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What Does Omega-3 Fish Oil Do? The Benefits of Antler Farms New Zealand Fish Oil by Thomas DeLauer

What Does Omega-3 Fish Oil Do? The Benefits of Antler Farms New Zealand Fish Oil by Thomas DeLauer

It’s Thomas DeLauer with Antler Farms. And today we’re talking about Omega-3s and
fish oil. We’re talking about what they really do in
the body and how you can start sourcing the right kind of Omega-3s and how you can understand
what truly is in an Omega-3 product. Because they’re not all created equal. See, first off I want to talk about the three
main reasons that Omega-3s are exceptionally beneficial for your body. And these are things that are going to make
you quite happy because they’re things I think all of us want. The first one is of course your brain health. Okay, significant improvements in brain health
when Omega-3s are consumed. And this simply has to do with the fact that
it increases the fluidity of cell membranes. Okay, cell membranes are the actual outer
structure of a cell. And in the brain, it’s very important that
they’re fluid. If they’re not fluid, it makes it difficult
for cells to communicate with one another. For example, if you have a cell membrane that
is rigid, that is not fluid, it’s like a hard shell. It’s almost like an exoskeleton. It’s not receptive to signals. It’s not receptive to the electronic signals
that are coming from other cells, like communication of the neurotransmitters. You need that for your brain to function. Since Omega-3s contribute to the flexibility
of those membranes, they make it so the cells can communicate better and actually move throughout
the brain and give it more fluidity. This is exceptionally important. That communication is critical. Okay, then fat loss. Omega-3s are huge for fat loss. And not simply because they’re a healthy fat. You see what they do is they activate something
known as uncoupling protein 1. Uncoupling protein 1 signals our body to crank
up its body temperature. You see, it signals brown fat, which is the
good fat in our body, to trigger what is called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is exactly that, where our bodies
temperature is increasing and ultimately burning more fat. We have good fat and bad fat, white fat and
brown fat. Brown fat is the good fat. It’s the fat that gets our body temperature
up but it has to get activated and this uncoupling protein 1 activates it. But guess what? The fish oil activates more of the uncoupling
protein 1. Fish oil equals more uncoupling protein 1
equals more body temperature. Then we look at muscle growth. Okay. It actually has an effect on MTOR. MTOR is also known as mechanistic target of
rapamycin and it’s been getting a lot of publicity lately because it truly is the light switch
that flips on protein synthesis. Without MTOR, protein doesn’t get utilized
to actually build muscle. And it’s been found that Omega-3s actually
trigger more production of MTOR. Therefore leading to more protein being synthesized
and ultimately building more muscle. Let’s talk about fish oil, though because
it’s not all sustainable and it’s not all equal. In this particular video, I want to talk about
the brand Antler Farms and their Omega-3. Okay. Antler Farms has gone above and beyond to
source the right kind of sustainable fish that are still going to give us the proper
ratio. You see, when it comes down to Omega-3s, there
are two different kinds of fats in there. Two different kinds of Omega-3s. We have EPA and we have DHA. EPA is good for modulating inflammation throughout
the course of the body. DHA is very, very good for brain health and
contributing to that cellular flexibility and the membrane flexibility that we want. We need the right ratio of the two. The problem is most fish oil supplements end
up having copious amounts of EPA and very little DHA, when the ideal ratio, in this
particular case, is going to be a three to two. Three being EPA and two being DHA. If that ratio’s off, you don’t really have
the best quality fish oil supplement. We want that ratio to be dead on. And that’s exactly why Antler Farms takes
care of all their business in New Zealand. You see, New Zealand has extremely strict
fish management processes. What this means that it’s the highest quality
fish but it’s also going to be the cleanest because New Zealand is such a pristine environment
and the waters are so clean, you don’t have nearly as many things like toxins. You don’t have nearly as many heavy metals. You don’t nearly as many PCBs. All these things that are contributing to
making a lot of the fish oils out there very, very unhealthy. This is critical and a big reason why Antler
Farms’ Omega-3 is such a powerful one. But I want to talk about the kinds of fish
that are used. Okay, the first one is Hoki, New Zealand Hoki. Now, New Zealand Hoki is a pretty amazing
fish in and of itself simply because it already has a really good ratio of EPA to DHA to begin
with. We’re already off to a great start. But, because of New Zealand’s processes, Hoki
can actually be traced all the way down to the vessel that it was caught on, the location
in which it was caught and the date in which it was caught. That makes it exceptionally powerful and very,
very cool when it comes down to knowing what you’re putting in your body. If we ever had to go back and look at a specific
date because there was something in question, we could actually source it and identify when
the Hoki was caught. The other thing is Hoki is very low on the
food chain. And this is a good thing. You see, Hoki predominately feeds on squid
and crustaceans. The lower something is down the food chain,
the less likely it is to be contaminated. As you get higher and higher up the food chain,
you start looking at some of the more predatory fish, they are consuming these other fish
that already have small amounts of toxins and as it goes up the food chain, more toxins
accumulate. Plus they also live for a very long period
of time, which means they’re swimming around the water absorbing toxins for a longer period
of time. But it also makes them much less sustainable. When we’re looking at smaller fish like this,
they’re very, very sustainable and they can be fished for a long period of time. They are not anywhere near endangered and
they populate very, very quickly. The other fish that is in the Antler Farms’
Omega-3 is the South Pacific Anchoveta. Also known as an anchovy. And these are fish off the coast of Chile. Now the cool thing about the Anchoveta is
that they’re very, very low on the food chain. They swim down to about 300 feet, so they’re
down nice and low so they’re in a little bit of a colder water. But they also feed on plankton. That means they don’t have any toxins in them
or very, very little. They’re very, very efficient fish that is
extremely, extremely healthy. But also, they populate very, very fast as
well. There are loads of them. There’s never going to be a sustainability
issue. That is the first thing that we are thinking
about, outside of health, is how long can we do this and can we keep the earth healthy. These Anchoveta are so sustainable, they actually
have a unique award. Something known as the Marine Stewardship
Council has given them an eco label, which means that they are certified as a very sustainable
fish. It’s not just something that I’m saying out
of the side of my mouth. It truly has been deemed to be a very, very
sustainable fish. Now let’s talk about the processing for a
second because this is important too. When you look at most fish oil products, they’re
not going through a squeaky clean process. You see, this is very, very important because
this is where you can actually get rid of all the toxins. You see, even clean fish are still going to
have a little bit of toxins. But if you have a state-of-the-art facility
like Antler Farms uses, you can actually get rid of the rest of the PCBs, get rid of any
traces of heavy metals and ultimately come out with a very concentrated, purified form
of Omega-3 that’s the perfect ratio. It’s in this facility that start to combine
the Hoki with the Anchoveta to get the very, very ideal ratio of Omega-3 EPA with Omega-3
DHA. Now lastly, we add a little bit of vitamin
E to make sure that there’s an antioxidant effect. Because the last thing you want is fish oil
to go rancid. Fish oil is a relatively unstable fat. But if you add Omega-3 to it, you get the
high potency antioxidants of Omega-3 that are going to make it so it can combat a little
bit more of the oxidant stress that naturally occurs, even when it’s in a bottle. Now you have an understanding of how Omega-3s
work. You have a general breakdown of EPA, a general
breakdown of DHA. But also, sustainability and why it’s so important,
not just for the long-term but also for your health. Make sure you check out Antler Farms’ Omega-3. And as always, keep it locked in here with
Antler Farms. See you soon.

24 comments on “What Does Omega-3 Fish Oil Do? The Benefits of Antler Farms New Zealand Fish Oil by Thomas DeLauer

  1. If the fish oil gives me fishy after taste, does that mean it has gone bad ? Or is it normal that it gives a fishy aftertaste ? It doesn’t give fishy aftertaste for more than 5-10 minutes after consumption though

  2. Hi Thomas, Christopher Walker is saying fish oil pills are now bad for you. Please see his video let us know your thoughts. Too much conflicting opinions on youtube. He says the fish oils end up oxidized or rancid?

  3. You're talking about a company not the product itself, and the science behind it. I still like this video I just wish you would talk more about the health benefits not just the company

  4. i am muslim and not allowed to take non halal gelatin(pig source ingredient),i usually use oil Nutra sea one spoon daily ,it comes with different tastes like mango,apple,
    it helps me lot,my skin gets brighter, reduced my back pain, my stamina is getting better,i am not feeling heavy tiredness,my eyes are out of dryness and glaze, most important is helps me with tiredness of brain muscles,better resistance with light and noise,dispersal of thoughts and anxiety,improves my mobility of body muscles.if anyone also have restriction of gelatin, it is a right choice,no fishy taste,no back burb.

  5. Most kiwis are probably wasting their money on that Go Healthy brand crap. Every supplement that wears their sticker is horse manure. We are such a small market that it doesn't matter. Kiwis will keep their village mentality about what wonders it did for aunt Ethel, and fall for subjective anecdote. Bird brains need some DHA.

  6. 6:45 "But if you add omega-3 to it" Was supposed to say "Vitamin E" lol informitive vid tho. Thanks for going the extra mile for sustainability Antler Farms. Will check you out.

  7. What do you think about emulsified omegas 3s? I’ve read they are better absorbed in your body. I take Apex Energetics Emulsified Omega 3.

  8. Muy peligroso. MERCURIO escondido. Aunque no lo saben, la forma de purificarlo no elimina, sino intensifica el mercurio porque se lo convierte en una forma orgánica más peligroso. Leer Anthony William.

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