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What you need to know about fish oil

What you need to know about fish oil

Alright welcome back to another episode the knowledge bomb I’m Nick Fowler today we’re going to talk about fish oil there is a lot of talk out there about supplements right What is the right supplement, what’s that magic supplements. Should I take, you know ten of these five of those you know should I take it in the morning should I eat before, should I eat after, do I take my beta alanine after workout before I work out? What about my creatine? All this kind of stuff so in the next handful of episodes i’m going to start talking a little bit about how you should be approaching gameday nutrition and just day-to-day training supplements. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of supplements the one thing I would actually ask you to do is go check out Adrian’s latest episode on the Brute Shoot where he talks about supplements and he talks about the need for whole food before really diving into supplements. Before even considering supplements, make sure that that foundation is set that being said today I want to talk about fish oil right. Fish oil I believe is something that everyone should be taking it’s a staple and one of those foundations supplements and it’s and it’s going to do a lot for you in terms of longevity as an athlete, as a human being. Essentially what it does is it reduces systemic inflammation which as an athlete it helps you recover faster so that’s what we want right that’s the reason why we’re looking at supplements nutrition things like that now there are a million other uses and benefits to fish oil. We can put a link at the bottom of this so you can click on that read through all the all the information i just want to give you a couple things you can do to kind of start looking at dosing right and just the timing of when you should be taking your fish oil. There’s a couple ways to go about it right what we’re looking for first of all is the EPA DHA content or the substance out of fish oil right so that’s the value. So when we start talking about dosing you want to find a quality fish oil that has low mercury that is researched that is just basically good quality there’s a lot of just in the supplement industry there’s a lot of like crap out there and there’s a lot of bad stuff so do a little bit of research I have my recommendations at the bottom with with some of the links that will provide on fish oil that I really like now in terms of dosing there’s a couple ways to go about it personally I like going where it’s .25 grams per 10 pounds of body weight now that sounds, might sound a little confusing but if you weigh 200 pounds that’s going to be five grams of fish oil ok now usually fish all comes with each capsule is a gram if that makes sense and so that’s kind of a baseline amount that you can take per day usually what I found is the recommended dose might be a little under that. Now, can you overdose on fish oil i’m not a doctor but it’s going to be really really hard to right basically it’s going to thin your blood and so there’s a couple considerations that if you’re for instance downrange deployed, if you’re you know if your first responder, police officer that’s something definitely consider just because your blood clotting mechanisms of your body are going to be a little diminished and so bleeding is going to actually increase which when you take that to performance it’s a good thing right circulation, reduced inflammation things like that so that’s the goal that we’re going after the second way to dose your fish oil is essentially one gram per percent of body fat now this works really well for males. Females just generally have a higher percentage of body fat so it’s a little skewed, these numbers can be pretty high i’d say it’s generally good to use if your all lean male right. So, if you have let’s say less than fifteen percent body fat you could dose up to you know nine to ten grams per day. I personally like to split it evenly through my day right so for me 225 pounds right that puts me about you know five and a half grams of fish oil per day I just round it up to six and what I do is I take two in the morning, two at lunch and two grams in the evening and that’s pretty basic right. Now there’s a lot of talk about krill oil and whether krill oil is better than fish oil and honestly I don’t think it is, right. I think that you can save your money and buy fish oil because really what we’re going after again is the EPA DHA pieces within that and krill you’re just paying a lot of extra for what you could get out of just a quality fish oil . So i want to give you three things to consider when you’re taking fish oil. First, make sure your whole food nutrition is dialed in. Set that as the base, the standard and then add in any supplements. Second, go ahead and choose a quality fish oil something that’s researched something that’s backed. Something that’s low mercury, you can check out the links below for my suggestions. Third, think about the dosing that you’re going to implement right I like .25 grams per 10 pounds of body weight really works well for me if you’re a lean athletic male training couple times a day, hard charger, you can think about one gram per percent of body fat. So take those three things implement them see how they go. Next week we’re going to talk about creatine.

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  1. questions about dosing and average price… for the norwegian gold i have, youre spot on about the one gram per capsule, but realistically at 4 gels a day that means a month supply is essentially 50$ because thats how much 120 soft gels is. Is that a reasonable estimate?

  2. Would you recommend the SFH brand of liquid fish oil? I find it a ton easier to swallow a couple of teaspoons over taking pills

  3. If my fish oil has a combined 330 mg of epa&dha,360 mg omega 3 fatty acids,600 mg fish oil concentrate how much should I be taking? I'm a 200lb athletic male

  4. Can you recommend some good fish oil brands?.. And what would be the best mg. Of fish oil, EPA and DHA. Thanks.. I'll subscribe if you give some opinion about my question..

  5. Beware of the new omega 3 ethyl esters choice.
    Synthesized omega 3 Ethyl esters drug (ethanol) may cause increases in liver enzymes and "bad" cholesterol
    natural Fish oil supplementation omega 3 improve liver function and lower inflammation in humans, which may help reduce symptoms of NAFLD and the amount of fat in the liver

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