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Which Fish Did We Evolve From?

Which Fish Did We Evolve From?

You’ve probably heard that every bony land-dwelling
creature on Earth evolved from fish that grew limbs and crawled out of the water many million
years ago. And yet, over 99% of the fish in today’s oceans, lakes, and rivers have incredibly
delicate fins, formed by a series of spines covered by a thin web of skin. It’s hard
to imagine fins like those evolving into sturdy, weight-bearing limbs…because they didn’t.
But the fins of a far more foreign fish did. Very soon after bony fishes first evolved,
they branched into two groups – those with flimsy ray-type fins, and those with more
meaty appendages that were attached to their bodies by a single strong bone. At first,
those so-called lobe-finned fishes far outnumbered their ray-finned relatives, but just as some
of them were becoming adapted for life in the weedy shallows, global climate fluctuations
caused a mass extinction that devastated life in the oceans. After the catastrophe, the ray-finned fishes
recovered and took over the oceans. The lobe-fins never recovered, but a few survivors in the
shallows managed to find their footing out of the water, and eventually gave rise to
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100 comments on “Which Fish Did We Evolve From?

  1. So, Essentially, We were meant to survive, we have to adapt to everything, procreate and spread so we have more than one chance, until we get the one or two or etc… Chances that work out in our favor, the ones who have to die, die, the ones who were meant to live thrive

  2. We came from fish and we eat them and who knows that fish that you ate might be related to you by many generations back. Disurbing

  3. We kill and eat our cousins because this is about fish and they are Connected to the humans so we are cousins and we eat them

  4. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we r a rare animal? Because if there was a little of those fish then we r a rare species?

  5. Let's say we did evolve from fish…but how come no other creature evolved to be as smart as humans? How come the world stopped evolving when people started keeping records?

  6. That means back then was a microrganism and then a fish and then a giant reptile and then a small mammal and then a monkey and now im a human wow what an adventure i haded back then 😃😃😂😂😅😆😆😆

  7. anyway we r not from a pig being gluttonous like 👇the id:CrazyBadCuber

  8. Soooo, how did the lobe-finned fish grow lungs? Doesnt make sense right? There is no Evidence of an animal evolving into another species but still people act like they know everything ^^.

  9. This reminds me of a lot of people trying to shove evolution down my throat while I’m just waiting for them fuck off and leave me alone.

  10. We human beings are just like the ray-finned fish except we dominated the land, and without special tools we can only survive on land, wearing a spacesuite to live in outerspace just doesnt work in the long run. Maybe tardigrades will evolve in space and eventually dominate the entire universe, who knows? XD

  11. This didn't really answer the question of which specific species of fish, this is more just general information regarding how animals evolved from fish.

  12. Men evolved from mushrooms, you can still observe the toadstool. Women evolved from clams???
    See I can imagine fairy tales too.

  13. “In grammar school they taught me that a frog turning into a prince was a fairytale. In the university they taught me that a frog turning into a prince was a fact” Ron Carlson.

    Jesus Christ died not only to save sinners, but to save reason and logic.

  14. 1:00 Anyone else triggered by that upset lobe fin putting his head down closing its eyes in sadness? I find animated sadness more emotional than real life, I guess it triggers the basic primal feeling.

  15. Can this sound any more stupid. Last time I checked my fish jump off my the fish tang suffocate and died. It did not developed legs and turn into every creature that ever existed and then into a human. People dare to call a Christian’s crazy yet they believe this absorb nonsense that takes more faith to believe in then to believe that we actually have an almighty creator.

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