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Whole 24 Healthy Cooking Series: Beef Tacos

Whole 24 Healthy Cooking Series: Beef Tacos

Hi everybody, it’s Alisa again. Thanks for
joining us for another episode of Whole 24 healthy cooking from 24Hr Homecare. We’re here at
Sur La Table today and we’re going to be making a dish of healthy Beef Tacos. Beef tacos are
a great dish for you to eat while undergoing dialysis. They’re a good source of protein
and can help you keep your strength when undergoing this care. Let’s begin by getting a large skillet and
warming it over medium heat. To that, we’re going to add a bit of olive oil. Just enough
to coat the pan, now we’re going to begin by cooking our onions and add them to the
warm pan and stir them around. Now we can add the ground beef, just take
it out in small chunks. Move that around, next we’ll add in our chopped garlic. Garlic
and onions, nothing smells better. Now we can add in our low sodium taco seasoning.
Our ground beef is done, so now we’re going to begin building our tacos. I’ve just taken
our tortilla’s out of the microwave where I warmed them for about 30 seconds. Just enough
to get them soft. So, let’s begin by putting our tortillas on
a plate. Just lay them out evenly. Now, we can add an even amount of our ground beef
to each of these tacos. Here we have our monterey jack, we’ll just
place a few cubes on top of the ground beef and in order to get the cheese melted we’re
just going to place it in the oven for about 5 minutes. Just enough time to allow the cheese to melt
evenly over it. I think that’s just enough time to make sure that the cheese is melted.
So, let’s get our tacos out of the oven. Perfectly melted cheese. Now, we get to begin
adding the toppings. Let’s add some freshly shredded iceberg lettuce, you can use your
hands to shred this a bit more. Let’s top each of the tacos with cilantro
and of course, a dash of freshly squeezed lime juice. Voila, that’s it! We have four
healthy protein packed beef tacos. For more nutritious healthy recipes please
visit us at or you can always visit us at Amazon to download
our cookbook.

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