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What Is Illegal Fishing? | A Cartoon Crash Course

What Is Illegal Fishing? | A Cartoon Crash Course

Illegal fishing. Maybe you’ve done this
before on a small scale. But large-scale illegal fishing refers to criminals using massive
vessels to steal tons of fish from the ocean. This can include exceeding a quota, fishing
without a license, forging or doctoring licenses, using banned gear, or breaking any number
of other fisheries laws. Worldwide, experts estimate that 1 in 5 wild
caught marine fish is taken outside the law. That adds up to 1800 pounds of stolen fish
a second! Illegal fishing makes it really hard to estimate
fish populations, which makes it difficult to manage fisheries and keep our oceans healthy. It also damages marine ecosystems and is unfair
to law abiding fishermen who play by the rules. In some places, illegal fishing causes fisheries
to collapse, threatening the food supply for millions of coastal residents around the world. There you go!

9 comments on “What Is Illegal Fishing? | A Cartoon Crash Course

  1. I think that the amount of pounds of fish that criminals steal from the sea is underestimated. It is a current challenge for researchers, to estimate the real impact of the illegal fishing for the marine environment. In my opinion, one of the critical point that affect the illegal fishing activities, (without forget the economic sector) is a cultural problem. Indeed, people usually can not understand the impact of local and global fishing activities on the environment and, furthermore on life. Videos like this may be able to fill the gap between the current cultural approach to fishing activities and the sustainable use of resources. Congrats.

  2. so sad someday i want to become a marine biologist. Also people kill sharks and they are endangered species of shark.
    Even though Sharks only kill about 10 people a year. SO SAD

  3. Much more than 20% of fish caught are illegal. It out of site out of mind for groups like PEW & WWF. Not hard to debate its well over 50% of fish are IUU catch.

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