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When Is The Best Time To Take Fish Oil?

When Is The Best Time To Take Fish Oil?

Eric Bakker, the naturopath. Thank you coming back and looking at my video. I always appreciate people checking out the
videos. Next question. When is the best time to take fish oil? And the best time to take fish oils, yesterday. All right. Just like anything based on the planet tree,
it was like last year, not today. So take fish oil. Whether you take it in the morning or noon
or night is really up to you. I mean, it’s debatable. There’s not really a specific time to take
it, but the best time to take it is during your lifetime. Okay? If that sounds crazy. Many people don’t take fish oil, but I can
tell you now, it’s one of the most remarkable supplements you can take. A really good thing to do for you to do is
to try fish oil for about two to three months. Just take one capsule per day. Just take a thousand milligram capsule, right? I would recommend you take it with a main
meal and when you take that supplement, don’t start other supplements up during that period. Take that one and see what happens. I think you’re going to be quite surprised. Now here’s the second part of that. Take it at different times of the day during
that trial period. So you may want to take it for several weeks
with breakfast. If you can stomach it. It’s usually perfectly fine. You may also then want to take it with lunch
for two or three weeks. Take it with the evening meal for a couple
of weeks and finally take it before bedtime. Now, many people who take it with the evening
meal or before bedtime tell me that they get a better sleep and they feel better overall. If you notice some changes on Omega 3, it
wouldn’t hurt for you to go up to two capsules per day of a thousand milligrams, especially
during the colder months. Make sure that you get a good quality product. I prefer cod, cod liver oil because the liver
contains the highest amount of the fat soluble vitamins in the fish, A, D, E, and K. So all those vitamins are found in that liver. The liver of a halibut or of a cod, very large,
it’s a big liver and it does have quite a lot of the fat soluble vitamins in it. So it’s very handy source for vitamin D for
you for example, and vitamin A. These are natural vitamin A source. So you will notice that after several weeks
of taking the Omega that your skin should start looking better, your hair but also overall
mood wise you should start feeling pretty good. It works well for cognition. What I like also about fish oil is it has
a great effect on keeping the blood thin and helping to prevent things like strokes, clots
and thrombosis and things like that. So it’s great for people who travel a lot,
do long haul flights like I do. It’s good to take fish oil. You’ll have less chance of getting problems
with your circulatory system. You’ll have a better chance of getting more
balanced cholesterol level, but particularly good, why I like it for old codgers like me,
is for cognition longterm. Because a 60 year old like me, he wants to
stay mentally .quite young and fit Fish oil will do that up until his nineties or plus. So it’s a fantastic supplement to take. Also it’s anti-inflammatory. So there’s so much to talk about fish oil. We could do a one hour video on all the benefits
of the fish oil. So best time to take it? Anytime of day, but take it with a meal. Good golden tip for you. If you want to stop fish burps, keep it in
the refrigerator cause then when you pop it in your mouth and swallow it, it’s cold. It’s not room temperature. You have less chance of getting all those
fishy burps all the time, which is not really pleasant. So there you have it. That’s the best time to take fish oil. Don’t forget to click on the link below if
you want my free shopping report. Thanks for tuning in.

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