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What is Fish Entrainment? – Ask Game and Fish

What is Fish Entrainment? – Ask Game and Fish

Hi this is Nick Scribner our statewide fish
passage coordinator based out of Lander, Wyoming. Fish entrainment is essentially the loss of
fish whenever people divert their streams, creeks, or rivers and it creates the opportunity
for fish to follow that flow of diverted water and become entrained. So, what generally happens is that trout and
other fish, they move into irrigation systems resulting in fish being diverted into fields
or becoming stranded and dying. The Game and Fish works to alleviate this
by installing fish screens or other bypass structures on some water sources around the
state and this provides fish a chance to continue their movement up and down streams freely,
thereby conserving the resource for anglers without loss of irrigation water to ag producers
and other uses.

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