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What She Keeps in Her Fish Room after 50 Years in the Hobby

What She Keeps in Her Fish Room after 50 Years in the Hobby

What is going on shrimp keepers? This is Robert with Flip Aquatics and today we’re checking out Bonnie’s fish room, which Bommie– Bonnie
has been in the hobby for 50 years. She knows a lot, she’s done a lot, she’s bred a lot and so we get
to see a little piece of her heaven and hear some advice by her, so let’s go check out her fish room. [Robert] Now Bonnie real quick, you’ve been
in this hobby a really long time. So like, if you could give everyone
like a little piece of advice, something that has made your hobby better, what advice would you give them? – Just enjoy your fish.
[Robert] Enjoy it. Just enjoy it. [Robert] How about in life? How do you make it through life? [Robert] What do you live by? Just enjoy life too? – No, not really.
[Robert] No. [Robert] That is so funny.
– No. [Robert] The fish got you through life, right? – Yeah.
[Robert] Okay. – I think the fish do get me through life.
[Robert] Do you think? Because when you’ve got problems, you can go down and take care of the fish. [Robert] Yup, yeah it’s a good distraction.
– Yeah. [Robert] I know a lot of people that had PTSD
from like being over in Iraq or something like that or a car accident and fish for them
is like their escape. [Robert] And so they get into fish
– Yeah. and like they forget that they’re,
you know, they have pain. They forget like, you know, everything they
went through over there – Yeah.
[Robert] and, so it’s a– It is a good escape. [Robert] So that’s awesome,
well, thank you for sharing. [Robert] Now, Bonnie do you mind
being in the video at all? [Bonnie] I don’t care!
[Robert] Bonnie doesn’t care. [Robert] This is Bonnie, this is Bonnie’s fish room
and her son helps a little bit [Robert] but you’ve been–
How long have you been in the hobby? [Bonnie] About 50 years.
[Robert] 50 years! [Robert] So you’re an OG. Original–
[Bonnie] Old guy. [Robert] No, original gangster.
[Bonnie] Okay. [Robert] You’re the OG in the fish room. [Robert] So Bonnie this the biggest
your fish room has ever been? [Bonnie] Yes.
[Robert] Yeah, so it just keeps on growing. [Bonnie] Right, when my son’s home,
he starts helping out… [Robert] Oh, then it’s easier.
[Bonnie] and then he says, “Let’s do this!” [Bonnie] We have 40 tanks.
[Robert] 40! [Robert] And who does all the water changes?
[Bonnie] Me. [Robert] You. That’s a lot of work. I spend about three and a half hours in the morning
and about four in the evening. [Robert] Everyday?
– Everyday. [Robert] Are you serious? [Robert] So you may say you have a full time job
taking care of fish. [Bonnie] I do.
[Robert] Oh, my gosh! [Robert] I love though, it’s so worth it, isn’t it?
[Bonnie] It is. [Robert] It gives you– It really does give you something to do and your, I mean, your tanks look awesome. [Robert] They’re all covered,
they all have lights on ’em. [Robert] And your new thing is rainbow fish,
I heard. [Bonnie] Rainbow fish.
[Robert] Rainbows are your thing? [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] You used to do a lot of Angels though, right? [Bonnie] Oh yeah, but Angels got too, too much. [Robert] Too much work?
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] What are these ones, Pearl’s Hill?
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] And then what are they… oh!
[Bonnie] Chocolates. [Robert] Are they? They look like the Philippine blues.
[Bonnie] No. [Robert] Man, they’re gorgeous! [Robert] Now did you breed these or…?
[Bonnie] Yes. [Robert] Wow! [Robert] So you’ve been doing this long time,
what haven’t you bred? – I don’t know.
[Robert] You don’t know? There’s not much? – No.
[Robert] Now, are you in the BAP program? [Bonnie] No.
[Robert] No. [Amanda] You should. [Robert] You just do it for fun.
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] Do you go to all the auctions and stuff? [Bonnie] Yes, as many as we can. [Robert] You and your son go?
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Bonnie] Chris wants to go to the Young Spawn thing.
[Robert] That’s awesome. [Amanda] Oh, that’s this weekend.
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Amanda] Yeah, are you gonna go? [Robert] Is that this weekend?
[Chris] Yeah, we’re going. [Robert] Oh my goodness!
[Bonnie] I’m not going but now Dave wants to go [Bonnie] but Chris has got a problem
because he’s supposed to be in Pennsylvania, Monday. [Amanda] Yeah.
[Bonnie] So he can take Dave there [Bonnie] but he can’t, he’d have to come all
the way back. [Amanda] Oh, whose Dave?
[Bonnie] So… Dave… [Robert] Oh my God! Look how cool
these old things are. [Robert] I wanna say these are 12 inches wide. [Robert] Maybe a little bit bigger maybe 14-16 inches. [Robert] Look, what a cool little tank. [Robert] That’s awesome. [Robert] So you see, Bonnie’s been doing it
for over 50 years so she’s got all the good stuff. [Robert] And then you’ve got some
of these really old-school tanks. [Bonnie] Yeah, we worked with those for
quite a while and then one day I got electrocuted. [Robert] And that was that. – And we’ve been getting rid of all of this.
[Robert] Have you? [Robert] Well, you can sell them
for decent money, nowadays. Well, I think people are realizing
that they’ll either leak or they… [Robert] Or they will shock you.
– Yeah, shock you. [Robert] That’s crazy and that did not feel good. [Bonnie] No, I went across the room.
[Robert] No. [Robert] Oh, so it got you real good.
– Okay. [Robert] I’m an electrician
so I’ve been shocked numerous times. I had the ambulance here. [Robert] Wow! How long ago was that? – Oh, about 3 or 4 months ago.
[Robert] Ooh! I had, fire department and they came
and unhooked it for me. [Robert] Wow! So they got you good. [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] Yeah and that uh, that’s scary. Yeah, and you can’t let go. [Robert] No, no you sit there and
it scares you, you think you’re gonna die. [Bonnie] Yeah because you–
Well, you don’t even think that, while you are looking at it’s,
“How do I get this hand off there?” [Robert] Oh my gosh! So how did you get it off, it eventually, just shocked you lose? [Bonnie] I just– Yeah.
[Robert] Wow! That’s scary. [Robert] Yeah, so metal ones are going away. [Robert] Well, when you decide to get rid of those
little metal ones over there, [Robert] you let me know. I’ll buy them off you.
[Bonnie] oh, okay [Robert] Because I think, I think those
are the coolest little tanks ever. [Robert] Because they just don’t make those
unique sizes anymore. [Bonnie] No they don’t. [Robert] And especially, to find them in the metal frame. [Bonnie] Well, I too, but the problem is Chris says,
“Oh, I want this one next.” [Bonnie] and he never gets to this one, [Chris] Yeah, that will get left behind in the… [Bonnie] and you can just carry so many tanks of eggs.
[Chris] Yup. [Chris] Those are definitely worth doing though. [Robert] Oh yeah, oh, look how big they are!
[Bonnie] Yes. Mm-hmm. [Robert] Now, these your favorite? [Bonnie] They are all my favorites.
[Robert] They’re all? [Robert] What type of Rainbows are these? Are those Marlin? [Bonnie] They’re Cold Marcis. [Robert] Cold Marcis. Wow! Yeah they’re solid,
what four or five inches? [Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] The color.
[Amanda] Mm-hmm. [Robert] And you don’t think it’s a male
and female, or it is? [Bonnie] Well, I haven’t had any luck in
spawning them. [Bonnie] I’ve tried feeding them brine shrimp
everyday for a week. [Amanda] Mm-hmm.
[Robert] Live brine or… [Bonnie] Live. Well, I make my own [Bonnie] but they don’t seem
to see the baby brine shrimp. [Robert] Oh, so you gotta get the bigger stuff.
[Bonnie] So I use the frozen. [Robert] Oh, they’re gorgeous. [Robert] Where did you get these originally from?
[Bonnie] Canada. [Robert] Did you? [Robert] So you go, you travel the world
looking for the best Rainbows. [Bonnie] Yeah, well worth it. [Robert] Yeah.
[Chris] Across countries. [Robert] If no one knows, Canada’s
about 30 minutes from here, [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] something like that. [Robert] But you travel the world looking for the best.
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] And then this is–
[Bonnie] We go to the auctions hoping to get the best. [Amanda] Yes.
[Robert] Oh, yeah. [Robert] Yeah, there are auctions
in Canada ever, do you know? [Bonnie] Yes, oh yeah.
[Chris] Oh, yeah… [Robert] You ever go to them? [Chris] We used to auction in them all. [Robert] Did you really? [Robert] Now, do they still have it, if you have a Buffalo driver’s license,
you can get across the border? [Chris] We have enhanced licenses.
[Robert] Oh, they have like passport built into it. [Chris] Build into it, you can’t travel by plane
[Robert] That’s nice. [Chris] but by car you can go across.
[Robert] Oh, that is nice. [Chris] I used to do probably 6,
7 auctions up in Canada every year. [Robert] Wow! [Chris] My dad got– we had my Dad,
he wasn’t well so we kind of backed off from… [Robert] And where are your phytase at? [Bonnie] Right here. [Robert] Ooh, there’s tons in there I saw those.
[Bonnie] There, look! [Robert] Now, do you just leave the mop in here
and then they just hatch out, eventually? [Robert] Oh, yeah there’s one right there. [Robert] Now for the timing,
you put the mop in the tank, how long until you pull it out and then… [Bonnie] I give it seven days. Seven to ten days. [Robert] 7 to 10 days.
[Bonnie] and if there’s nothing in there, [Robert] Oh, got it.
[Bonnie] then you put another one in. [Robert] And then once you see that
there’s eggs on it you put it in here? [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] And then you just leave it [Robert] in there for what a week?
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Bonnie] And sometimes we– A lot of times [Bonnie] we don’t even see eggs
but we put it in there and we get a bunch. [Robert] Just to see.
– Mm. [Robert] So there’s, sometimes they
are just hard to tell that they’re there. – Yeah, yeah.
[Robert] That’s awesome! [Robert] Now, what were these?
‘Cause I didn’t know the name of ’em. [Bonnie] They’re Daffodil brichardies.
[Robert] Daffodil brichardies. [Robert] They’re gorgeous. [Robert] The color in the male is awesome! [Robert] So you do some–
A lot of decent amount of cichlids as well then? [Bonnie] Yeah, see they make
a little hole there for the babies. [Robert] Oh.
[Bonnie] And there’s another one [Bonnie] under a plant over there.
[Robert] Oh, yeah. [Robert] Now do these ones,
do the younger ones take care of the babies? [Robert] So they’re not like,
like once they have babies [Robert] do they kill off the other babies
that were hatched? [Bonnie] Oh, no, no. [Robert] So they are all just a big family. [Bonnie] Right and then as they grow
and we have a available tank, [Bonnie] we bring them down here. [Robert] Okay, kind of just spread them out. [Robert] Now, I’ve been seeing these
all around your fish room. [Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] Do you breed these yourself? [Bonnie] Yes, they’re so easy to breed.
[Robert] Are they? [Bonnie] Once you breed them,
then my son takes this… [Bonnie] All it is, is well, one twist tie [Robert] Yeah, twist tie, yep. [Bonnie] and bends it.
[Robert] Yeah. And sticks it in the mouth this way. [Robert] Okay, and then strips them right out. And then they start coming out, you know,
if they’re still eggs then you put it back but if they’re not eggs,
the babies comes scattering out [Robert] Oh, and then what– and then you just feed, [Robert] just flake food or do you do
the brine shrimp with them or… [Bonnie] I’ve do brine shrimp with the babies.
[Robert] Do you? [Robert] Baby Brine and you hatch it yourself.
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Bonnie] Yeah, I’ve got a whole… [Robert] Wow, have you ever tried the frozen? – Yeah.
[Robert] Frozen baby Brine? [Bonnie] Oh, I don’t like that.
[Robert] No. [Robert] You like hatching it.
– Yeah. [Robert] That’s awesome, well,
you have 50 years of experience. [Robert] Yeah, this is cool. [Robert] I didn’t see these guys, Madagascar Rainbows. [Robert] Bonnie, this is the brine shrimp hatchery?
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] Now is that custom made?
[Bonnie] No. [Bonnie] This is– I bought it secondhand [Bonnie] and I, they’re very expensive
but it is well worth it. [Robert] Is it?
[Bonnie] I get– Oh, I get tons of it, [Robert] Do you really?
[Bonnie] of brine shrimp. [Robert] So how does it work? [Robert] Because I’ve never done brine
shrimp before. You– warm water. [Robert] Okay, just tap water? Yeah, and then I have… one of these, that’s about 4 tablespoons
[Robert] Okay, four tablespoons. of Salt.
[Robert] Sea salt? – No, no, no, salt that has no… [Chris] Non iodized.
– Oh, what’s it, yeah. [Robert] Non iodized, okay.
– It’s Non iodized, that’s it. [Robert] So basically,
they’re getting brackish water, right? [Chris] Yeah.
[Robert] Okay. [Bonnie] And then once it’s dissolved, the salt,
then you put brine shrimp eggs in it. [Robert] Okay, and you just dump them
right in the top? [Bonnie] Mm-hmm. [Robert] And then how long do they stay
in there for? [Bonnie] About a day and a half.
[Robert] Day and a half. [Robert] And then to feed them, I know that, [Robert] what babies eat the eggs
and then they, they die. [Robert] Is that, is that true?
[Bonnie] No, no, no. [Robert] So you do decapsulate it
or whatever the term? – No I do decapsulate it if I haven’t
got any shrimp here. [Robert] Okay.
– But there’s no– what you do is strain it, put cold water on top of it
[Robert] Oh! and then put it in warm water
and then feed the fish. [Robert] Got you.
Now, what do you use to strain it? [Robert] Is it–
Do you have a little brine shrimp net? [Robert] Okay and the eggs will fall right through that
and you’ll get the baby shrimp out of there. [Bonnie] No the eggs are up here.
[Robert] Oh, so just the babies are in the bottle. [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] Oh, okay. [Robert] So when you drain this
or when you go to feed, [Robert] you probably only have
to drain a tiny bit of water… [Bonnie] Right.
[Robert] to get the babies out, that’s cool. [Robert] So you do this every day?
– Yeah. [Robert] Nice!
And you have great success with this. [Bonnie] And I have this but I don’t care for it, frankly.
[Robert] No. [Robert] Now look at this one,
this is a good little setup. [Bonnie] This gives me a lot more
because it’s bigger [Bonnie] and it works beautifully but it’s leaking. [Robert] Oh, so you gotta get that fixed somehow. [Bonnie] And they’re kind of– I’ve tried and so has Chris. [Bonnie] All of this is, what do you call that Ja– what stuff you can use in a tank? [Robert] Silicone or whatever.
[Bonnie] Silicone. Yeah, silicone. [Robert] That’s awesome. [Robert] Now how old is this stuff? [Robert] Is this about ready to go or is it brand new?
[Bonnie] Oh no, tonight or tomorrow morning. [Robert] Tonight or tomorrow morning. [Robert] Oh, that is so cool. [Robert] So well worth the money.
[Bonnie] Oh, yeah. [Robert] How long have you had this one for? [Bonnie] Oh, couple of months.
[Robert] Couple of months, oh, so you just got it. [Bonnie] Yeah, I’ve been using these.
[Robert] But that is just so much better. [Bonnie] Yeah, really. I love it. [Robert] Oh, it’s like brass!
[Bonnie] It’s brass and it’s got little brass legs. [Robert] Oh, that is so cool.
[Bonnie] This is not the top that comes with it. [Robert] No! Oh, you can’t get rid of that one. [Bonnie] No. [Robert] If you do, please let me know. [Bonnie] No we went to– Someone put an ad
on the computer saying that they had fish tanks and stuff for sale and would people come and
buy what they wanted. [Robert] Yeah. – For $50 he gave us a carload. [Robert] Are you se.. it included that? – It included about 15 tanks, heaters galore,
[Robert] Wow. we’ve got some antique things
like a little fisherman. [Robert] Oh, my God.
– And he sits on the edge of the tank [Amanda] Aww.
– but it’s so fragile and he said $50. [Robert] $50.
– Just empty it. [Robert] That is crazy.
– Empty the room. [Robert] Well, I’ll give you $50 for that. [Bonnie] No. No.
[Robert] Not doing it, huh? [Bonnie] We were doing shrimp in that.
[Robert] Were you? [Bonnie] Yeah but then we just kinda lost our shrimp.
[Robert] Oh, darn it. [Robert] Well I, hopefully, I’ll be able
to help with that tonight. [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] Are you coming to the meeting? [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] Okay good, it’s on, [Robert] my whole talks on how to keep shrimp.
[Bonnie] Oh, good. [Robert] How to keep and breed ’em.
[Bonnie] ‘Cause I keep losing them. [Robert] Well, we can’t have that. [Robert] I don’t want you to give up. [Robert] You– we will give it one more go, all right.
[Bonnie] All right. [Bonnie] So, these are babies in there.
[Robert] Let me see if I can get a picture off the top. [Bonnie] Well, I’ll lift the top.
[Robert] Yeah, what type of baby are they? [Bonnie] They’re a cat. [Robert] Where’re their parents at? [Bonnie] Well, the parents are in here.
[Robert] In here somewhere. [Bonnie] Well, you see behind there.
[Robert] Oh, yeah. [Robert] What are they just,
are they a Longfin bronze Cory? [Bonnie] Right.
[Robert] Oh, that’s so cool. [Robert] Yeah, you got to start getting
involved in the BAP. [Robert] You’ll have fun with that.
[Bonnie] And then… [Bonnie] Then there’s babies in here too but– [Robert] Oh they’re, what are these Sterbai?
[Bonnie] Sterbai, yeah. [Robert] And there, there are a couple babies in there.
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] Are they little?
[Bonnie] Very little. [Robert] Oh, I did see one over there. [Robert] That’s cool.
So you’re breeding all kinds of stuff. [Robert] Oh, I see one in the front now. [Chris] There’s one right there.
[Amanda] Yeah. [Chris] There’s another one right there.
So cool. [Robert] Bonnie, thanks for letting us come over
and check this out. [Robert] And these are the ones
that just breed like crazy. [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] That you can’t get them to stop. [Amanda] I love these stands. [Bonnie] Oh, these, these are the ones
that really breed. [Robert] Which ones are they? [Robert] Oh, the convicts, huh? [Bonnie] No, they’re not convicts,
they are platinum Honduran Red Points. [Robert] And they just breed, breed, breed, breed.
[Bonnie] Oh, jeez! [Bonnie] They breed and then we are down to two. [Bonnie] And we said…
[Robert] No more! We’re going to get rid of this pair
and then next morning, there they are. Thousands or a hundreds, I don’t know. [Robert] Oh, my God!
[Bonnie] All over the place. [Bonnie] So we’ve been trying to get rid of them. [Robert] Oh, my gosh! [Robert] That’s funny.
Hopefully they don’t breed again. [Bonnie] I’m afraid they will.
[Robert] They probably will. Won’t they? [Robert] Now if only you could get these
to breed like crazy. [Bonnie] Oh, that would be nice. [Robert] Although there’s– You have what
5 big ones in there? [Robert] And they’re all getting along. [Robert] Yeah, they are gorgeous.
[Bonnie] They don’t breed. [Robert] And they don’t breed.
[Bonnie] No. [Robert] Probably, a bunch of girls
or a bunch of boys. [Robert] You got at least one boy. [Robert] Two. [Robert] Yeah, they might all be boys. [Robert] Darn things. [Robert] Now which one’s your favorite tank down here? – I think… this one. [Robert] Oh, I didn’t look over here. [Robert] Oh, some Rams. [Robert] Do you know what type of Ram they are? [Bonnie] Oh, they are Gold Rams.
[Robert] Gold Rams. [Robert] Oh, they are pretty.
[Amanda] Those are beautiful. [Robert] Where did you get these from?
Don’t tell me China or something. [Bonnie] No.
[Robert] I know you travel the world to find the best. [Bonnie] No, we bought a couple at the fish place [Robert] The fist place?
[Bonnie] Yeah, and these are the results. [Robert] Wow! So are they– They’ve already bred? [Bonnie] Yeah.
[Robert] That is awesome! [Robert] Yeah, Rams are fun one. [Robert] Oh and then surprise surprise.
[Bonnie] Yeah, more of those. [Robert] What are they demasoni?
[Bonnie] Yeah. [Robert] That is so cool. [Robert] Some Texas holy rock. [Robert] Very cool. Anything else we missed?
[Bonnie] No. [Robert] No. We got it all. [Robert] I love it. Thank you, again.

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  1. Hi all this this is Bonnies Son, Just an up date. She is doing well. My mom would like to thank everyone for the nice comments everyone has said about here. A little overwhelming but it keeps her going and she appreciates it, that people love what she does.
    To let everyone know the name of bonnies fish room is, "Simply Fish Breeders" When we have to many fish we do sell stuff on EBay and facebook. We are still learning and would like to make a Simply Fish breeders facebook page. Showing everyone what she has going and for sale.
    To the person who mentioned about the metaframe fish tanks she is selling some of them if interested. So she can make room for other stuff. She is not trying to make money off this. She just wants here fish room pay for it self.
    Thanks again!
    Chris Gifford
    Bonnie son.

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