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Who Sponsors Worth It? • Worth It Q&A #2

Who Sponsors Worth It? • Worth It Q&A #2

this is worth it QA marking dois hard dois Paul Oh welcome to another worth it Q and a first of all it’s so much fun we decided to do together if you are watching this you probably just recently watched our sandwich episode maybe so that’s why we’re going to again be eating sandwiches okay no chance can’t fill the chairs we’re doing this to celebrate the end of a successful season five rape vlog we asked you guys to ask us questions on Instagram we have an Instagram you can follow us on the off season and Buzz people are this sandwiches first yes oh it’s cold all right well you popped it up and I’ll get with the first question here we go hey Angela what are the most memorable habit you noticed from each other so you usually doesn’t make it in the video but Steven will often oh say can I just say before he says something right can I just say I’m just say could I just say but that’s a little behind the curtain that you might not know about which this one is in front of the party and you are strangely extremely strategic with the way that you evil you would make a good chef mmm you make the cookie now and I’ll read one okay from NK harissa are you guys planning on another season I know season five is not over but cannot control the excitement for another season in the making it’s what we made this in the middle of this season so yes Vaughn TN Swan D is relleno a part of the hashtag worth it team everybody who works on worth it is part of the hashtag worth it – yeah I think all the viewers are part of the hashtag we’re the team – hey hey you’re all part of the hashtag worth of team an Ice Cream Sandwich is worth it wherever her skills and perspective are appropriate we’ll be happy to have her back out sandwich time Cheers I don’t want to get your ice cream on my sandal it’s the same ice cream that’s right are you the best thing I’m a small bit yeah you got greedy good ice cream well is it good next question you ready demon what type of music do you guys like parentheses including animals I can answer for you classical music or opera or anything before 1900s before you were born yeah classical music for me I like really chill laid-back music favorite composer nobody yeah probably Bach takes the cake I like stuff that will make me feel good Adam very Adam answer yeah hey what’s up oh yeah welcome to LA oh yeah thank you that’s right I asked you it was the best in you in Japan so much Jeff office mmm wasn’t it amazing uh or fate Part A Part A the matcha is so smooth here what was the best thing you ate the cold soup came in at a furry everything was the tongue stew at kegg omurice you’re just saying that cuz you lucky chica chick walks tackles to take you to the number one this is the number one day yeah oval eyes famous number remember face number one yeah what did we call him TG kiki drew oh geez you drew Adam what’s your favorite yeah and then Adam died my mum’s Cemal what country would you guys be interested in going to and what would you want to try there it’s not my Christian no you’re gonna answer that where would you go if you say it then we have to take you yeah oh is it yeah but I want the bed numb hello I don’t want to eat a lot of the street food mm-hmm where’d you go Paris that gets I just want it’s a bread up I really want to go to Brazil and maybe do fruit cuz there’s a lot of fruits in Brazil that don’t exist here mmm imagine tasting something you’ve never tasted before all right thanks for joining us yeah thank you I’ll see you in a bit yeah bye-bye okay so Adam just asked me if I could taste brian brian berger oh yes there were a few unsolved questions about crossovers and what do I think about him on Twitter and my texted him actually free he said not the moment I said why not I said I’m looking for ghouls that is literally what it says that’s a hundred percent the last text was just I’m looking for goals from Pyu Sarah I don’t have a question I just love you guys I just want this with that well it’s not a question Sarah so write harder next time next question broseph underscore Vaughn underscore bro longtime followers since the beginning has been an interesting to see the evolution of how you are all experiencing when describing the food you are reviewing I’ll have your palette and your personal food preferences evolve as a result of this show has your regular meal rotation changed significantly what about your restaurant orders I eat at Subway a lot less I am now always looking for local places willing to try stuff that I have walk into our herd of the floor I’ve become way more obsessed with trying to find unique and great ingredients to cook with at home one time I was buying eggs at the farmers market and the girl was like oh my god you’re the guy from that show I’m gonna tell people that that guy eats my eggs and I was like hell yeah that’s the best compliment I’ve ever got there were sick eggs Alicia I died Nicole how do you pay for the cost of the meals does must be paid or do the restaurants pay for the publicity we always offer to pay for everything this is a show it has a budget and also the question is do we get sponsored by restaurant see you know and we go to restaurants that we decide our worth it to go to not restaurants that are reaching out to us a try or like well we don’t go because it’s free to go that’s never the case yeah yeah exactly okay there you go oh one one with me I also got Adam a cinnamon roll because as you know I owe him 1000 I have already paid off one now feed off to crayon 1209 does Adam really speak less in real life or is it just as personnel or is it just his personality I think you wanted to say for the series also could you do a country specific episode with the most iconic dishes a Vika okay no – first we’re gonna answer the first part okay wow you are laying down the law with the questions and the cameras are not rolling he is the most talkative of the bunch once we get into the car on the train in the airplane it’s Queen chromey inquires why did Stephen move to New York City also after all these years did Andrew finally got himself a cat cuz he should okay okay he’s a perfect creepy cat dude hold up you just said no to furs and you asked the twofer Jesse could talk about your cat that’s true you know the Big Apple was calling me by name so I was like I gotta go I’m spider-man really here answer well so actually my brother lives in Connecticut his fiancee lives in Brooklyn so it’s nice to be near to family also within the bus for you I wanted to experience different parts of the company and in New York they’re doing more of editorial work sales work okay answer your question yeah I got a cat it’s awesome wanna see a pic Oh last question a Nina mas are you guys going to cover Ukrainian food or Andrew since you guys is that great with an eight-episode on malaysian food for Steven yeah there’s a lot of great Ukrainian food in New York City when it fits into an episode for sure and that’s a Hyuna hey that was all the questions there were over a thousand questions so I don’t think we can get to all of them you have a few quick announcements announcement number one check out our merch it’s now exclusively on Amazon heyyo / BuzzFeed worth it no check it out right here right there and we have a brand new shirt did you see our egg video if you did you might recognize this eggs back graphic I think it makes a swell of shirt do you like that video like I did maybe you like this shirt her like that I’m gonna go my majesty also we do want to say a quick thank you because we were nominated for a street did we win one of those last year we did nice let’s hang on that and thank you to everyone behind the scenes who makes this show possible last but not least what’s next for us I’m worth it we’ve got some new worth it one stops that the new theme song that show spin-off where we go to one location and find something cool like the grapes like that seafood restaurant you might have seen me holding a sword on my Instagram that’s right I have an Instagram you know what’s that a shameless self plug I’ll put in the video yeah how does it feel looking in the mirror alright yeah those are all the A’s bye [Music] oh oh yes

30 comments on “Who Sponsors Worth It? • Worth It Q&A #2

  1. Will you guys ever do an episode with the best Donairs at the price point? (Tip: Nova Scotia, Canada is famous for the best in North America)

  2. Hey! check out Singapore!! I don’t live there but they have some of the most interesting foods I’ve ever had.

  3. Im guessing whats you guys are doing next season texas barbaque in texas Ukrainian food wontons/chinease food fruit salad croissants burgers and ps are steven and Keith still friends

  4. I adore all 3 of you…but I love ADAM!!! Please..make my dream come true and take me ANYWHERE and I'll eat whatever! I ship Adam all day every day..i love worth it, but Adam…hes always my favorite cuz he is me if I was a man!

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