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Whole Fish in Garlic Sauce 蒜香全鱼(中文字幕)

Whole Fish in Garlic Sauce 蒜香全鱼(中文字幕)

hi everyone today we’re going to make
whole fish in garlic sauce this is another dish which was inspired by what
I ate at a restaurant and I replicated and turned out very good so I just wanted to share with you guys first we are going to prepare our ingredients yeah I
have a sea bass you can also use other fish like tilapia red snapper
and it is very fresh and of course we’re going to make garlic sauce our
hero is garlic I have 7 cloves of garlic we are going to chop it up
finely cutting into slices (first) okay that’s our garlic and I have
piece of ginger so we need some slices that’s for baking the fish yes we’re
gonna bake the fish and finish in the garlic sauce the rest of the ginger I’m
going to chop up that’s chopped ginger and I have green onions cut into
pieces like that here are the green onions so this is a trio we always say back in
my hometown Jiang Cong Suan ginger garlic and green onions actually ginger
green onions and garlic Jiang Cong Suan if you have these 3
you can make fish and in addition to that have a small piece of red onion and
I have some cilantro so we’re going to just cut up the stem I’ll show you how
we can use it and the leaves for garnish later okay
then for fish we’re going to just make some cuts since the way we’ll get the
seasoning in easily this is a smaller fish it’s just under 1 pound and
just make three cuts each side should be good now as I said we are going to bake today putting in the pan and add some salt and I’m going to put some green onion
pieces underneath so this way the skin is not going to be sticky to the bottom
like that okay and we’re going to have some cooking wine and a few slice of
ginger and that’s it so we’re going to preheat
the oven to 400 degrees and we let this fish sit for 10-15 minutes and we’re
going to bake it we’re going to bake the fish about nine minutes since this fish
is smaller it’s under one pound and let it bake while we’re waiting for the
fish to be baked and we’re going to make the garlic sauce so turn the stove to
medium heat add some oil first we’re going to saute the onions add a little bit salt to help to become
tender after about two minutes onions getting soft now we add our trio white part of green onions and ginger
garlic yeah Cong Jiang Suan green onions ginger and garlic
our trio smells very good just saute about 30 seconds and we also add to the
stems of cilantro to flavor smells good now we’re gonna add chicken
stock if you don’t have chicken stock you can use water it’s about a few (2)
cups just enough to cover our fish so we’ll let this boil and our fish almost
ready we are ready to take out the fish sauce is simmering here comes our fish Into the sauce to finish up here so the fish almost
done and we just turn this up let it cook about two to three minutes make sure you baste it just scoop the
sauce on top our fish almost ready we just top with green onions and it smells so good and we’re going to plate it let’s take
out the fish without breaking tada nice and here’s the sauce that’s enough sauce and we garnish with cilantro leaves The fish is ready very delicious whole fish in garlic sauce
It is very simple to make please try it out and let me know how you like it if you
like this video please give me a thumbs up please subscribe to my channel if you
haven’t yet thank you guys so much for watching see you next time! you

27 comments on “Whole Fish in Garlic Sauce 蒜香全鱼(中文字幕)

  1. wow this is delicious
    small YouTuber here who's into mukbang, cooking and baking let's help each other visit my channel, watch my vid,click the lucky red button and comment down so that I can also do the same

  2. In the phil. We called this fish tilapia its very common in our country. Tilapia £bangus. Or Milkfish. Every where u can buy this fish. And anytime. Tnx itry to cook this menu.

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