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5 comments on “What’s In Michael Fisher’s Bag?

  1. I am a big fan ……………..or used to be, of LG. Removable battery, steel case, upgradable memory. Whats not to like right?. I am finally retiring my old faithful LG G3 for a LG V20. Had some Amazon gift cards and got the international version for $217.00 Canadian dollars, including an otter case for work. Yes I know its humongous but its the last LG V series phone to have these features. The LG G30 is a glass sandwich, a very nice phone but not the features I like. With my next phone I know I will have to suck it up and buy a gorilla glass poptart.

  2. Do you like buy all the things that you review? Or do the companies send you their stuff like all those football YouTubers out there?

  3. @MrMobile [Michael Fisher] As a fellow Bostonian got to love your nods to good old Boston and "…[what we in Boston] call our CharlieCard." 🙂

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