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White Shark Cage Diving – South Africa

White Shark Cage Diving – South Africa

We’re with White Sharks Project here in South Africa and we’re about to go diving with Great White Sharks. Well we’ve spotted our first shark, we may be going in soon. We’re in and we’re ready! woohoo Looking for some sharks! One Two Three, Down Whoa Wow! That was awesome, they got really close that time. You okay? Woa, Jesus Are you okay? Holy Shit! Okay what an amazing, shark diving here. It was incredible. you know what we even had a little treat at the end where our chummer guide fell in. But he save his cell phon so everything is ok. That’s all that matters right? We had sharks jump over, it was just amazing. And I can’t wait to do this again. If you come to South Africa make sure you go Cage Dive with the Great White Sharks.

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  1. Deb, you're so good on TV!! I can't believe he fell in omg. Glad it didn't dampen any spirits. What an experience!!

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