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What to Take Fishing

What to Take Fishing

What to pack for a day of fishing Hey guys. My name is Conrad and today we’re going fishing. Tricia is inside, and we’re going to go grab
her and go over all of the basics of everything we need. Hey Tricia, ready to go fishing? Sure am, let’s go grab our gear. Awesome, let’s go! All right, Tricia, this is all of the gear we
need to go fishing. So, we have our lifejackets because we’re
going to be around water. It is really important to stay safe. We have our net, just in case we catch a big fish We have our tackle box which is full of lots of terminal tackle and stuff that we tie our rigs with at the end of our rod. We have our pliers in case a fish swallows
a hook. We have sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat just in case the sun is shining bright. We have water because we need to stay hydrated. We have a First Aid kit in case of any accidents. Our rules and regulations guide because you always want to follow the rules when you are fishing. Some layers, a rain jacket and of course our
fishing rod So remember just before we go, because you’re
over 18 you need to bring your outdoors card and your fishing license
Perfect, I have them Alright so before we go we can check Fish
ON-Line to see which zone our lake is in and also which fish we can catch
It’s also really helpful because we can see where our closest fishing access point is All right, so this is a great place to go fishing. There’s a lot of open access to the water. There’s a lot of weeds in the water that
provide a lot of structure for the fish to hide in. And remember this is just about having fun. If we don’t catch anything at least we learned something new. Okay, let’s do it. Awesome! You got a rock bass, good job. I’m just going to take him off the hook
and let him go!

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