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What One Of The Most Venomous Fish Tastes Like

What One Of The Most Venomous Fish Tastes Like

– This is a scorpion fish. It’s one of the most
venomous fish in the world, and today, we’ll be
eating the scorpion fish. There’s the heat. So today, guys, we are
at Fine and Rare, and this restaurant we’ve
been at previously before. We did the giant ostrich egg. Hoo boy, OK. Fine and Rare specializes
and kinda focuses on these rare
foods or ingredients that they showcase
to its customers. And this time around, they
managed to find scorpion fish. If the name doesn’t
sound daunting enough, obviously I’ve never had
scorpion fish before, and the only
existing knowledge I have is that it sounds dangerous. So if I were to just kinda like… touch that, I could get hurt? So we are going to
pull out my phone and do some research on
what a scorpion fish is because I will be eating one in a few minutes. According to Britannica,
a scorpion fish, first impression is
it’s not a cute fish. And related topics,
the first word that comes up is
“venom,” so that’s nice. Scorpion fish are perchlike fish with large spiny
heads and strong, sometimes venomous,
fin spines. If you do get pricked
by one of these things in the ocean, do you need
to go to the emergency room? – Yeah, if you should step on one or have an
unpleasant encounter with a scorpion
fish and get pricked by one of these, you do
need to seek medical help. – Am I excited? Yes. Am I nervous? Probably more
than I am excited. Mom, if you’re watching
this and I don’t make it alive today, I love you. – So I first came
across scorpion fish, I had a restaurant on
the cape, Provincetown. It’s line-caught,
short-line caught, so it’s generally one
person going out fishing for generally
not the scorpion fish because they couldn’t
really sell this at market. A lot of the
people who would buy the fish generally
in market after the fisherman
caught them, they didn’t wanna deal with
it for two reasons. They thought it was too spiny
and that it was venomous. But it’s not poisonous.
There’s a difference between poisonous
and venomous. Poisonous is if you eat
it you can get sick. Venomous, you actually
have to be injected. – Finally, it was my
turn to meet the fish. That is a gnarly looking
fi…I didn’t know it was like gonna be that bright. So if I were to just kinda like… touch that, I could get hurt? – No, you’re pretty
safe. Once they’re dead, the venom can’t
be injected into you, but you’re safe. The thing about it, it’s
very hard to source, hard to find. So a scorpion fish
if you’re lucky enough to find it in your market,
is probably gonna go for about $16 or $17 a pound, and the fish generally
weigh about 3 to 4 pounds. Herrine: OK, is that on
the more expensive scale or cheaper scale? – It’s probably on the
more expensive scale. You wanna hold it? – OK, so were just
gonna, OK, oh. I mean, it is a pretty
fish. I take it back. It’s not an ugly fish.
It’s just very spiny. – So here at Fine and Rare,
our take on scorpion fish is we do it for lunch
exclusively right now, and we thought it’d be fun to
do a take on fish and chips. And only for me
when I butcher it, you just gotta be careful
not to prick yourself with some of the
porcupines on the fish. So just last week
when I was preparing the fish, they have little
porcupines on their face, which are hard to see. I
kinda brushed my hand on it, and it was kind
of irritating and painful for a couple of hours, so you
really need to be careful. Kinda bit me. Herrine: Did it really?
Chef: Yeah. So for the diner, scorpion
fish is a 100% safe to eat. So fish and chips is generally
made from cod or haddock, and the thing about
the scorpion fish, it’s kind of a mix
between a monkfish and a sea bass,
so it’s not as meaty and tough as a
monkfish, and it’s not as flaky as a sea
bass would be. One of the reason I think
they do taste so well is what they eat. They stay in the
reefs, and they eat a lot of shrimp and lobsters. So some people say they
actually taste sweet like a lobster because of that. The fish and chips, the
way we prepare it here, not only do we
do the scorpion fish, but we also have a
scorpion dusting spice, which we use a
scorpion chili pepper, which is the second-hottest
chili out there. – Ooh, that’s gonna hurt. All righty, here goes nothing. That was a mistake. – Our customers
first are intrigued by the whole
scorpion fish theme, but once they taste it, I think everybody’s kind
of amazed how delicious and sweet the fish actually is. It’s probably the best fish
and chips you’ll ever eat. – My first bite into scorpion fish. It really just does look like a flaky, like, fish, so. There’s the heat. If I was a first-timer
and I saw scorpion fish on the menu, I probably
wouldn’t order it, but having this fish and chips, I honestly wanna say that this fish is better than a lot of the fish and chips
that I’ve had in London or anywhere else really. The fish itself has,
like, a lot more meatiness and flakiness to it, and it’s, like, nice and bouncy like monkfish, and I love monkfish. Now that I know that it’s
perfectly safe to eat and it’s delicious,
I would probably order the scorpion fish again. The most dangerous thing
by far is not the fish, it is the chili that goes
into the seasoning here.

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