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Where The Big Fish Rises III – Sweden

Where The Big Fish Rises III – Sweden

Holy c**p it’s windy. It’s a bloody storm out here. I can’t even see where the fly is. This one is bigger than two kilos. Holy sh*t, this one is NICE! 3,3 kilos This one is so fat! Here we’re talking about a healthy fish! Great start! This fish gave it all from the very start. Thought it was a smaller fish on the take,
but then he started giving me some weight. Think this one might be bigger. It looked a bit smaller in the air? Still a nice fish. Good! I will… slowly… take it… NOOOO! That’s that… 0,18? No. No, the hook came loose. Really? The hook got straightened. God damn, that was a big one! Damn Sh*t What a take! Right where it should take the fly,
in front of the wall. And I missed it… No! Damn it! What the heck… I’m getting so upset now… What is this crap hook? The whole damn hook is straightened. Look. Big fish! This is crazy. It’s been tough. And now, I’m tired. This stretch… Days like today there’s no fish at all here, but tomorrow… The last time I was here, this was the best place first day. And then we returned, the following two days, and got, nothing at all. I’ve got a great feeling about today. The sun is shining, not as windy as yesterday. Might be a really good day. Hopefully it will be calm long
enough to get the temperature up. This is sick. Let’s check how strong it is. Here’s a part that has been grinding against a rock. Sometimes you get lucky. I think this is a really big fish! Do you need any help? It’s a heavy fella! Don’t go down that way! Damn, this is a strong fish! The biggest one on the trip so far. Congrats! 3,6 kilos! At first, I believed it was a big grayling. But then he got up to speed. It was a nice fish. Good size. I should take a skinny dip now. You’ve got to catch that one. You can’t miss this one. Well now you put some pressure on me here. Come on! My vision is too bad for this. Markus, listen up now. Easy and calm. Cast straight out, and then pull your rod tip just a tad to the left. Like this? Yes! And now, look at the line. Follow it with your eyes, it won’t drag. Was that yours? This is giving me a panic attack… You wanna take over? No! This fish is yours.
It’s like a penalty kick with no goalie. Give more line! Too fast!!! Too fast! It felt like more than one second. What? It felt like I waited a lot more than one second. You didn’t… He didn’t… He didn’t… He didn’t, he didn’t even… You didn’t… You didn’t even give him time to take the fly… Wait until the fish is completely gone,
then you strike. He will take again. Aaah, I’m going crazy… I’ve got a camera guy behind me, you keep screaming. And I can’t see the freaking fly. Seriously! Let it be now. No it wasn’t yours. Well, his eye sight is not what it once was. You’re almost blind man… Take it now already! Let him get his trout for christ sake. I’m getting a stomach ache from all this… Can you see the fly? Can’t see it either now. Oh, it took the fly next to yours. I’m getting really frustrated now. I’m going nuts… Let it be… let it be… let it be… Take it now, take it noooow! Take it now. For christ sake. Is someone kidding with me? You can’t see the fly at all? Nope not at all. I’m missing my glasses now. Let it be, let it be. There! Get down closer to the water. Let it run… Nice teamwork! Take it slowly. Take it slowly and move over there. No, that rock. Then I’ll be over there. It’s going up stream. Move out there and try to shift the pressure outwards. Now it’s coming back around. Nice fish! Might be two kilo or above. You think so? Yeah might be! My heart is racing. Really? Nice! Watch that log. Wait for it! It’s sick how strong this fish is. Care the log man! Very nice piece! Probably just under two kilos. I’m shaking… This is the bomb! One point eight kilos! Not a personal best unfortunately. So nice! This was worth the struggle. So freaking nice! Gotta calm down now… It’s been a nice fight… the last two days. And yesterday it all started to roll… and I got a really nice trout in the evening. 1,8 kilos. But… would be super cool to catch… a four kilo plus fish today. And be like… Someone will be sore tomorrow. Take it easy now! Looks like a trout! Yeah I think so! Now we’re rolling. Twist it in just a little. You got it? Yeah! Just hold it and take it easy! Walk over there now. Now you’ve got a big fish on. Now you’ve got to move over to that rock over there. There’s gravel over there so it will be easy. Take it easy now. Easy, easy. Not to much pressure on the fish now. Get it over on this side. If I had an adrenaline kick down there,
then I don’t know what to call this. Strong fish. Yeah I’m getting sore from this. This is a fantastic fish by all means. Sick! Personal best and all! Two point one kilo. Now let’s say goodbye. Good job! This is great! Maybe I should try one of these little bastards. Just for the sheer fun of it. Squirmy. Good one! Good one! This one is really big. Super nice fish! This one might be over four kilos. Yeah I could see it when I ran over the bridge. Get up! Do you really want it towards the rocks? No I want it here. I can take it over here, by the deep water. No worries. It’s coming this way. Come here. No. This way. Come here. Wait for it, he’ll come now. It’s color is so green! Come on! Can’t put more pressure on now. No worries. I’ve gotta back up a little bit. So you can stand right there. And he’ll go right towards you. Hold up! This is so crazy. It’s nice! Totally freaking crazy! Is this some kind of joke? Yeah it must be. No it’s incredible! The king of nymphs!

63 comments on “Where The Big Fish Rises III – Sweden

  1. Real nice film as always guys! This makes me wanna try out fly fishing even more! I would like to know the name of the song that starts at 09:04. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Definitely one of the most beautiful fishing movie I have ever seen… Thank you guys for your inspiring and astonishing work. Cheers from France !

  3. det finns ju kvalitet sen finns det detta.. jävlar säger jag bara! inte bara snyggt gjord utan grym känsla bakom det hela också 🙂

  4. Det är skönt att se att det finns mycket fisk i vattendragen. Det är såna saker som värmer en. när naturen är fin o ren men man får inte glömma att det finns flera ställen i världen som snart är döda. men det finns mycket fina vattendrag också. riktigt fin video bra gjort av er <3

  5. Nice competition video, guys! Please do also check out the Tough Anglers Tour 2016. Not Swedish conditions, but still good ones! 😉 Would love to see you over here in Austria or Czech Republic one time!

  6. Awesome! Probably one of the best flyfishing movies! Can I ask which Camera gear you are using? Also the color grading is super nice! Which part of sweden is it? Thanks for answering my questions!

  7. Very good movie and great place for fishing. Can you share the place from the video. Thanks and keep posting good movies like this one.

  8. Spelar ingen roll att man är gäddfiskare som jag är, man blir sugen på att fiska fluga. Grymt foto i världsklass, imponerande! Har följt er ett tag nu och ni blir bara bättre och bättre!

  9. Thanks for the great video! Amazing what quality brown trout are in that river. Did you catch any smaller trout that were edited out?

  10. Hade ju fullständigt tappat fattningen om jag försökt guida en kompis till den där fisken 14:45. Som du säger, öppet mål med fålla och nedförsbacke!

  11. Awesome video, so beautiful scenery! Those shots of fish eating from the surface are just amazing. Awesome job on catching those moments for all of us to enjoy on youtube! 😀 Thanks for posting!

  12. Awesome video watching this again in Autum 2017 from Belgium and so satisfying to watch for someone who dreams of living in Sweden.
    One of the best Fly fish video's on the internet!

  13. I have probably watched over 200 fly fishing videos here on YouTube and this video is the best I have ever seen.  While the fishing scenes were great and the browns and grayling were very large what I liked the most was the camaraderie of the two friends.  I could see they have been friends for a long time and both love fly fishing.  They each shared in the others happiness when they caught a fish.

  14. I feel for you bro…had similar experience chasing sea trout in Ireland 🙁 Do you know where I can buy some cheap rope?

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