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What Is The Thermo Fisher Cloud? – Ask TaqMan #33

What Is The Thermo Fisher Cloud? – Ask TaqMan #33

Have you ever had problems accessing or analyzing your data? Sometimes it can be a real headache, with data stored in various places, and everyone
using a different program for analysis. It’s so hard to keep track! Well, I have good news
for you! Let me tell you about the new Thermo Fisher Cloud and Applied Biosystems Analysis Modules which help make those problems a thing of the past. Thermo Fisher Cloud and the Applied Biosystems
Analysis Modules are a Cloud platform for storage and analysis modules for scientific
computing and cloud based analysis, respectively. I’ll going to tell you a little about the
benefits of these new systems and how they can improve your research.
Thermo Fisher Cloud is a cloud based Scientific computing analysis platform in which the Applied
Biosystems Analysis Modules live. The modules available include Relative Quantitation, Genotyping, Standard Curve, and Design & Analysis application. Thermo Fisher Cloud is a unique offering for
scientific research, with many advantages. Get ready to set your research free!! You
are no longer tied down to any particular computer; A PC or Mac with a compatible web-browser will allow you to simply log onto Thermo Fisher Cloud and access your data. And it’s not just easy access for yourself, but easy to share with colleagues. Using Thermo Fisher Cloud
makes collaboration a breeze. Thermo Fisher Cloud makes it easy to get started. Simply register your email address at the Thermo Fisher Cloud. Everyone will have a
minimum of 10 GB of free storage space and depending on your instrument, more storage
is available. You can store a lot of projects in there! And if you need more, additional
storage is also available for purchase. Concerned about data security? Have no fear! Thermo Fisher Cloud is built on Amazon Web Services data center which has achieved SSAE
16 certification and has published a Service Organization Control 1 report. You can find more information on our secure data management with Amazon Web Services at this link. Once you log into Thermo Fisher Cloud, you will have access to the Applied Biosystems Analysis Modules. These offer the great advantage of a uniform analysis package that can be accessed by any user with a Thermo Fisher Cloud account. The Analysis Modules are easy to access, with no need to mess with bothersome license keys
or registration codes. Also, since you aren’t installing anything, you never have to be worried about updating software or installing new patches.
Finally, there is speed!! The Applied Biosystems Analysis Modules, operating off of the power of Amazon servers, allow for fast analysis speeds even when dealing with large data sets. SO there you have it.
Easy to use platform One secure place to store, share and manage
your data One secure place to monitor and manage your
instruments. Ease of use and Access
Fast and powerful Data analysis And all of this – in one place, If you’ve got more qPCR or digital PCR questions,
remember, just ask TaqMan. Submit your question at and subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this I’ll see you next time.

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