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Which is better ?  Fresh fish or a fish oil supplement

Which is better ? Fresh fish or a fish oil supplement

Most health gurus encourage people to get
adequate levels of omega-3s. Often times, when making this recommendation, they’re
thinking fish. But, for many people, they opt to tick the “fish” box, through the
use of a fish oil supplement. After all, fish oil supplements are concentrated “fish”
Plus, they ‘re relatively cheap and easy to access. And if the marketing is anything
to go by, those fish oil supplements, are a panacea for health problems. So they must
be the same, if not better, than fresh fish ? Mmmm, fish oil versus fish, which is better
? Well, a group of researchers, recently asked, precisely this question. Join us for this
episode of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV, as we find out, which is better. Better Body Chemistry
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Remember, small things can make a big difference to your health. Now, to do their testing,
the researchers used, an open study design. This means, both the participants and the
scientists, knew what group they were assigned to. It’s kind of hard to disguise fish eating
– you’re doing it, or you’re not. They opted to test out the “fish” benefits
in people with “cholesterol” problems, reasoning, these are the guys, most in need
of fish related benefits. In fact, the American Heart Association endorses a 2-4 g daily intake
of fish oil, for patients with high triglyceride levels. So the Shiraz Healthy Heart House,
took 106, otherwise healthy, drug free, hyperlipidemic patients, and signed them on. Half were assigned
to eat fish, and the other half to take a fish supplement. Now, the researchers provided
both the fish and the fish supplements. They did their best to ensure that both groups
got approximately the same amount of omega-3s, each week. So for the fish eaters, this meant,
250 g of farmed trout, appeared on the menu, twice a week. And for the supplementers, 2
g of a commercial fish oil supplement, was swallowed every day. The “fish” prescription,
amounted to 14 g of omega-3s, 2.8 g of EPA and 1.6 g of DHA, per week. The “fish”
prescription was taken for a period of 2 months. Now nothing else changed. Patients were told
to eat their normal diet and maintain their usual physical activities, during the trial.
So what happened ? Well “fish” aversion was high. Fish breath and fish stares were
to blame. It turned out, 5 people found swallowing fish oil, distressing to the GIT system and
so they opted out and 4 people couldn’t cope with all the fish dinners. But those
that stuck with it, found “fish” eating, improved their lipid profiles. Both omega-3
supplements and the fresh fish caused significant decreases in total cholesterol, and in triglyceride
levels, along with an increase in HDL. Remember, the HDL, is the “good” cholesterol. Confirming
consuming “fish” is a health move. But, there were differences. Eating the REAL THING,
was superior to supplements. All the numbers were better. Notably, so was the LDL. Now
this didn’t happen with the fish oil supplement – the fish oil supplement actually made the
LDL situation, marginally worse, increasing the level by on average, 18.7 mg/dl or 30.46%.
Why the difference ? Well, fresh fish is more than omega-3. Fish is a protein source and
tucked inside the fish flesh, is an assortment of “other” nutrients, such as selenium
and vitamin D. One or more of these nutrients, might be making the difference. The other
disparity……..two fish dinners, replaced something else. Now if the “something”
they replaced, was particularly “unhealthy”, the fish dinner, would be making a bigger
health impact, than the fish oil supplement. Finally, there are a few extra things inside
those fish oil pills, some of which, may be problematic. The take home message – fresh
fish is best ! So when you can, eat fresh fish, it will help create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY
and better health. Interested in discovering more ways to create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY
or need a little help getting your body chemistry on track ? Visit our website at WWW BETTER
BODY CHEMISTRY dot COM, browse our library or enrol in one of our courses or programmes.
The advice is simple to follow and based on real science, not hype. Spread the word, fish
oils are good, fresh fish is better. If this is your first time, be sure to subscribe to
our channel, so you catch future episodes of BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY TV. Thank you so
much for watching and I will see you next time. Remember small things can make a big
difference to your health.

2 comments on “Which is better ? Fresh fish or a fish oil supplement

  1. It would be interesting to know more about what types of fish are most beneficial. I would also be curious about the effects of farmed fish versus wild caught.

  2. Hey Dr Sandy, thanks for that fish info. I was wondering what additives are that you were hinting at in the fish oil capsules. Care to share? Also, clearly there are benefits to eating fish, as you say, like the protein and selenium and D3, and B12 of course, but I wonder how much invisible aid comes from the useful dose of iodine that must be present in any fish. The fish in this study was farmed trout, but all fish are not equal when it comes to Omega 3 fatty acids. Wild Alaskan salmon appears to be in the sweet spot when it comes to benefits and detrimental factors. Check out my three videos on seafood here. I think you will really enjoy these, as it covers more than the obvious. Thanks for all your work, I do learn from you!

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