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White Shark vs. Orca – Who’s the Top Predator?

White Shark vs. Orca – Who’s the Top Predator?

[Text on screen] Move over white shark. [Text on screen] There’s another top predator in the ocean. [Text on screen] The orca. [Dr. Sal Jorgensen, PhD] The orca shows up—ALL of these sharks will be gone, within hours. [Text on screen] Sal is a white shark researcher. [Text on screen] He tracks white sharks around California. White sharks are coming to a spot like the Farallons and just hanging out here for 2-3 months sometimes at a time. This
is one of the major elephant seal rookeries and the white sharks come
after them because they have so much blubber. And this is kind of the high-risk
area where the sharks patrol. [Text on screen] The Aquarium’s new study reveals what happens [Text on screen] when orcas and white sharks meet. Just the mere presence of the orcas
around is enough to scatter all the sharks. [Text on screen] After orcas show up, [Text on screen] white sharks leave and will not return for a year. [Text on screen] leaving the elephant seals shark free. As amazing as it seems when you see a
17-foot shark swim by the boat and its enormous, along comes a bigger predator, you know the orca, and that just— it’s pretty humbling to see.

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  1. Are the Great Whites fleeing from the Orcas for fear of being attacked or eaten – or are they simply scared they might end up in a 'Free Willy' sequel if they're not careful? 😉

  2. Hello! I’m not sure you’ll even see this, but a friend of mine is semi against the whole idea of keeping animals in captivity. I’ve lived in the area all my life and have enjoyed every single one of my visits to the aquarium, as a child and as a young adult, and I am aware the main point of almost all your programs is to raise awareness. My friend, however, says it is inhumane. Rather than arguing pointlessly with her, I wanted to know if you could give me some instances or just a few facts to tell her about. I want to tell her about all the good things you do. Thank you!!

  3. hahaha … the killer whales are bigger, heavier, smarter, even a single orca could kill an adult white shark without difficulty that knocked it down and put it headfirst and affair finished ..

  4. In addition to their strength and speed orcas are extremely intelligent. They study their prey weakness and after developing best hunting techniques they strike

  5. biggest great white on record : 23 feet long and weight : 4500 pounds.
    biggest orca : 32 feet long and weight : 20,000 pounds.

    intelligence: orca superior intelligence.

    power and speed: Orca faster and greater stamina.
    body structure: Orca bigger bonier head mass and thick skeletal structure ….means one head smashing ram into the sharks gills and the shark will suffer permanent internal bleeding organ damage.

    White shark body structure: no thick bone mass skeletal structure made of cartilage( non dense rubbery substance.) Great white shark cannot produce the powerful crushing impact that orca can.

    Result: white sharks dive deep and away when orca arrive in vicinity.

    Documented cased: Farallon Islands: orca observed hunting and eating great white shark liver.
    Africa: orca observed eating 12 feet long great white liver and internal organs.

    Case closed: Great whites are prey of orca and will dive out of the way when orca appear.

    Orca view great whites as a potential prey item on their menu and nothing more.

    Orca reign supreme in the oceans with nothing to fear.

    Orca are in this sense most secure animals in the oceans.

    Charisma: Orcas are friendly to humans and do not ever view humans as prey items….

    Great Whites are responsible for at least 1200 documented fatal attacks on humans and in 15 % of the cases the humans were partially eaten by the great white sharks . ( Most sharks do not attack humans but in the cases when they do it is the great white not the orca that harm humans proving both congeniality and superior intelligence in addition to the greater strength and stamina.on the part of the orca.)

    The orca is a superior creature and the sharks know and act that way around orcas.

  6. This video was great! Would love to see more content that delves deeper into the research you folks do at MBA.

  7. Great White Shark: I’m the most dangerous predator in the ocean.
    Killer Whale: I’m boutta end this man’s whole career.

  8. The orca will likely be extinct in less then a hundred years while Great White's have seen population increases, the shark is therefore superior.

  9. An absurd comparison given that killer whales always hunt in packs and white sharks almost always hunt alone. Given that there's never been a documented one-on-one encounter, the dismiss the white shark as an equal apex predator sound rather daft to me.

  10. This isnt even a question anymore ,marine bioligists know ,everybody who knows the ocean knows ,nothing is safe from killer whales im surprised u are asking this

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