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White Fish with Orange Sauce

White Fish with Orange Sauce

You picked a lot of oranges! Time to load these up in the truck! Thank you! No problem! Wow, I got a whole bunch of oranges. Yay! Hey guys. This time I’m making one of my favorite
fish recipes with oranges. You can use any type of mildly flavored white
fish like cod or tilapia for example. I usually use isaki. If you like oranges, the combination of the
orange sauce and white fish is pretty good so please give it a try. First, I’m going to prepare the vegetable
mix that goes on top of the fish. If you push the stem part like this, it comes
off easily so you can eat the pepper without wasting anything. Putting the avocado pit back in, reduces the
amount of oxygen that comes in contact with the avocado flesh, meaning it won’t turn
brown as quickly. Many recipes involving oranges cut away the
pith like this to improve the texture and taste, but of course this is not necessary. Next, I’m going to fillet the fish. The fins are very sharp so please be careful. There are bones here that you can slice off. You can use a pair of tweezers to remove the
bones in the middle. I want to keep the skin of the fish, so I
score it like this to prevent it from shrinking while it cooks. If you don’t want the skin, you can skip
this step. Salt the fish. Next I’m going to make the sauce. Heat up the onion and wine in a pot and simmer
with thyme or sage for a few minutes. Then, add heavy cream and butter and mix
it well. Add orange juice to the sauce and adjust the
flavor with sugar and salt if needed. Then strain the sauce to make it smoother. Next I’m going to fry the fish. Coat the pan with olive oil and place the
fillet, skin side down on high heat. Gently press the fillet with a spatula so
it doesn’t curl up. Fry the fillet about halfway, and then flip
it and fry for another minute or so. Before it finishes cooking all the way, put
it in an oven at 180 degree Celsius for a few minutes to finish the cooking process. Fry any vegetables you’d like to eat with
the fish. Mix pepper, avocado, and orange pieces in
a bowl and add some salt and the orange sauce. This goes on top of the fillet. Prepare any herbs or “erbs”. I’m going to add some orange liquor but
it’s totally okay without the liquor as well. Rachel, dinner’s ready! That was delicious. You done, too? I actually have some more fish.
You want some more fish?

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  1. Just noticed that all of Jun's videos consistently get millions of views. No gimmicks no drama just wonderful wholesome content from a real life anime character.

  2. I do not enjoy cooking in the slightest but your videos make me realize why other people love it so much. My hope is that one day your videos will trick me into loving cooking as much as everyone else does.

  3. Jun where do you find these recipes? Are they your own thing (family’s, acquaintances, etc) or do you find them online or something like that?

  4. I love the new setup! It's so pretty and the cats seem to love their cat tree!😻 my cat would be going crazy over that fish🤣

  5. Jun! Poki sent me an email and wanted to know when your next knife sharpening presentation/demonstration will be. He even marked the email as urgent.

  6. 以前のキッチンも素敵だったけど、今回のここは撮影用でしたっけ?雰囲気最高ですね✨またかねこさんとのコラボあるかな~🎶相変わらずの包丁捌きで、とても美味しそうです😋

  7. Rough day? Go watch junskitchen
    Good day? Go watch junskitchen
    Sad day? Go watch junskitchen
    In all the cases watch junskitchen

  8. I was at school, so I'm late, but I always enjoy these videos. They are so calming, yet so helpful for cooking! I also love the cats! They are cute!

  9. Having a salt setup like that can be really dangerous with cats around. Please make sure the babies aren’t licking it, they can get really sick! Love your videos so much!

  10. Japan: Jun's Kitchen: Goes to seafood market to get fresh fish and gets the expensive one.
    America: Me: Goes to nearest Shoppers and buys frozen microwavable "fish" in bag. "Seems good enough…"

  11. People: “What he did was art. He did not just made a delicious meal, he also showed us the beautiful and professional-looking process of making it.”

    Cats: “He makes food, then I eat food .”

  12. I'm just lowkey expecting a lot of people to now randomly show up at Jun's uncles orange farm because the video said it was a needed ingredient :')

  13. Digging the haircut and beard. Man, I would kill to have that kitchen. It's so gorgeous. Juns knife skills are better than mine. Lol. I love how the cat watches him like it's just watching TV.

  14. I want that pan with a detachable handle so badly.
    also, there's so much artistry going on with the fine details like removing all the pith from the oranges. I bow to the dedication.

  15. all this time and I'm STILL baffled by how sharp your knife is, the sound it makes every time when you pick it up…….that itself already gives me a paper cut 😳

  16. That looks so much better than the frozen pizza I had for dinner. It wasn't the greatest.
    I would love to try it but there really isn't any fresh food markets around where I live.

  17. Hey there Jun, i really like the set knives ur using. Can i know what's the brand name and can i get it shipped to malaysia? How much would it cost though?

  18. god its only been a few months jun, what happened, why do i feel like im watching a farmer in an enchanted forest make some food for his upcoming neighbourly feast

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