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You know I was thinking the gallery celebrates two years this month meaning that I’ve been filing taxes on this place for two years Which essentially means I also have two years of solid data. I know everything about how much everything costs the averages of everything I know exactly how much it costs for example to feed my fish today. I want to talk about that We’re gonna go through exactly what my fish eat in one day I also want to talk about cost but we’re also gonna spice it up a little bit and feed them something a little special and now in a past video we actually took a raw piece of shrimp and dropped it into a few of the tanks just to See what would happen. We’re gonna do that to a lot of Tanks. We’ve got two pounds of shrimp here now It’ll feed this every day because two pounds of shrimp where I’m from costs about fifteen to twenty dollars Canadian one of the easiest things you can do when feeding your fish is to use a Predetermined measuring device and for me, it’s just this tiny little Tupperware dish by Rubbermaid for the 375 gallon aquarium I fill this up halfway twice a day and offer to them They get a combination of veggie pellets as well as a cichlid pellet Which is more of an all-around fish food now at half-filled it weighs around 30 to 40 grams, depending on the combination Of which sizes I’m adding the smaller the pet pellet the more dense It’s going to be the more I can fit in the cup the heavier It’s going to be for example, they currently get some north fin now I Did a video in the past a little while ago where I unbox some fish foods and north fin happened to be one of them I even showed the receipt where I prove I paid for it and A lot of people went to Northland and attacked them saying they’re sponsoring me. They’re giving me free food, etc, etc That is 100% not the case I just like the food they’re Canadian and it was affordable and my fish enjoy it and I get great results on it Maybe I should get them to sponsor me So on average the three hundred and seventy five gallon gets up around 80 grams of food per day Which sounds like a lot and it is it is a tremendous amount of food But there’s a lot of fish in that tank and they’re only going to get bigger For example the first year of the aquarium gallery monthly out here including fill food electricity I use a ton of electricity in taxes land taxes It shorts all everything adds up Internet debt Internet that’s out here tremendous amount of things that add up the first year cost me an average of $1,300 a month to run it in the second year. It’s averaging out to be a little above 1,500 the fish are getting bigger It’s just costing more to feed them That’s really all it is when it comes to the hundred 20 gallon tanks on average They get about 15 grams of food Twice a day as well the bass being one of the funnest to feed because they attack it so well We’ll go from feeding those cichlid pellets that we fed the 375 and other times. I’ll give them like a Stick that is meant for arowana. They’ll enjoy that as well And then of course, I’ll give them some frozen or fresh foods like the shrimp. Tilapia scallops Whatever that whatever is available the theme of this video though is more of us focus on dry foods It’s a lot cheaper for me to feed dry than it is for me to feed fresh Even if I make it myself or do it yourself, it cost me a tremendous amount to continue to feed like that You’ll also notice that I’m only feeding five different types of food out here The trophy is get a varied diet as well for the most part They stick to the veggie diet, which is this stuff here But then I’ll also throw in some krill Every once in a while as well just to give them a little bit of meaty diet However, they are a vegetarian you do want to focus on vegetable matter for that type of fish now The average is 15 grams of food per tank twice a day. It can vary of course, especially with the bass There’s not many of them so they don’t get nearly as much but again, so that’s the average for each tank So if you hear me saying 15 to 30 grams or 30 grams total the day That’s the average some get a little more some get a little less then of course the wall root tank These guys will eat almost anything that I give them but they are Fish that leads towards being herbivores so they get a vegetable diet as well as a cichlid diet those guys Get a little bit of all three so they’ll get the Skrill the cichlid as well as the veggie, but these guys will also eat Frozen foods if I dice that up But so will the bass the bass will definitely eat a lot of frozen foods the angelfish are a different story Those guys can have a varied diet. So I keep them on one Based on the limited amount set of dry foods that I like to keep and the fact that I need to buy it by remember The first time I did that unboxing of unboxing all this food This is all new stuff. But with angelfish, you also have to take into account their size of their mouth So the one millimeter and the two millimeter Typically what I stick to feeding dry foods with so many fish has made everything out here so much easier I know that I can make my own food. I’ve done that in the past I’ve fed fish exclusively it especially when I was breeding discus I’ve had success breeding the front or raising the fry because I’ve had my own Do It Yourself foods? But to have so many different foods for so many different sizes of fish and having so many different sort of nutritional Requirements makes that extremely difficult to do the giant ker-rah me and the plecos that are in there. Well, he’s getting big so at times He downs some carnivore, which is these bigger pellets. He’ll eat some of the 3 millimeter cichlid pellets the pleco seem to like this the most And those are coniferous plecos in there, so they will eat this stuff And of course, he’ll eat the sticks as well But has a sweet tooth for shrimp and we’re gonna get to that in a moment We’re gonna feed some of these fish shrimp and they’ve never had it before the XO dawn tank I’ve been trying to get them off of the beef part because I don’t really want to have to make that all the time So I have been attempting to give them shrimp and other pellets, but it’s taking a while to get them They’re so good. Those guys get a lot of krill, which is high in protein and it happens to be 85% Atlantic krill and they seem to like it then of course the barbed tank that’s such an easy tank to feed but I had nothing But pellets here, so I stick to the one millimeter veggie pellets for these guys. They seem to enjoy it They are do a healthy that I still have the exact same amount that we started with which is mind-blowing for such a tiny fish Not losing any of them has been pretty awesome But these guys definitely enjoy the pellets I do find that the bigger guys will start eating it right away and the rest will sort of pick at it from the bottom of the tank as It softens up now the two thousand gallon most the time they get dry foods as well So, of course, they’ll get the arowana and the carnivore i’ll usually feed the Arowana first and they’ll get the floating sticks Although they will go after these bigger pellets as well but If I feed them the sticks first the pellets definitely get down to the stingrays as for the pond and the catfish Well, I can feed those guys to kitchen sink. They’ll eat absolutely everything in anything. But for the most part they do get the carnivore However, they’ll eat absolutely Anything I put in that and they are getting big fast The two thousand going gets around eighty grams of dry food twice a day Whereas the pond gets around thirty grams of dry food twice a day which means on average I’m feeding about 500 grams of dry food every day out here, which is About 50 grams more than a pound so over a pound of dry food every day and to summarize that a pound of dry food If I buy in bulk would cost anywhere from fifteen to thirty dollars and that’s every single day So just the food bill out here. It could be anywhere from 400 to around $800 a month So now we have two pounds of shrimp I want to see which tanks will eat it in which tanks won’t will they pick at it? Will they won’t will they not let’s go ahead and offer it to every tank and see what they do Of course, if they don’t need it, we’ll remove it. Let’s start with the 375 gallon aquarium. We know these guys will eat it Well, go ahead and drop a handful in there. See what happens Keep in mind we’re not gonna prepare it or cut it up. I think they’re going to go ahead and eat it now notice the tank is Pretty yellow but it is the white balance. Yeah, they are eating this Yep, but clan loads got one. Yeah, so they definitely eat this stuff up as you know If I cut it up dice it up, it’s just too expensive to do it every single day just adds up too much To fighting over it now the trophy is being a herbivore. I wonder if they would eat this Okay, so these guys got a piece looks like they’re actually eating it This is the trophy estanque So it doesn’t look like they’re gonna eat it. I waited a few minutes. It’s just playing back there I’ll take it out when we’re done here. Now the wall Roo. Let’s see if these guys will go after a chunk of this Let’s see what happens I know their mouths might be too small for it, but I’m pretty sure they’ll go ahead and rip it apart Oh Timmy one a little bit Timmy going after it get it Timmy Hmm go go go. Look at Timmy. No grow. Some of these guys are getting big aren’t it? This is the biggest guy Sexy little thing. Yeah, so they’re fighting over that whole hate now You know, it’s different. It’s okay to feed your fish things that they have to rip apart But you shouldn’t necessarily do it all the time You know can cause Stunting and whatnot simply because a lot of the fish are not gonna be as strong as some of the others look at this big Guy, you know the biggest is always Oh Timmy got a chunk Only the big guy in Timmy the biggest guy and little Timmy got a piece best friends forever Yes, so usually the biggest one will always get you know the meal so you want to make sure that the food can actually fit In their mouths, so everybody can eat All right, you want some you want this tell me for the giant craw me he’s getting big you get real big I love him. He loves me. He’s my spirit animal. Let’s go. I Don’t think his mouth is necessarily big enough but If he eats it the right way Why is he running from me? Oh If you go hide to eat you have an eating problem I Know he could eat it I know for a fact he could eat it because we fed him a full one before But he always surprises me with that like biggest mouth is versus How big the food is out there goes? Oh, there he goes How was that? My another one I’ll give him another one I wonder if he’ll swim around with this one in his mouth like a mustache again No, that was quick Just doing his mouth into his belly that’s it, bro That’s exactly how I eat as soon as I’ve discovered that I actually liked the way Celtic tastes Look what he did earlier knock down one of the trees that was silicone to the bottom. This is the second one We don’t have to get him a bigger tank here shortly But he’s not that he’s not that big. There’s 120 gallon. He’s doing just fine. Now the barb tank. This will be interesting So many tiny little fish. I’m pretty sure they’ll nibble at it, but we’ll see Did it get it guys get it get it get it oh, oh You a packet two miniature baby tiny miniscule piranha You guys know what none so this tanks still do a great absolutely beautiful a lot of the plants Uprooted here and they’re just floating I’ve just been leaving this tank alone letting it do its thing the strongest survives type of thing in it We’ll see what happens over time Yeah, it doesn’t look like they’re gonna eat too much of it But it also looks like many of them are starting to discover it down there And they’re pretty though So the EXO dogs, we know these guys are a meat-eater They will go after it, but they haven’t really had a sweet tooth for this type of stuff They like the meaty stuff more. So but there’s a few of them that will eat it They must be eating it because every time I drop one in It’s gone shortly after but they’re not as ferocious for this as they were for red meats They will eat it Until it’s gone You all growing a lot bigger as well I have no idea how old these guys are I would suggest probably close to a year maybe a little bit more So they’re getting two adults eyes, it’d be interesting to see if they breed how they do it if they do it but Yeah, love this tank Yeah, they’re eating it. I think the texture of it throws them off And they like the beef hurt more because they get ripped chunks off The angel tank. This will be interesting because their mouths are so tiny. I wonder if they’ll even pick at it Yeah, I don’t think they actually care Yep, they could not care less Maybe the rest borders will go after it. I’m scooting around on the bottom there now, of course The bass now. I know these guys are gonna eat it. But will they eat it at this size is a different story It’s kind of the size of a fish so I think the big guys will get it the little guys might not let’s see what happens here Oh, What’s going oh? Not just fitting in his mouth Wonderful Hey spit it out. There’s a biker in here. Look, he’s just sticking his tail out there. He’ll eat it These guys will eat it but it’s just stuff definitely gonna be a little smaller now Of course the 2000 we know these guys will eat it a big meal for them Will they eat all of it. Yeah a lot of big fish in here the Rays will eat it. They love it. Oh He’s got three in his mouth All the Rays wrote arowana Go go down and get a bite here and there What the Rays don’t eat? The Arowana will and vice versa saw looks like a lot but they’ll eat it Now the catfish, oh boy These guys are getting huge like really big the size of them They’re very sensitive they can feel a lot of I’m gonna turn the waves off here They can feel the vibrations of whatnot in the tank So when I come near it and I just touch the lid they’ll come out I’m gonna do is dump a little bit of the the juices in here. So they know they’re about to be fed That’s the little one coming and then the big guys behind him, but these guys are getting massive They’ll eat anything I give them Now if the lights are up I’ll come up to the top of the tank see the size difference between the two if the lights are off They’ll come up to the top of the tank and eat Like whiskers out it’s really weird. I’m just Gulpin that down here I’m just gonna give them a bunch And you just sucking them in No, no. No. This is why they grow so fast. They eat so much. I could do this almost all day long with them just keep dropping food in Get it bro Yeah, he’s gotta be pushing two feet Yeah, definitely 20 inches the big guy Remember they were they’re just tiny. So you want to get a red-tailed catfish. Do you? Uoe you promise? You’ll get a bigger tank. These guys crow enormous. You’ll be weighing 40 to 60 pounds in no time Jays Absolutely, incredible a lot of people want to get these big fish But don’t take into account how much it’s gonna cost to keep them Their food bill is extreme the cost of electricity to keep their massive tanks their initial setup costs Regardless of how much things you build it’s expensive. All right, so some of them ate the shrimp Some of them didn’t is just interesting to see what would happen with that said though I’m hope you guys enjoyed finding out exactly what my fish eaten one day and the costs associated with it It certainly should be a big eye-opener for people that want to start keeping especially the big fish Not only is it expensive to buy them? Build or buy their tanks set it all up the ongoing electrical cost to run it But their food bill could potentially be enormous and it when it comes to stingrays for example We’re gonna be doing that for 25 years 20 25 years So anyways, hope you guys enjoyed today’s video If you did, enjoy you’re not subscribed to this channel yet. Make sure you do so you do not miss any more

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