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Why Does Your Fish Tank Smell Bad? | Aquarium Care

Why Does Your Fish Tank Smell Bad? | Aquarium Care

Your fish tank could smell from a number of
reasons. I think the most
common reason is when people feed their tank, the fish are so used to
feeding off the surface that they splash the food back up onto the lid of
the aquarium. It gets on the rim, it gets underneath the
light, and it cooks under the light. Food is animal protein, it’s nasty; it’s going
to break down and it’s going to smell. You always want to, when you clean your
aquarium, you want to clean the top, wipe everything down, clean up all
that leftover food. That’s something you should do every few days
if you don’t want to smell any of this stuff. Running carbon in your filtration system will
help to filter out a lot of the impurities and a lot of the odors. You’ve heard of carbon-based air
fresheners, I’m sure; carbon serves the same role in an aquarium filter. It’s going to remove a lot of the impurities,
the yellow stains in the water, and odors. If you don’t do water changes after awhile,
the water may have a tendency to smell. Most of the time, it’s usually uneaten food
or even fecal matter that’s gotten splashed up
onto the aquarium. If you have
a lot of scum and slime that’s been built up around the top, bacteria’s
going to grow, and bacteria smells. You want to keep the tank clean. When
you clean it, just use water. You don’t want to use any detergents, soaps,
or ammonia; that’s going to be very harmful to the aquarium. Take the aquarium canopy off the aquarium,
wipe it all down, be careful, the light is plugged in, so it’s electric. Don’t work with it when it’s
plugged in. If you slip and the light falls in the aquarium,
you can electrocute yourself. Always keep these things in mind when working
with electric and water. Just keep the top of the tank clean and run
carbon. Not
overfeeding and not overcrowding will help to keep the water cleaner, which
will result in less odors. Your filtration, also, if you keep that clean,
wipe with a paper towel. On an overflow or hang-on filter, the lip
around the top of the aquarium has a tendency to
build up some slime. Just wipe
that out. Again, carbon goes a long, long, long way. You shouldn’t have to
rely on room air fresheners. If you are, those are band-aids. There’s
something critically wrong with your tank. The tank should not smell on a
normal basis. We service aquariums, and they have them in
CEO’s offices, the craziest most beautiful homes, and if they smelled,
we would never be able to keep these tanks long-term. You should not have to live with a tank that
smells. Something’s wrong with the tank.

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  1. ihatepancakes…you think you going to die ,i accidently swalloed turtle water during a  water  change..yyuucck!!!!!!

  2. I don't agree. It all depends on what your fish tank smells like. Even perfectly healthy tanks have some smell.

  3. Carbon has been associated with hole in the head for cichlids…I wont use it…keep water changes up and dont overfeed is key to not having a smelly tank.

  4. I am confused. I thought the source (problem associated) it means: biological filter insuficiente. I thought..

  5. pls help…. i have 5 cichlids and 15 guppys 1 gold fish ( i know they arent suposed to be together im getting rid of them this week) 4 guramis and 1 albino bristlenose algea eater. i just got a 55 gallon tank about a week ago i have done 4-5 /75% water changes in the past 4 days i have a 75 gallon filter and a 40 gallon filter as well my tank still gives out a bad odor like amonia smell can anyone help me out pls???? i have changed my filters also and i will continue to every week. thanks

  6. भाई लिखा तो हिन्दी में है, बोल रहे हो इंग्लिश

  7. Hi great tanks at the back question is smell in my tank used test kit everything is fine i use a sponge filter and i was thinking if i put carbon in a womans tight and hide in a corner would that be ok

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