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Where are the Walleye??

Where are the Walleye??

Well good day I’m back to a lake where
kind of all started back in the day me and a good buddy we used to come here
like every day after school pretty much his dad gave us a boat and a truck to
use and this is kind of where we we learned how to fish on our own when I
was like 16 years old it’s awesome crooked Lake since gachaaan I haven’t
fished here on open water for I don’t even know now be close to 20 years
probably though I did a show here last winter with – Labib rushing monster
Cisco’s you can find that video in the link we’re gonna descend it in the
description below there will be a link but yeah I have an open water fish here
forever so I’ve got nothing map nothing so today I’m going to show you how to
kind of target a new lake no yes this isn’t a new Lake for me but we’re gonna
go out pretend we’re on a brand new Lake you know pick a point or something like
that map it out find the fish on there catch them I’ve got one you can see in
there wave Carter I’ve got Carter Exeter with me I did a video with him last year
he caught his personal best walleye through the ice so maybe we can top that
today maybe not but we’re going to give her so let’s get on the water and start
picking the walleye apart okay we’re launched we’re on the lake first things
first we’re going to head to some points say right here and right here you can
never go wrong with starting on any main Lake point especially in the fall time
you know you can you can gain more information from there and you can go
from there but can never go wrong with starting at a point points usually
consist of pretty sharp drop-off sharp drop-off that’s to see here we start to inch up to this
point that’s starting to come up right now it’s transition so all’s I’m gonna
do is kind of just go around this point and just see if I can mark any fish I’m
looking from anywhere from like thirty to 18 feet type of thing maybe even
shallower it all depends I don’t want to fish any deeper than like 32 feet
because you start to cause bear trauma in the fish which is no good stay
shallower people right there as a fish small guy but at 16 feet right there so
you can see it’s a pretty sharp drop-off comes out of the deeper water shallow so
I’m just going to kind of cruise back and forth here create a little bit of a
map let’s look for some fish at the same time there’s some marks right here too
so I’m marking some fish on the edge of the point here and I need some waypoints
right here that was marking right along this side – there’s some fish going on
right there – so this is looking good looking really good Carter’s tying up a
jig right now I’m gonna start with an active bait probably like some type of
jigging wrap something like that and like I said Carter’s tying on a jig and
a leech so will will basically drive around a little bit and try to sharp
shoot these marks and see what they are through there’s a bigger walleye smaller
walleye etc lots of times the walleyes will group up this time of year because
they’re rather aggressive and they will start to eat each other so if you’re
catching a bunch of smaller fish like I’m talking like tiny fish like that the
chances are the bigger ones won’t be around or at least around at that point
okay we got two we got the camera going on the UH new depth finder now boilers mark right there Carter drop
down or eat me out on top of them oh yeah couple marks couple marks right
on the edge of the drop well finish the first sound point some fish on here had
a couple bites but we’re gonna keep moving you can always come back here but
it’s like right now you first get out here it pays to kind of hit a couple
spots quick and see if you can find a pot of fish rather than just a couple
marks so we marked fish here we can always come back here if we find nothing
else and fish those fish but right now the curiosity has the best of me and I
gotta hit a few more spots and see what else is out there are some suspended
marks right on that edge right there 18 feet 20 feet fucking spot to the boss never really
marked for any fish couple but no bites we’re gonna keep moving spot three we’ll
find them we’ll find them right here nice mark
twenty feet big mark Carter right here get them there we go ah got them spot
three what do we got what we got we have a Walter we have we have the species
we’re after today and it’s not a bad one at all that would be a great eating fish
right there while I connection and I’m pretty sure we mark that fish too just
before I caught it spot three have to go to a spot that I remember being young
and catching a pretty big fish on I’m gonna put that picture right here yes
and that was that fish obviously this one is a little bit smaller but
beautiful one muffin Carter one nothing well we’re gonna move spots again spot
three wasn’t too hot on one fish we’re still looking for the promised land
these fish are gonna be stacked up somewhere it’s just a matter of time
matter of trying to find them in time for the day it’s over okay spot for
coming up right now another sand point here you’ll see in the background
eventually cool Bunch Bates a bunch of big
suspended fish I like that I like that okay right here dropped out nice marks
24 feet nice marks back up on top of them get this camera in the air a bit yeah we’re on them right now we are
autumn we are on top of the fishings ooh nice fish on the bottom nice fish
below us nice fish who’s gonna get him you or me oh I got him I got him turned away for a
sec fish come up and smash me what do we have here oh yeah nice wall I would know
if I should boat flip this one but we’re gonna do it we’re gonna do it we’re
gonna boat flip them oh I shouldn’t have both flip that fish that’s fish was –
have you – boat flip let’s say you break your rod don’t do that don’t boat flesh
flip three pound walleyes guys do that just crushed it crushed it so Carter requested some fish tacos
which maybe we’ll do a video on that that will be one of the ones we’re gonna
keep great – they’re for fish tacos this fish got water all over the islands
okay so spot for proofs walleye there’s definitely a few fish here I was
expecting fish to be a little bit more stocked up definitely pretty scattered
so it’s just gonna take a matter just kind of bouncing around I think and just
picking them off one by one you try something else if you want to I got more
jigging routes there we go there we go while the jigging wrap is all producing
bait isn’t that crazy leach has one break off you’re doing
that yeah I grab the net for this one Carter this is a little bit better fish
probably not a bolt flipper for sure you’re have the net okay it’s coming up
now coming up there we go lots of pike it’s a pike I’ll carry if they leave
them in there I’ll pull them off okay go back to fishing Carter I’ll get this
right here northern plank not what we’re looking
for what’s still fun hook came out in the net which is a bonus right there
Jesus maybe we should instead of having a wall I wish to have a pike hey trip
pike tacos we’re gonna have pipe tacos I might even let that walleye go if it’s
still alive and alive well which it should be so yeah that’s what we’re
gonna keep Frank you keep the pike for fake tacos doesn’t even smell too fishy
awesome well let’s go try something else okay spot for not too good but not
horrible we’re catching a couple fish in the last few spots we’ve hit I’m just
going to keep bouncing around in my mind these fish and still be stacked up
somewhere hopefully oh there we go he went back to jigging rapping bang
obviously I got a little bit of confidence in the jig and drop right now
I’ll get this one Carter you stay down there there’s more fish guess it back to the point where we kind
of first started just on the other side of it Zann points that’s been the
biggest P today you know I probably don’t need the net for that one I’ve
been I boat flipped a smaller fish than that or a bigger fish than that today so
yeah she always said I said in my last video talk about jigging wraps look at
where it’s hooked right in the side of the mouth they try to pin those baits to
the bottom oh you got to be careful those jigging wraps – you don’t got a
good grip on that walleye it’s easy to put a jigging wrap in your hand oh okay
little guy going right back in how many more fish
do you want a jig Interop Carter how many more fish so you want a jig and
wrap like right now usually Carter kicks my butt I’m teaching him a lesson today
I’m teaching him how to fish not bad not bad at all
okay we’ve still got fished underneath us Carter catch them so they got fish
underneath us trying to keep Carter on the spot plus get this fish unhooked
nice fish so it’s kind of funny it’s like we’re literally at the first spot
we started but if you could see here on the map we were over here we fished this
side I just crushed two fish straight along this side so it’s like 100 yards
from where I started and it’s the area I didn’t check but maybe this is where we
need to be it helps now to the winds kind of picked up and it’s blowing some
fish and bait into this point on this side but I believe we finally found some
fish okay on top of fish again I think here yeah there we go
marking them 21 feet straight below us there you go Carter’s on we found some
fish in the hyper rattle scores hyper rattle oh right they’re off
that’s skank lost him at the boat who saw him it Wally whoo peeps it’s cold like cold it’s not
like freezing put that wind in the air in the hands be smart to wear some
gloves right now I’m sure we’re on fish right now we’re on them oh there we go
Carter’s just getting all sorted out from that fish that he just dropped and
I catch one right here look at that we caught four fish like bang bang bang
a little bit of purse persistent is that the word I’m looking for a little bit of
persistency is that a word we just work work work to find some fish and it looks
like now we have located the walleyes Carter’s on – look at that double head
our baby double header nice that’s a good fish
I’ll get this one back in and net Carter’s right now and a boy I got here
off the net it with my jigging wrapping the net it’s gonna be a mess but we’ll
got her yeah that’s okay pull them up there we go
nice that is a fat one don’t get hooked you got lots of hooks in the net right
now take your time don’t get hooked there you go sleeve the fish yeah show
them to the camera right here look at this BAM Wolters that one nice now we
got hooks all over the net and you get years old first old careful right there
it’s paid off it’s finally paid off Sand points if you ever get to a new
body of water the first thing you should probably do is go fish some sand points
especially later in the year like right now in the fall time the bait stacks up
on them the fish stack up on them it’s just a good starting point you can go
from there you know you can go in between the points there and check the
brake lines and look for marks but you can never go wrong with I’ll say it
again sand points okay back to the magical depth here 20 feet 21 feet not
marking any fish but I’m going to drop down because I know it’s just a matter
of time here working this shelf before I come across and fish here we go marking right there all of a
sudden like I said come on oh look at that yes assume you’ve got that depth it
was instant like instant okay Carter I’m gonna hold you right here for a double
header get him nice where’s my leader there it is vote
perfect I was gonna vote flip him but he come off that’s all we need
that’s all we need I don’t want to put him in the net and get all wrapped up
again because I want to show Carter how it’s done we’re right on top of the fish
right yeah here we go I’m gonna slam another one right now I can feel it we
work for probably two and a half three hours searching for fish and the funny
thing is they’re literally about a hundred two hundred fifty yards where we
first started we didn’t comb the area good enough oh yeah nice marks nice marks got him
Carter got him first Carter beat me to it not a boy not a boy
he had a slow start to the day but he’s come through he’s come through nice fish
nice fish right there little towards me up gotta bring to the surface yeah right
there perfect oh that’s a good one and try to back up lift it over a lot that’s
the biggest one of the day I want me to set him on the ground so you don’t get
hooked okay right there okay Carter’s hands were freezing I got the
fish off for him right there biggest one of the day probably about a 20 inch or
awesome there you go got him gloves and all Oh
drop them got him got him got him marked him got
him beautiful beautiful beautiful not a big one but what that will be
they’ll be the end to this video boys and girls she’s getting cold we’ve got a
dinner to get to we had a couple of hours to come out and kill try to do
some fishing Carter’s been in school and has had hasn’t had much time to fish so
it’s decided we better get him out and with the bad weather the last couple
days it was nice to get oh so right there this little guy will end off this
video don’t forget you guys like these videos subscribe to the channel I just
want to get this channel to ten thousand subscribers before ice boots of ice
fishing season takes off so smash it subscribe subscribe subscribe short
little video nothing major small walleyes mostly but it just gives you an
idea of where you can look most of my videos going forward they’re not going
to always contain a lot of information just going to be me going out fishing
with a couple small tips mixed in so thanks for watching guys don’t forget
get outside you

51 comments on “Where are the Walleye??

  1. Great vid again, good info on late season walleye locations.
    Just curious, have you ever tried adding a piece of bait to the bottom treble hook on a jigg’n rap? Chunk of minnow or leach?
    I’ve had some success with this idea in winter although at a much slower pace.

  2. I don’t see Clayton post up for months and then 4 videos in a week. Jeez, need you to start doing more open water too. Ice fishing to great, but the seasons too short.

  3. How do you know if it's a sand point or mud bottom? I have the helix 7 ice but not very familiar with it on the boat yet

  4. Great upload again. So you’re not really seeing your bait on the flasher this time eh? And you’re pretty much just rippin it off bottom and letting it lay there? I feel like my issue with jiggin raps has been i don’t let them fully lay on bottom. Maybe im worried too much about feeling the bite.

  5. Sand points? SAND POINTS?!? Where was this video 3 days ago when I was desperately searching for walleye around my usual reefs and FAILING?
    Nice video!

  6. Why do you use 2 d sonar over the mega di? I just bought helix with mega di and wondering if you use it same at the regular chirp sonar?

  7. Even in the most difficult times you tend to find them, man sometimes some finesse is required but eventually you’ll always figure something out always. 🙂

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