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Why Become A Fish Window Cleaning Franchisee?

Why Become A Fish Window Cleaning Franchisee?

The service industry there are many models,
right? And FISH appealed to me so much because it
fit a lifestyle. You know, I’m not 20 starting a business,
I’m 60 starting a business and so what could I do that really fit the rest of my lifestyle
and this business model really did that. Once we found out a little bit more about
the franchise itself and what goes into making a FISH franchise operate it felt like it really
fit with our goals. We ended up choosing FISH for a couple of
different reasons. Mostly because the family friendliness of
the franchise itself and the people that worked there. We felt really good after visiting the Home
Office. We really liked the model of focusing mostly
on commercial accounts rather than residential. We really liked that you were not putting
all your eggs in one basket so to speak. That you’re diversifying your income across
hundreds or thousands of accounts as you build your business and so we really liked the way
that the business model was put together. What really sealed the deal for my wife and
I from literally the beginning we knew instantly when we met Mike Merrick that this was an
individual who had integrity, was honest, and who genuinely wanted to help us build
a business and it was true then and we knew it and it’s been true ever since. It was funny because when I came out for training,
everyone had gone through the same experience that I bought it despite the fact that it
was a window cleaning business. I bought it because I loved the business model. I loved the people who were there and that
was really what I was looking for. There’s a common theme with the people that
are successful in FISH. Number 1 they follow the system. You spent the money on the system, follow
the system. It’s pretty simple. And the other thing is drive. I feel like the system can work for anybody. I mean, I feel like if you go through training
and go back to your office and just implement what you learned it will work. It was a very family friendly environment
with the idea that we would be working mostly during the week and not on nights or on the
weekend. This is a proven system that works. It’s a proven business that works. That’s what I paid for and so for me there
was really no other choice. I followed the system to the letter because
I knew that it worked. It changed our lives in ways that I never
thought that it would. Things that mean the most to me like being
able to help all four of our children through college so they didn’t have to be in debt
when they got out of college. I got to have a beautiful custom home that
every day I still wake up and can’t believe that it’s mine. I have nightmares of having to go back to
a product engineering job again. The 8 to 5, 5 days a week of yeah it’s scary. I think that’s the best part about this is
the freedom it has given us.

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