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What is Turmeric Extract and Why it is Good for you by Wild Foods Co

What is Turmeric Extract and Why it is Good for you by Wild Foods Co

– What’s up Wildlings. Colin Stuckert,
founder/CEO of WildFoodsCo. And I’m going to talk
to you real quick today about Wild Tumeric Extract. One of my go-to daily
supplements that I take on a daily basis. This is a tumeric extract,
so it has the Curcumin, which is the heavily
researched cancer fighting, inflammation fighting,
just all around awesome ingredient that you find in Turmeric, which is why y’all got that yellow color. Because it’s extracted,
you’re getting a lot of that Curcumin which if you
were to eat regular Turmeric, while it is a good spice,
and it’s good for you, it still has a lot of benefits. You’re not getting as much of the Curcumin because like lets say in
a pound Turmeric powder, like raw organic Turmeric powder, even though it’s got like a
three percent Curcumin amount, that’s very small amount. It’s just like a little bit
of grams for a whole pound, and you would have to eat a pound of it just to get that little
bit of three percent for the Curcumin to get all those cancer fighting properties. At least from that ingredient, right. So the active ingredient
in turmeric is an extract of that Curcumin. It’s like basic concentration
of that three percent into a more bioavailable concentrated form that you can take in a pill form and get those benefits immediately, right. And so the Black Pepper
actually helps with the uptake of the Curcumin, the
absorption in your body. And so it’s got a Bioperine
Black Pepper extract. It also has actual organic Turmeric. So you do get some of the
benefits of the whole spice. And then it’s got the Turmeric extract, which is a 95% Curcuminoids
standardized to contain. And then it’s got a
just a vegetable capsule and then a brown rice
concentrate again to help with absorption and the
capsulation of the ingredient. This is just one of my go too’s. I take it everyday, I take
it with Wild Fish oil. And Jaime, who works for
WildFoods, my sister. She actually takes this and
Wild CBD and Wild Fish oil anytime her cramps are becoming an issue. And watch some of her videos
on that because she’s basically talks about how they been a “life saver”. It’s good for general health. It’s good for very specific reasons. Like if you have a
headache, instead of taking all the crap that basically
destroy your gut bacteria, you know, the Tylenol’s,
the Advil’s, Ibuprofen’s, the Bayer’s, and all that nonsense. Go for some Wild Turmeric
and then stack it with something like Wild
Fish oil and a Wild CBD. Highly recommend it and
you can grab your bottle at Use code WILDC and get
12% off your entire order. Again about WildFoods, why
we do what we do, who we are? We believe in real food nutrition. So we’re going to take
the realest, rawest, pure ingredients as close
to nature as possible, and then produce them
for something like this, like a supplement and/or food. And the most integral way possible to keep those ingredients and the integrity of those ingredients intact. So that you can benefit from nature. And that’s why we do what we do. And that’s what we believe. And we’re on a mission to
try and help as many people as possible live a better life. Through better decisions in their food and everything from healthcare
and fitness and health. And just living a better
life that more in tune with their biology, which
is based on how we lived as hunter gatherers for
hundreds and thousands of years. So it’s the ancestral point-of-view. So the more you can live in
accordance with your genes, the more you can live the
way hunter gatherers did, the closer you can stay to nature, the better you’re gonna be. Thanks for watching. (pop music)

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