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What NEW Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market is like AFTER Toyosu MOVE | Street Food Gone!?

What NEW Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market is like AFTER Toyosu MOVE | Street Food Gone!?

where is everyone no I’m just joking so in this video I’m gonna show you guys what it’s like that’s easy market after the move so a lot of you guys have asked me in the skeezy fish market still here we’ll look behind me it still is this is the Joe guy which is the outside fish market and it’s still in full bloom the Joe Nightside where they actually do the auctions has moved to toyosu so this is the first time I’ve come here since the move which was two days ago I’ve heard that some of the shops have closed down and I’ve heard some of the shops are still here I don’t really know so I’m excited to show you guys what’s really going on here let’s do this after 83 long years on October 11th 2018 the world’s largest fish market Tsukiji has finally moved to Jo soo but luckily for us diehard street food lovers the outer part of the fish market remains intact and is as lively with people as ever all right so let’s first check out what’s still here so you guys can refer to my previous CET fish market video for my top recommendations kitsune is still here crab stick still here shumai still steaming the Mogu roast and they’re still here why don’t I take still here the oysters are still here the GU cuts are still frying you know they still fresh and the moody bun is here as you can see nothing’s really changed as far as the street food goes and I couldn’t stop by the skeezy Street food market with having one of my favorites the loonie bun look at that delicious treasure I’m so excited I’ve done this so many times that I get excited every time another creamy goodness inside it’s so good this is like my favorite steamed bun in the world if I had to choose one steam button so this would be it what’s nice is you have pune on top and then you also have unique cream on the bottom and the squid ink linen is the best all right let me just go see if i can still see the john Nightside from over here despite going around the outside of the market so this is the Johnny side right behind me as you can see it’s just all closed down and then just right there was like the oldest Yoshinoya ever and now it’s all gone unfortunately oh it’s so sad II like last time either here I filmed the intro just over there and we can’t even go there anymore and I found this new tuna skewer shop the shopkeeper will even flame broil the to know right after you place the order [Music] look how delicious that looks you just grilled it with a torch just now mmm you can smell the black pepper take our first bite oh wow the tuna meat is so tender and like the little strands and just come off wow that’s like been one of the softest guna ever had that’s so good like still has all of the oils better inside of the tuna and it just comes out in that first bite this shop is actually new as of this week and I didn’t know if I was gonna introduce it to you guys because I’ve actually had some grilled tuna before and it doesn’t come out so good it’s really like to try but then this is super moist and definitely worth a taste when you come here that’s so crazy he has full trays of dried squid and he just like keeps on putting more and more so after walking around it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of new shops that have come about after talking to some of the workers what they’ve told me is after the move two days ago there’s a lot of shops that have closed down but there’s not a lot of new shops that have come in their place that workers say that it may take another two three maybe four months for shops to fill in but in any case you guys can watch my previous skeezy fish market street food video I’ll leave a link in the description yeah I wish we could have just like seen more Street food but I’m still sticking to my top ten that we’ve had before so I’m actually having trouble finding a new shop to show you guys but let’s go to Toyota and check out what’s there maybe I can show you something over there instead so so yo sue fish market is about three kilometers away from ceg a 30 minute walk or a 10 minute ride by taxi it’s huge and it contains of three main buildings a wholesale fish market for merchants a fish market for intermediary buyers and a building for vegetables and fruits market look everyone’s here even the TV crews so as you can see even on the first day of the Toyo student market opening it’s quite busy but it seems like there’s more restaurants here than there’s actually street food spots in the other building I saw a lot of popular stores that were previously in the inner market like sushi dye it was a sushi from cuts of Oda Yasu and naka a curry most restaurants are in these two buildings and although the new shops look amazing and well-designed they just don’t feel like a part of history anymore so I’ve made it to the fifth floor of the roof and there’s nothing here but it’s just like a wide open space so weird I don’t know what you’re supposed to do here like you’re supposed just like run around or I guess if you get tired of the fish and like all the smells and stuff you just like come up here and get some fresh air huh whatever’s still pretty dope though check out this rooftop it’s all brass and you can see all of Tokyo just a beyond me there’s Tokyo Tower just right over there there’s Rainbow Bridge is just right over there wow this is the observation area so this is a little bit different than the skeezy fish market we’re on the second floor and they have glass here but you can actually see down into the auction before people view with you walking around and like walking through the auction itself but this time they have places where people can watch from the second floor it was quite dangerous before but this is like this is really like takes care of all the people walking through everything is so clean and sterile which is probably a good thing in terms of safety but it’s kind of just missing that raw experience of being right in the middle of the market when compared to the old one well that’s my opinion what do you guys think let me know in the comments all right as you guys can see the street food game that’s key deep fish market is still on point if you like this video help me out and hit that like button if you want to see more of my adventures in Tokyo or Japan if that’s a button in the belly button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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  1. Which Fish Market do you LIKE Better and Why? And don't worry, the Outer Market will remain past 2020 olympics! Here's my TOP 10 recommended Tsukiji street food spots –

  2. YESSSS thank you so much for the fast update!! I actually live in Tokyo and I haven't had the chance to check out what it is like now in Tsukiji, this was what I worried about the most regarding the Tsukiji relocation hahaha… the street food!!!

  3. Wow! The Uni Bun is still there! Thanks Paolo, I was among those who requested that this be visited after the move. Thanks man!

  4. Wow! My boyfriend and I took a trip to Japan very recently (got back Oct 6th), so I guess we JUST made it to the market before it moved. Although we were not allowed inside, at least we got a glimpse before it closed for good. Glad to see the street food stands are still open. Had some of our best seafood experiences there.

  5. Hi Paolo! I enjoy watching your videos and really thankful for your food recommendations. I especially liked the beef katsu in ichi ni san. Keep up the great work. 🙂

  6. Hi Paolo, i did saw u at Tsukiji Market but was too shy too even call u out for a photo… btw i miss Japan already!! Keep up the good video!

  7. Hey Paolo! I wanted to thank you for your videos. They helped me plan my vacation. I had so much fun in Japan. Keep up the good job!

  8. Paolo, I know you probably won't see this since you posted this vid a week ago, but can you provide an update on what the Tsukiji market looks like after a month or so?

  9. Thanks for making this video! I miss Tsukiji market so much and I’ve been to few places that you recommended on the previous Tsukiji video, it’s really great! I will definitely go and check out again! 😊😊

  10. Hi Paolo, I just wanted to ask if you do this on top of a day job? You must work so hard If you do! If not, is this channel a main source of income? Many thanks!!

  11. This just makes me sad. I know it was done for legitimate reasons and concerns about safety and hygiene, but it feels like a part of Tokyo's soul has left. Toyosu looks exactly like any other department store in Japan. In JR Osaka station, it looks exactly the same. Just lacking any soul. I'm glad the outer market is still there though, despite the loss of some restaurants.

  12. I'm going to miss the old Tsukiji inner market! Toyosu looks too 'sterile' and not like a market but a museum… Should I still try Toyosu when I go this november?…Hmmm .

  13. Love your videos!!!🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽 Just wondering if you would know what time I would have to be at toyosu to see the fish auction…thanks bro!

  14. Hi, thanks for your videos, they're really helpful! Do you think the street vendors will keep being there or is it just temporary? Because I'm going to Japan in March and I'd like to try their food.

  15. thank you for taking the time to show after the jonai market has move. Will be in Tokyo by end of Nov, and really want to try all the food they still offer in jogai. Thank you!

  16. Paolo, how are the crowds going to be there around Christmas time? Also, what is the weather like in Tokyo in late December?

  17. Thanks for all the videos! Really made my fiance's and my experience in Tokyo so much more efficient, we went to Akihabara yesterday it was so much fun!! Keep up the good work Paolo! Next we go to Coron to visit her family, take care and God bless you!

  18. The closure of Tsukiji is nothing but pure vandalism and the result of endemic Japanese government corruption intersecting with the corruption of the so-called Olympic Movement which leaves disaster in its wake around the world. Well and truly an outrage in every way.

  19. It’s so sad part of the market is gone.The entire ‘old’ market was a small part of what made a visit to japan unique. I’m glad I got to experience the entire Tsukiji market before any of the changes this past summer.

  20. It would have been cool if you followed the entire moving process of one of the smaller shops. For example, one that has been in business for a long time. To hear them talk about how they started, ups and downs through the years, and how they feel about the new move, etc.

    Then the actual moving process of packing up, final goodbyes, etc. To the setting up of the new shop and then their first official customer, on opening day.

    It's always cool to witness part of the history of any business that's been around for decades.

    Either way, very cool video!

  21. can I get unibun in any market? Soon i will be going to Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Kobe. So I wanna know where I can get this unibun outside Tokyo.

  22. Did you know they have a picture of you on the uni bun stall saying "Paolo loves the uni bun"?
    Also, I tried it and it wasn't great haha. But the rest of your recommendations (except the whale, which I passed on) were awesome, thanks!

  23. I’m glad all of your favorite shops are still there, but I’m sad that I never got to go to the original Tsukiji 😔

  24. Tsukiji, i like eating those street food, i beat you bro, i tried Turban snail the most delicacy sea shell. Yum😋

  25. whatever you do do not go to toyosu fish Market, it hasn't replaced tsukiji fish Market but it's only observation and very disappointing because we were directed to the new one and realize that the real one is still here

  26. Hi Paolo, first of all I would like to thank you for the many great videos about Tokyo, I really appreciate your work 😊. My wife and I will be heading to Tokyo during the Golden week, From May 1 – 6, and I was wondering will the Tsukiji market be closed during that week (the outer part)? I am planning the be there either on the 2nd or 3rd of May.. Many thanks 🙂

  27. Im really happy I was able to eat and visit Tsukiji fish market prior to the move and eat at sushi dia, but I see how this helps with all the visitation, I hope to visit again soon so experience the new location.

  28. The only memory I have of Tsukiji fish market was when my grandma treated my family and me to our first bowl of ramen. I don't remember seeing the fish or any of the vendors but standing there in the cold and eating a hot bowl of charsu ramen sticks out the most.

  29. Hi Paolo, Mitch here(short for Michiko) . My daughter and I will go to Japan this August!! And we're so excited about it. Love your vids especially with Maiko, she's so cute. Hope you're around Tokyo and meet you somehow. We're also going to Osaka and Kyoto. So hope to see you!!!

  30. I was actually in Tsukiji a while ago and was looking for the Uni Bun. Thanks to them having a picture of you, I was able to identify it quickly lol

  31. It's a shame to loose the market from its original space it created atmosphere for the rest of the other shops , I don't think they will prosper as much and I'm sure that a lot of vendors won't get as fresh of product as they did before , the new market is very nice but then again it lacks the busy and old atmosphere from before , it maybe progress and maybe more hygienic but I'll guarantee there rent is higher ! And who pays for that ,their customers ! Great video, thanks 👍🏼

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