful thing about searching for whale sharks is that it makes you
appreciate the size of our seas you think the largest fish in our oceans
would be easy to spot but no we were told to prepare ourselves on the edge of
the boat and be ready to jump in at a moment’s notice
suddenly a fin was seen from afar our crew began shuffling and the boat turned
in the opposite direction the four of us anxiously waiting to make the plunge
five minutes go by ten minutes twenty an eternity when you are in the littoral
edge of your seat it felt as if our one chance to see this magnificent animal
had come and gone but with a serious glare on our crews face we noticed
something had changed our guides yelled at us to prepare ourselves we hang off
the boats edge this was the moment we had been waiting for nothing can quite prepare you for the
size and scale of oil charm I’ve been on Safari and have stood mere feet away
from giant African elephants water buffalo and even giraffes but nothing
can compare to being in the water with a giant whale shark this thing was huge we
all watched in amazement as it circled us completely on bothered by our
presence filtering plankton from the surface through its enormous mouth and
spilling the excess water through its mammoth-sized gills
this whale shark was so big its dorsal fin was causing waves to splash over me
when it surfaced above the water it was absolutely unreal to be swimming
with the world’s largest fish so we’ve just arrived back from this
whole whale shark experience fun dive Asia absolutely killed it they have been
an amazing sponsor to this video which finally saw a whale shark guys we have a
lot of things to talk about obviously this videos not over this thing is a
whole whole research bin in itself but we are going to call it a day for today
alrighty so it’s now been two days since we first saw the whale sharks I want to
say a big thank you to fund that Vasia because they are the ones who hosted us
on this whale shark tour and they knew where to go the guides were really
really nice they’re really awesome so I’m really happy with the experience
overall I will say it was very hard to keep up with it because it was super
fast luckily it was doing the same route around us it was just going in circles
around us so you could kind of predict the where it was gonna go but keeping up
with it was a bit difficult because it swam so fast and the current was very
tough and the clarity of the water because the water isn’t as clear because
there’s plankton in it one of the coolest things has been learning about
how this whale shark is helping local communities here and so now we’re gonna
head back to Manila and we’re gonna do some more research on
this whale shark okay so now that we’re back in Manila it’s time to dig into why
us love has stolen the show when it comes to whale shark tourism is that the
price is it the location well my friend Mimi actually has the firsthand
experience from the whale shark center in those low so I thought it would be a
good idea to call her up and ask her how things went in Cebu Mimi we finally got
you yeah okay so I’ve brought you here to ask you a
few questions and regarding to the Ocelot whale shark experience mm-hmm
first and foremost first of all if you could introduce yourself who you are
what you do alright so my name is Nene and I’m a travel videos just like the
wonderful town and but I’m a little bit smaller but I love to travel and
I love to just record videos and share my experiences online so when it comes
to the whale shark experience before we dig in and kind of ask you about it how
did you first hear about the the whole you know effect that you could go swim
with whale sharks in the Philippines and Cebu specifically in Oslo how did you
hear about it from another travel bloggers and Christian LeBlanc or lost
live long is his channel name and I’ve been watching his videos for a while and
I see wow that sounds really cool because I have never done anything like
this before and I don’t know how to dive like scuba diving so I thought that
might be a cool like compromise to do you know so that is when I first heard
about it and we just took it into our travel plan my friend and I and we
decided to give it a go okay so maybe now what I want you to do is I
want you to essentially break it down for us explain to us it’s the day of the
whale shark experience just narrate essentially the story for us of what
that day was like okay so basically they told us the best time to go there it’s
early in the morning because there aren’t a lot of tourists yet and the
animals haven’t been fed as much so there will still be a lot of whale
sharks around so they told us we should be there around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. so we
did that we hopped on a tricycle and we went there and we basically paid 1000
Filipino pesos which is about $19 and for the experience itself and then you
have I don’t know if you have to but I think most of them do it like that that
you have to enter through a kind of resort and to walk through that resort
you pay another 100 pesos which is about $2 and then you get there and they put
you in in groups and then they sit you down they give you a little bit of
instruction how to behave around the animals
what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed to do and then they
also tell you a little bit about the work that they do and that there are
marine biologists who take care of the animals and they make sure that
everything is safe and that the animals are safe you basically wait at the beach
because there are so many people I honestly that that was the first thing
that shocks me when I got there I saw that so many people and boats going in
and out and in and out that was like how how does that even work for the animals
you know constantly being around so many people and then we got on the boat and
then they they go out maybe I don’t know what it was maybe 50 meters to the ocean
and then they’re constantly feeding the the whale sharks that is how they keep
them around probably so you see them throwing in food into the water
constantly and there is an incredibly disgusting smell you you get into the
water you basically have half an hour the weird thing is what they said in the
beginning that you’re not allowed to touch the fish of course which is
totally understandable but the problem is they are everything is so close
together there are so many boats and so many people and then they feed the fish
like right out of the boat sometimes I got touched by the whale shark even
though I was trying to to get back you feel kind of like you’re in a zoo and
yeah that’s basically you get in the end of half an hour you are surrounded by
other tourists and people and they’re just constantly eating after half an
hour you get on the boat again you go out if there are any masses of other
tourists coming in with their boats so yeah it’s not a very nice experience to
be honest and I even must tell you honestly I would be recommended I also
told that so my viewers in my vlog that I wouldn’t recommend go in there if you
guys don’t know actually time to plug this in me me actually made a whole
video on this as well she kind of had a video from the day so make sure you
check that out in the description below without obviously fiddling on it too
much would you do this no no everybody you wouldn’t do that
again no I really wouldn’t because I after the whole experience I felt kind
of bad because I wish that I got more information beforehand because if I knew
what I know now I wouldn’t have gone there and I wouldn’t have invested money
in that kind of business and you can feel free to deny this if you don’t want
to if you don’t want to say or anything but do you personally have any change
that you would like to see or if there’s a way that you would like this to be
done in the future is there any input you want to put on that the Philippines
is an awesome country and I actually I really really love the cities and the
people and everything it’s amazing but I think it would just be so much better if
they in some areas would learn to take care of the beautiful place that they
have because if they keep going the way they do in some areas it might not last
forever you know what things can can break nature you can destroy nature if
you don’t treat it well so I just really hope that they would take better care of
the beautiful nature they have because it really has something unique and so
beautiful and I would hope yeah I would like to think any would still be there
in five years or ten years you know me me thank you so much this was fantastic
this thank you so much after doing extensive research about the whale shark
interactions across the Philippines I think it’s relatively easy for me to
draw conclusion as to why Oslo he’s so popular compared to southern
leyte it or don’t salt on a practical level Leyte is more expensive so we can
kind of push it to the side for now when it comes to don’t so Lars love things
get a little fuzzy when you put the two options side by side you realize that
for one seeing whale sharks and don’t salt is cheaper by a fair bit of money
actually as long as you can load up six people on a boat which shouldn’t be too
hard to do seeing whale sharks and Don Souls Bay is
actually cheaper if we want to argue locations sake well Manila and and Seoul
are only an hour apart by flight shorter than flying to Cebu and there are no
shortage of things to do in the Bicol Region so now that price and location
are out of the way what’s next well you could argue viral tourism promotion etc
etc I think what it really comes down to is
guarantee a guarantee that you’ll see a whale shark but nothing in nature is
guaranteed and this video is a testament to that and if you go to us log sure ten
times out of ten you’ll see a bunch of whale sharks right off the shore and
it’s super easy to do it’ll only cost you about twenty dollars so it’s easy
for you to get inspired by browsing the internet seen countless blogs vlogs and
Instagram posts showing amazing pictures and videos of people on vacation
enjoying the awesome animals but if we take this thing at face value for what
it really is the animals are getting hurt and if you go there have gone there
or are planning on going there you have contributed to that the main argument
that I’ve heard from many of my Filipino viewers defending Oslo is that the
fishermen there rely on the whale shark tourism for an income and if that goes
away they’ll just start hunting whale sharks I’m not sure what the exact
solution is to protect the animals in Oslo but I know that our latter option
does not need to be to kill them they don’t do that in don’t Seoul and it
doesn’t need to happen in Cebu at the beginning of this video I told you I
don’t want to sway your opinion on whale shark tourism in the Philippines and I
don’t but I did want to present to you the information in one clean concise and
organized package at this point I would like for you to draw your own
conclusions and decide what you think about this whole industry I’d like to
take a moment again to say thank you to the amazing brands who supported me on
this venture to make this video happen Sekai & co custom motorcycle tours
through the Philippines this would not have been possible without them maybe
this happened they organized the whole shindig and as well the countless
footage and pictures I got from boar clan Daphne who let me use their footage
in this documentary this would not have been possible without you for fun dive
Asia thank you so so much for bringing us into the water with this amazing
animal thank you for knowing where to go for
being super professional and being super helpful through the whole process for
that we love you so much we’d like to thank spittle as well spit
o stick that’s the stick I was using kind of my stick underwater that I can
press a button and have it switch everywhere they have been awesome in
supporting this video as well so we thank you so much for that
without these awesome companies this video would not have been possible by
myself I’m going to continue learning about this amazing animal and I’d like
to do a follow-up on this video someday in the future for those of you who are
avid viewers of mine I’d like for you to tell me how I did what did you think of
this whole video what did you like it was enough for you please let me know
down below for your new guys please subscribe and turn on that notification
button so you get notifications for me when my new videos come out I assure you
I don’t think my future videos will be like this at
least not for a while but they give me a shot because I’m a cool guy your
Filipino word of the day today is Boonton Bing which obviously means whale
shark in Filipino we’ve covered that about 40 times in this video and with
that I’m gonna say goodbye I love you long time class and I’ll see you in the
next video goodbye you

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  13. Mimi is 100% correct. about Oslob. We Filipinos are not planner, not organizer. We don't improve the process. Many tourist areas are not well maintained. Another problem is local officials , many are not well educated, so they have no clue or idea how and what to do with their town to make it nice and well maintained. Just look at Boracay. It is on the verge of being close due to poor environmental concerns and poor planning. This is should not happen in the first place. Solution: Bring in professional consultants and planners for assistance. It's more fun in the Philippines, but it is also more chaotic in the Philippines.

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    I'm torn on wale, wale shark & ocean tourism in general. I think it can provide much needed education. But, when done incorrectly, can do more harm than good. There's a huge problem here off the coast of BC (Canada) regarding wale tourism and the effect it has on the mammals (not going to get into it).
    Seeing your experience was quite moving. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Thank you for this very informative vlog.
    I went to Donsol for Butanding encounter last May 2009. I swam about 3 different whale sharks and i was so amazed by these gentle and harmless giant!! So, beautiful creatures.
    I hope Oslob lgu would stop feeding these gentle giants and learned from Donsol!

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    you might wanna do a docu. on all those in the future as well, since you did this one

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    Ill pray that this video will reach as message to our government our beloved they will take action bout this matter

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  30. I'm was born in Balagtas, Bulacan. I joined the US Navy and now I live in Brooklyn, New York. My family is all over the Philippines & I return to the islands regularly and I am well connected. Your efforts are well intended but real change is only going to come from political legislation and criminalizing some of the bad behavior in the whale shark tours. Other than that the abuse of whale sharks will continue because even law enforcement is getting paid off to look the other way from tour companies. And corruption in the Philippines is worse in the Cebu, Visaya, Visayan areas. There! I said it! Putang Ina Mo!

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    nevertheless, great video, man. good to have this out there so people are informed and can form their own opinions. wish you could come back to the Philippines and cover more of the country, Tal.

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    Two things why Donsol is a better choice to experience the whaleshark: 16:00

    1. IT'S THE NATURE THAT STANDS OUT. One reason why we all love to travel, to appreciate the beauty of nature.
    -"The beautiful thing about searching for whalesharks is that it makes you appreciate the size of our seas, you think the largest fish in our oceans would be easy to spot, but no."

    2. PRICELESS MOMENT AND EXCITEMENT. Pictures are perfect souvenirs, but experience are lot more special.
    -โ€œThe four of us anxiously waiting to make the plunge, five minutes go by, ten minutes, twentyโ€ฆ and eternity when you are in a littoral edge of your seat, it felt as if our one chance to see this magnificent animal had come and gone butโ€ฆ with a serious glare on our crews face, we noticed something had change, our guides yelled us to prepare ourselves, we hang off the boats edgeโ€ฆTHIS WAS THE MOMENT WE HAD BEEN WAITING FOR!โ€

  45. My comment might be a little late but it has always been on my bucket list to swim with whale sharks. (I'm a Filipino btw) Last 2017, we had the opportunity to swim with them at Oslob Cebu. Watching your video made me realize something. When I got the chance to swim with them, after that I felt something uneasy and something I'm not too proud about… I usually get a happy feeling whenever something on my bucket list has been accomplished (like going to disneyland), but it felt half meant. Thank you for helping me realize what this tiny hole is all about in my head with regards to swimming with the whale sharks. Been enjoying your videos of the Philippines! keep it up!

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  47. I've been to Oslob many times. My in-laws live there Barangay Bonbon. The experience is what I would consider a once in a lifetime experience.

  48. Oslob is a terrible place to do this. I tried to go there in 2018 but due to the lightning and rain and the ridiculous amount of people (out of control). The tour guide told us the lightning wouldn't hurts us…..hmmm. We left rather quickly. However, I had an opportunity to do this in La Paz, Mexico. I'm glad I waited. They have a much better management/conservancy program for these animals. Only 6 persons/tourists on a boat, 2 ppl allowed plus your guide to swim along for 5 to 10 minutes after which you switch with another 2 tourist. If another boat is there, the captains talk to each other and give turns so everyone can have turns. Limited number of boats allowed on sea and a patrol boat goes around to check boat permits and how much time they have spent there. The whale shark is a protected/respected species in the waters of La Paz. It was one of my best experiences and would recommend La Paz for this. Thanks for posting this video. It's good info for those seeking to have this experience.

  49. @TheTravelingClatt your a truly AMAZING man. An AMAZING educator. ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™โ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅโœจ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ‘€

  50. @TheTravelingClatt I'm a new viewer and I'm truly inspired in so many ways from your examples. Your truly are AMAZING๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘‘โ˜๐Ÿ’š thank you for helping me realize so many changes us as individuals should make to make this planet a better place. ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ™โœจ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ‘

  51. I did a whale shark swim in Australia and the way you were swimming next to it would never be allowed for me in Australia. At Ningaloo reef, they told us no one is allowed 4m proximity to the shark, no one is allowed to swim under it, above it, or infront of it. The closest to his mouth that you can get is a meter behind. They spot them via airplanes and only 10 people are allowed to swim with it, limited to 5min per interaction. If I did what you did as in approaching it – front forward or swimming more than 3-4m next to it, I would not be allowed to do another swim. Basically, they tell you you should not do anything that would disrupt its natural behaviour. It is super strict. We had an hour lesson on how to behave.ย 

    BUT also costs 400 AUD.

  52. Here from my cousinโ€™s podcast, The Anaks Podcast! My friends and I will be traveling to Cebu next week. Seeing the whale sharks was part of one of the packages we purchase and Iโ€™m glad I got I learn more about this before heading there. Thanks for putting together this awesome informative video!

  53. Sounds like this is a cool company to go with, my current aim is to get my scuba licence and dive with Whale Sharks for my 35th birthday (a while a way still 2022) and I want to find a place which is not detrimental to the sharks but also is affordable for me. How did you plan your trip, do you need to book in advance or do you just set aside however many days in the area and book when you get there? I've always loved whale sharks and saw them at Osaka aquarium in 2017, and this year I'm getting a tattoo on my back of one (I have a number of sea themed tattoos already).

  54. Thank you for this. Certain things need to be protected not just for the future of my home country's tourism but because it is the right thing to do. I would love to catch sight of these giants but not in the environment of Oslob. Glad to know there is a much healthier and whale shark friendlier option

  55. cool nu work vids, yea interestin;, its well known mammals get stressed but with the world in trouble(bigger co2 extraction machines.safefffe means more fish/look it up, lets say with have coke can tech and we need bigger coke cans for more extraction for more people and pollution ). it is said that places could grow trees with benefits and bee colonies so maybe they could grow more trees??? and beeees???? two solutions of 4 issues; i'd ike to work with you, bransons in on it, i'm the ideas guy who likes film etc, realllllll solutions, big c02 extraxtion for biggg pollutiion! NOW!!!!!! or else

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