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What’s in a Fish Sandwich at McDonald’s?

jingle exceed fully auspicious i found a
fully of fish story that i’d like to talk about okay so i had this story really scared
because uh… headline was where destroyer fish come from in fact i sought earlier in the day
before you send it to me anna and i purposely didn’t read my guide on enough i don’t want it all really yet and they
sent them how much damage night find right well this is the headline says
deeper in the pacific oddly and tasty with attached so that
could be a little uh… weird he had this site that i read it on
just prostrate on the other they’re like we will find out what only fish isn’t
fully official word on nine oh but but as it turns out it turns out that
the fishing used in flint fish isn’t it is alkylene or for officially as whatever but is
actually i_t_c_ and healthy fish it’s called hokey its founding a new zealand
and it’s one of the biggest exports of new zealand uh… mc donald’s uses that obviously
for fully official on john summers uses it for their fish sandwiches and denny’s
reportedly uses it for their fish sandwiches in new zealand and there’s this big controversy about
it because um… since so many uh… food chains are using this fish it’s
kind it’s going up the ecosystem iran is really yeah i agree with it now other student number one i don’t get
why they call this fish artwork is it that way yahoo but it looks like every other
personal or i really does supposedly it has eyes in a larger than any other
fixing it has large eyes which makes it unclear whatever keep suppose normal looking for
generous in my entire life uh… number two r_e_m_ pleasantly
surprised it turns out they’re using real
preferably there’s still a anode al like this and i
don’t i feel like i got redemption of good for you to have the play of this is
not discussing it’s got a call you guys and they’re not even advertising with us
jab at the time you saw cities hook always always eleven and i think that’s
so we had the anyway on the article describes hokey as uh… more east slightly sweet and
very tasty we’re talking about as i know one of the way of his right
and uh… you know the article actual so talk about how somebody’s at restaurants are concerned that they want to be able
to get the fish ripped out from a sustainable ecological system upon saying that right uh… and that they had so that this was
so quiet floor and uh… new zealand this peptide without a fish either the that’s how it was right
before and now they’re begin around official it a bit because they’re
cutting down the quotas and the both denny’s along just over an because
they’re all concerned about it and i want to make sure they get a firm
sustainable areas right again i was encouraged by that i have ons approx uh… and since this of controversy
isn’t you know come up long johnson resist stopped using the
fish so i don’t know what kind of fish these now but mcdonald says they’re still using
the fish however i’m gary johnson mcdonald senior director says that they
are also using other whitefish in their fully office so they might be using two
different types of fishes in one full a are benign draws them a lot more now
than i think look today are trust on this as long as it’s fisherman yahaan
fly again i’m just i’m ecstatic that it’s actually friction you know it i wasn’t buying it and sell i’ve found
out that hope he is also used in cinci so people are eating iraq by my final point on this is i might only one who thinks long john
silber is kind of a funny for a restaurant eurozone at long johns silvers it’s like
a fish restaurants that makes sense i guess but i don’t want to do anything
that’s longer john or silver line does not resign famous fishermen is
something that uh… but are not interested in what he’s fish it

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