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What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

What Is The Best Cooking Oil? coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil vs vegetable oil vs butter

Hello and welcome to shopping with Dr.
Ekberg. I’m just going to talk a little bit about oils today. So for the last 50
years all we have ever heard is that saturated fats are bad and all the
unsaturated fats are good. Well it’s not quite that simple. The other thing we’ve
heard is that vegetable fats are good and animal fats are bad, and that’s not
true either. What is true is natural fats are good for you and processed fats are
bad for you. Another distinction we want to make when it comes to oils is the
ratio of omega-3 to omega-6s. Omega-3 oils are truly vegetable oils. Those are
anti-inflammatory whereas omega-6 oils are pro-inflammatory and all the oils that we typically call vegetable oils are actually not vegetable oils. They’re seed oils and grain oils such as soy, corn, and canola.
Those are not vegetables they are omega-6 oils and therefore pro-inflammatory.
So we want to base our consumption on vegetable which means
things like avocado and olive. Another great choice is a coconut oil because
even though it is saturated it is extremely healthy. It contains, a very
large, as much as 60% of short chain fatty acids that are excellent sources
of energy and that create no inflammation at all. So this would be the
worst of the worst this is what they call a vegetable but it’s actually made
from beans and then it’s shortening which means that they have had hydrogenated it. This is pure poison it is right up there with pesticides and heavy
metals in terms of toxicity. It screws up your cell membranes interfering with everything in your body. Then we have the second worst which is
extremely cheap highly processed soybean oil. We want to definitely stay away the
pro-inflammatory and they’re not really good for anything. Same thing with corn oil extremely highly processed. Corn oil has to be
extracted with solvents. It tastes terrible so they have to bleach it and
take every form of nutrients and flavor out of it before they can use it. And
that’s why these things are so cheap. Then we have something called vegetable
oil and then when we look what it is we see soybeans so again it’s not a vegetable oil. It’s a from a legume. And canola same
thing it’s not the vegetable oil it’s an omega-6 oil.
Now here we come to one of my marginal oils this is what I use to make mayonnaise
and I make my own mayonnaise because I want something that is light
and flavor but that’s not an omega-6 oil. So even though this is not the best I
wouldn’t consider it a super healthy it’s also not a terrible choice. It is an
omega-3 oil but it is also processed to some degree. That’s why I use it in
moderation but I wouldn’t consider it for cooking or eating on a regular basis. And then we get to the good stuff
so here is extra virgin olive oil. This is a good choice, and the only thing that
we want that is better is to make sure that it’s organic. And you will spend a
couple of dollars more for organic but this is still an incredibly inexpensive
foods. You get thousands of calories. You have 15,000 calories approximately in
one of these bottles for $15 so it’s not going to break your budget. So you want
to spend a few dollars more on getting a high-quality oil because toxins and
pesticides and hormones are fat soluble, so anything that you eat a concentrated
source of fat is also going to have a concentrated source of toxins. So get the
purest you can spend a little bit more and again this is still very very inexpensive. And here we go with coconut oil which is
the most heat stable healthy oil there is. So for all your cooking as much as
possible You want to use coconut oil. It’s an
excellent choice cook your vegetables in it use coconut oil. And what we don’t
see here is the other good fat is butter. But you want to make sure that it is
grass-fed because if the cows have that grass they have a healthy ratio between
omega-3s and omega-6s. Whereas if they’re corn-fed like most of them are then
they’re gonna have a much higher ratio of omega-6 S which is pro-inflammatory. So I hope this health… hope this helps check out our future videos and our
other videos on fat, and we will talk more about these things

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  1. In New Zealand we have the "Good Oil", a cold-pressed rapeseed oil very useful for high-temperature cooking. Would you be able to share your thoughts on this one? Coconut oil excluded, I go by the rule that an oil must be in a dark glass bottle for me to buy it. Whereas vegetable oils (canola, corn, soybean) are quite useful for car care; they give the tires a nice shiny finish.

  2. My wife and I were able to get off our statins and blood thinners when we switched from Canola and table salt to virgin coconut oil and Himalayan salt.
    And I really get such energy boost drinking organic coffee with 2 tbsp coconut oil before my exercise

  3. Organic Italian Olive oil, organic Coconut oil, organic walnut oil– all ONLY IN GLASS BOTTLES, and all once opened,-REFRIGERATED!! The only amount left at room temp would have to be used in 7 days.

    That is ALL anyone needs to know. Period.

    The only other oil "fat" possibly to use would be organic unsalted Butter( primarily because of taste or certain recipes).

    These are the only "oils" anyone should use. Period. Any other info is marketing and profit incentively based. Period.

  4. I prefer in dark glass bottle. What are your thoughts on the theory that all Olive Oil is oxidized due to Oxygen in the bottle? I saw a video and my jaw was dropped.

  5. Very good video. Spoken simply with clear slow speach. And mention of CALORIES. Food is a fuel. It burns money. Buy CALORIES PER DOLLAR folks. Buy OIL.

    I use virgin olive for cold food, coconut oil 4hot. Or making chocolate. (Diatomaceous earth chalk carries flavor.)
    Bible calls well oiled dishes food of kings.
    1gallon olive oil is all I would need 2sirvive anywhere in grid down scenerio. In north winter I would fry tree buds, acorns, &game. Wild greens and all foods are sweetened bcuz oil high temps transform starch 2sugar. &WILD greens are horrendous 2survive on boiled. Fried, they are like candy and CALORIE PACKED.

  6. A lot of olive oil in US fake. adulterated with other cheap oils. Even the big names. Try the great olive oil scandal.

  7. Hi there Dr. Ekberg! 🙂 My family and I love watching your videos! What are your thoughts on Ghee and flaxseed oil for cooking oil? Keep up the brilliant content!

  8. That olive oil would be about $30 here on St. Croix but I use it because it’s cheaper than coconut oil. I save coconut oil for my shakes and smokies

  9. Finally, someone to break down why these oils are good and bad for me…I am getting older in age… I need to know what is better for my body…
    Thank you…
    I am a new subscriber…

  10. I shop in Costco too and I buy the olive oil that you skipped.. you introduced the extra virgin one but skipped the cheaper one (the two connected bottle one). Can you please let me know if that one is bad? The extra virgin one is a little pricy so I was hoping the less expensive olive oil would work the same. 😢😥😥

  11. Typically, I try buy California local produce olive oil and stay away from import olive oil. Organic grass fed Ghee is another Excellent choice.

  12. I love love love this video because I'm definitely sure what to buy because I buy everything at Costco. Thank you Doctor. Gid bless you.

  13. Fantastic video! I've been looking for some good quality oil content for a while now and finally found it! Thank you so much for the info!

  14. When the body is in ketisis level , wate is the value of both glucose and ketons in blood to be
    balance ?
    For example, 1.5 – is ketons , what should be the blood sugar value ? are it must be 0 ?
    Thanks for your answer !

  15. Thanks for the advice will buy healthy oil from now on. I mean seriously they are making false advertising by saying vegetable oil. Wtf

  16. What do you think about the following: Trusted brand, organic and cold-pressed sunflower oil, stored/bought in a dark glass container and used to make mayonnaise? The only things that come to mind as a disadvantage is the high amount of omega 6 fatty acids as well as the omega 6/3 ratio. Heat would be irrelevant in this context and oxidation minimal as I am considering low low amounts of mayonnaise at a time (likely consumed on the spot). Could you please let me know if I am missing something important? Thank you.

  17. Dr. Ekberg, you mentioned that avocado oil is a good source of omega 3 but didn't mention whether olive oil is a good source of omega 3. Is it? Thanks!

  18. What about Grape seed oil? You did not mention that one at all, I've been cooking with both Grapeseed oil and Avocado oils. Is Grapeseed oil a healthy oil to cook with? 🤷

  19. My mom only uses Mazola oil I only use Avocado oil and Olive oil but mostly I use olive oil I told my mother to use Olive oil she says the price is too much

  20. What about baby oil ? No but seriously I think you are doing the world a good service knowing nutritional facts science and self knowledge equals a longer heathier happier life younger I never cared much until I had a child now knowledge is an investment of our future and you my brava are an amazing vessel of knowledge!

  21. Avocado oil has a smoke point of 500 degreesF and he doesn’t recommend cooking with it, and it is not very nutritious😳😳! ?? Avocado oil is pressed out of avocados and Avocados are a healthy nutritious food😳😳😳.

  22. Hello Doc,happy to watch another video on OILS…its me ,again Rosie Jaan,..after following your tips,I am happy that I use Coconut oil that to Extra Virgin cold pressed ,and I'll continue doing so…thanks once again..GOD BLESS 😊

  23. Hi Dr Ekberg, thank you very much for your very informative videos!!
    About oil I have a question : How can I find out the amounts of omega 3 and 6 in oils. For example … we also have argan oil and pistache oil. We love them very much and would lile to know the omega amounts of them.
    Greetings from Germany😊

  24. would cold pressed avocado be in the same category ? I thought cold presed was the same thing as virgin or least processed oil..

  25. Hey, doc! What's your opinion on mustard oil? It's been used for centuries in India Rome and greece..its just cold-pressed mustard seeds oil..

  26. How about for pizza dough, if it's mixed w flour; is a 450 degree smoke point w the coconut oil be an issue in a 470 degree oven?

  27. Great video it’s nice to see a video with somebody that knows what they’re talking about and tells the truth. The American Heart Association will tell you exactly the opposite.

  28. HI.





  29. But we can't find virgin olive oil anymore now. It's all fake. They mix it with canola oil, corn oil and others. Virgin coconut oil is the right choice for now. I've been using it for 3 months now. It works very well. My bloating disappeared, and my blood test result was great.

  30. Thank you for the video. I'm fighting gout and this information is valuable to me. I appreciate the time you put in to marking these videos

  31. A lot of the cheap olive oil is not really actually olive oil, can be high % vegetable oils added. I’ve gone to only olive oil from a quality supplier that specializes in olive oils and high end balsamic vinegar. Gone to higher quality mct oil too.

  32. The problem with olive oil is that it's the oil that's most mixed with other, cheaper oils. It's very rare to find true, pure olive oil nowadays, unfortunately.

  33. Entire coastal region of south India (currently a quarter billion population) have been using Coconut oil for centuries. During 1990-2000s a non- internet-age; a massive mis-information campaign was started by learned and medical professionals saying that Coconut oil is bad for health and causes heart attack when compared to refined oils. This coincided with arrival of several MNC companies selling Sunflower oil and Vegetable oil. Thanks for recommending Coconut oil.

  34. Hello Dr.ekberg.. is coconut oil safe for long term use for daily cooking? Is it not harmful as it contain maximum saturated fat?

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